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Another week, another video in the can.

That’s 10 videos so far, people!  (11, if you count “Hey Jesse Jackson,” which I count as half a video.)  When I started this thing, I had no idea how long I’d be able to keep it up for.  Now, I’ve gone from trying to figure out a video at the last minute to having video ideas for songs 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time.  I guess it’s true what they say, “practice makes perfect!”

Okay, so, since what I do is considered “art,” there are going to be people out there who like my stuff, and people who don’t.  One of the reasons people do not go for what they want to do in life is that they are afraid of getting any kind of negative criticism.  They feel like if someone tells them their work isn’t good enough, or that they are downright terrible at what they do, their self-esteem will shatter so badly they won’t be able to recover.

However, I’ve always taken the opposite approach.  I’ve always welcomed criticism because I figure that, in trying to become good at what I do, I’m not going to get everything right immediately, yet I may not always be able to point out what I’m doing wrong.  Unfortunately, most people are so worried about keeping a person’s self-esteem up (lest that person punch them in the face), that even if that other person does mediocre work, they’ll still say “oh, great job,” thinking they are helping the person.

This is FAR from the truth.  In actuality, it’s HARMING the person in the long run.  They’ll go along doing the wrong thing thinking it’s right simply because no one stopped them to say, “um, you could be doing that a LOT better.”

I’m fortunate enough to have people in my life (my brother, David, and my friend Michele come to mind) who don’t mind telling me when I’m doing a song or making a beat that either sucks or could be made better. Heck, I think I let my brother hear 4 or 5 songs late last year that he said wasn’t showing off my true writing potential.  After being mad at him for a couple of hours, I realized he was only saying that stuff because he saw potential in me to do really GREAT work, as opposed to just trying to get by with anything.

Because I put my songs out on the net, I get many, MANY chances to get feedback about my songs.  Some of it is sent directly to me via YouTube/MySpace/Wordpress comments, and the majority of it has actually been pretty positive.  However, I like to go to other sites that I’m not a member of and read what other people think about some of my stuff – it’s a great way to get an unbiased view of my work since I’m not the one directly asking for the feedback.

Of course, most of the sites have posted my “Obama” video, so the majority of critiques have been about that song.  The overall response is positive, but, like all art, there have been people who posted comments that weren’t exactly the nicest in the world.  I don’t like to promote negativity, so those comments won’t be mentioned here; needless to say, though, I find it hilarious that a person NOT liking the song would actually take 2 minutes out of their day to express WHY they don’t like a song of mine.  It’s like, regardless of if they liked it or not, they still spent time focusing a portion of their lives on ME – so, in the end, it still benefits me!

But like I said before, I accept all kinds of criticism, be it positive or negative.  I was a theatre major at Hampton University for 5 years.  That’s FIVE years of being critiqued for stage performances, improv skits, class acting assignments, and thesis work.  Once you’ve had practice hearing good and bad things about yourself via numerous performances, you develop a thick skin for the comments you’ll receive about others for anything you do, for the rest of your life.  Someone saying a song or mixtape or video of mine “sucks” isn’t all that damaging to my psyche – especially when 19 other people are standing next to that person saying the same body of work is “great,” “uplifting,” and “f–kin’ awesome.”

Yeah – I hear that I’m “f–kin’ awesome” a LOT these days.

So, the point of all this is simply: if you have a goal or a dream, expect criticism.  Don’t let it slow you down, and remember that not all negative criticism is bad.  If anything, you can use it to re-route yourself into the right direction, and prove the ones throwing the criticism at you wrong.  It’s worked for me so far, and it can work for you, too!



First off: I hate mixtapes.

Actually, let me rephrase that: I like the songs and exclusives that are usually found on mix-tapes; I just hate having to listen to them.  People do a LOT of annoying things on mix-tapes that hamper my listening experience.  DJs feel the need to yell all over the track (can I just hear the damn song without you yelling “This is DJ so-and-so” on the chorus?!?), parts of the song get rewound back over and over (if the song is halfway over, why scratch-and-rewind it back to the beginning? That is SO annoying!!), songs cut off instead of fading out… and these are just a few of the things I find annoying about them.

Me, I like to put out whole albums that have a cohesive feeling to it.  At the same time, though, I do make songs and freestyles that would not be fit to put on a regular album.  With that said, I was recently asked if I was going to put together a mix-tape.

At first I was going to say “HECK NO” because of what I said above.  Then it dawned on me: with all the attention I’ve been getting off the “Obama Obama” song, now would be a perfect time to let people know that I actually have talent outside of simply making parodies of other people’s songs.  I mean, dang, I’ve made 8 videos and only 2 of them have been parodies – I do a LOT of good original songs, too!

So, I decided to make a mix-tape: “The O-bama Mix-tape.”  Pretty easy, right?

Because I’ve already put a few of the songs out as videos, half of the mix-tape will be some of those songs.  I also have songs that I haven’t released yet, but made for my last unreleased album, “Check the Resume,” that I can put on there as well.  The rest of the songs will be songs to other people’s beats that are NOT parodies, but simply songs I can try and show my skills over.

The best thing about the process is that, since I’m the one putting together the whole thing, I don’t have to have all the annoying elements I see on other people’s mix-tapes.  I can simply put the songs together, do a few interludes here and there, and let people listen to the music vs. hearing a dag-gone DJ screaming all over the place!!

And of course, the mix-tape will be a free download.  However, I’ll also be including a link where people can donate money to support me if they like my stuff.  Actually, I already have a link like this, and I’ve actually been getting in some donations, so THANK YOU, and to the rest of you, I could always use a few more bucks to help me out!

That’s all for now – the mix-tape will be finished soon, so I’ll keep you all posted!



Hey everybody!

Another week, another video up on YouTube. 

Making videos is fun, but this whole project in general is a learning process – and boy oh boy, have I been learning a LOT.  Since my thoughts are better explained when I do list, allow me to make one of some of the things I’ve learned so far:

1. EDITING VIDEOS TAKES A LOT OF TIME.  I’ve said it before so I won’t spend long talking about it, but it’s taking me anywhere between 3 to 8 hours to edit these videos.  Every time I see a video on BET or MTV now I have GREAT respect for what they do.  Even a video as low-key as my “The N!@@er Song”, where I don’t cut away a whole lot from myself, took me 3 hours!!  I wonder how long that one-shot De’Angelo video, “How Does It Feel,” took them to edit…

2. WHEN POSTING UP VIDEOS, BE PREPARED FOR FEEDBACK, BOTH GOOD AND BAD.  This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned from posting the “Obama Obama” video so far – as I type this it is at over 126,000 views, and I’ve received many comments about the video, the majority of which have been positive.

However, there have been quite a few people who expressed concern over the part of the song where I talk about Michelle Obama – specifically, the part where I indicate that she’s so hot, “I’d hit” (for those not up on slang, that means that if Barack wasn’t attached to her, I’d consider making love to her).

In hood vernacular, this is often how guys express if one of their homeboy’s girls is good-looking – “man, your girl is fine!  Betta watch out, ’cause I’d DEFINITELY hit that!”  And, given that the artist I was parodying was Lil’ Wayne, I had no problem saying these things as I wasn’t taking the song too seriously.  However, not all people are me, and some people thought that I was using the song as a serious statement about Obama, and that my comments about Michelle were disrespectful and should be edited out the song.

But hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right?  I understand where they’re coming from; at the same time, though, I can’t let every criticism I’ll get about my songs cause me to try and change it just to please people. 

I had one person write and tell me that I could pitch this to Obama’s camp to use in their campaign, if I just took the part out about Michelle, and the part where I mention the Clintons, and the part where I mention McCain possibly dying.  THAT’S HALF THE SONG, PEOPLE!! But it’s definitely interesting to get feedback from all angles.

3. I NOW UNDERSTAND THE TERM “OVERNIGHT CELEBRITY.”  I used to think this was a bogus term, especially since I’m aware of how much behind-the-scenes legwork a person has to do before they are finally recognized by people outside their immediate circle.

But lo and behold: once you create something that other people whom you don’t know can grab a hold of and relate to, it can spread like wild fire.  Next thing you know, you go from being known by a small group, to being “known” by several thousand or more.  I say the second “known” in quotations because they really only know a small part of you, i.e. the part you chose to send out.

Which reminds me:

4. MAKING EDITED VERSIONS OF SONGS IS A WISE IDEA IF YOU’RE NOT ALREADY FAMOUS.  Especially in the Internet age where you can send a song to radio and they might actually play it – but not if the song is full of curse words.

I try my hardest not to cuss in my songs except where I feel the emotional impact of the event makes it necessary.  However, I’m also aware that radio stations hate having to edit content themselves.  When I made the “Obama” song, I recorded it with the thought in mind that it could possibly get radio play.  To that end, I made sure not to say any words that would make them hesitate playing it.

I have to go back and edit a few of my songs now, though, which is a pain in the ass you-know-what because it means having to re-record in certain parts and/or cutting and pasting back lyrics.  At the same time, though, I’d like to think my younger cousins could see my videos or download the songs without restriction, especially since they seem to look up to me and/or want to brag to their friends about my music!

One major roadblock, though: my apartment.  There are a few song ideas I have where it would require me to yell on the chorus and/or parts of the verse, but I live in an apartment with thin walls and neighbors who don’t like hearing noise all the time.  I usually only record once or twice a week (at times when my neighbor isn’t home), but even then I have people living above me or across the hall, so I have to be considerate.

I guess what I’m saying is, I really, REALLY need to get some time to record in a real studio.  But, money’s tight (as usual), so I have to make due.  Oh yeah – if you’d like to donate some money to my recording dreams, click HERE for more info!!

Okay, that’s all for now – I have to prepare for a meeting with my entertainment lawyer this afternoon, as well as a radio interview this evening.  I’ll keep you all posted!



My 1st Interview

So, a few days ago, I got an E-mail from the author of the site Keep Me Posted, and it went like this:

Good day,

I wanted to ask if it was possible to do a small blog interview on your Obama milli video.  I think your video is great and I would love to share it with my blog readers, just wanted to ask a few fun questions about it.  Please let me know if you wouldn’t mind doing this blog interview.  The questions will be asked via email, you can just reply and I will post on my blog along with the youtube video and a link to your blog page.  

Hope to hear from you soon,  keep up the great work!”
I wrote the person back telling them I’d do the interview, so long as none of the questions were disrespectful.  They wrote me back with a list of questions, which I happily answered.  Some of the questions included:
  • “What does A.P.T. stand for?”
  • “Have radio stations played your song yet?”
  • “Do you think the comments made on Obama’s wife take away from the overall message?”

And many more.  Check out the interview by clicking on the following link:

That’s all for now – new video will be posted in a few hours!



MULTIPLE “Obama, Obama” Ringtones Now Available!! Preview Them HERE: “Obama, Obama” Ringtone – 2.99 *Only 1.99, this week only (July 8-15, 2008)!

Hey everybody!

Wow, what an awesome 24 hours it has been.  So many good things have happened, I can’t even tell you about all of it yet, lest I end up jinxing myself.

I will say this, though: my “Obama, Obama” video AND song has started to take off.  In the last week, the song has been downloaded from this site 360 times (and counting), and the video has been watched by over 35,390 people as of this typing.  And that’s just on YouTube – the video has been re-posted by other people on other sites, and THOSE sites have been getting views too.  I couldn’t be happier!

But for me, the better victory is the fact that my other non-parodied ORIGINAL songs are also getting quite a bit of views, too!  This past week’s song/video, “The Nigger Song,” has been seen by over 400 people since Sunday and downloaded 28 times.  Meanwhile, my other songs have also been getting decent downloads. 

All of this is great news because it means (a) I’m starting to grow a fan-base, and (b) I’m able to have actual data to show off to record companies should I decide to go out and look for one.  Of course, I’d rather them come to me, which may happen sooner than expected because….

Nah – I’ll save THAT for later!

One rather interesting thing has happened since the “Obama” video has taken off: people I used to know in college that I tried keeping in touch with afterward, yet couldn’t get them to write me, call me, or even post messages on my various walls (MySpace, Facebook, etc.)… have tried to contact me!  I had one girl (name withheld) write to congratulate me, and wanted to know where I was and what I was up to, while a guy who I tried asking for help to get on a while back hit me up to let me know he was thiiiiiis close to making it.

What a croc, right?!?  I tried keeping up with these people after college and they wouldn’t spend two minutes to write me back, and now they suddenly wanna be all like, “Hey A.P.T., what up??”  And I haven’t even made any money off this whole thing yet!  I can’t imagine the type of calls/messages I’ll be getting once the fame and fortune comes.  I can see it now…

“Hey, Aaron – I saw you on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, and just wanted to say: can I come by your hotel room and —- your —-?? I promise I’ll be gentle!”

(For those of you with gutter minds, the blanks are for the words “wash” and “feet.” You sicko, you.)

Even with all the excitement surrounding my current videos, I’m always thinking about my upcoming videos.  I have advanced ideas for future videos – like, 2 to 4 weeks from now – as well as this week’s upcoming video.  I’ve already plotted it out, and my brother (yes, I have a brother) and his girlfriend have agreed to help me via phone, much in the same way my friend Michelle did for the “Back to the Future” video.  Again, still can’t figure out why people in-state won’t help while out-of-towners are more than willing, but hey – I’ll get help wherever I can!

That’s all for me.  I have to go prepare for tomorrow’s next move… more on that later!


MULTIPLE “Obama, Obama” Ringtones Now Available!! Preview Them HERE: “Obama, Obama” Ringtone – 2.99 *Only 1.99, this week only (July 8-15, 2008)!


Man oh man, what a day it’s been.

I just spent the entire day at work, and it was not exactly the best day on the job.  Sigh… I don’t want to complain too much on this blog, though, so I’ll just say: I hate working for someone else, and I can’t WAIT until I’m making money from doing this or selling other things so I no longer have to rely on one!

There, it’s been said. 

Speaking of the job, it dawned on me today that, since I’m looking for people to star in some of my music videos (so it won’t just always be me as the sole star), I could ask some of my co-workers if they’d be down to help me out.


I wish I was famous already, if only so I wouldn’t have to hear “no” when I asked people, “Hey, wanna star in a music video?”  If I was Ludacris or 50 Cent, women would be dropping everything – including their draws – to be in it for even a second, and guys would be rallying up their homeboys to be at my video shoot.

As such, though, I’m NOT famous, so, instead of “yeses,” I get to hear a lot of excuses and “no’s.”  You would think your friends would want to help you on your quest to achieve your dream, but, 9 times out of 10, if it’s not THEIR dream, they could really give a flying you-know-what.  This is how it is in the “Before” life of being famous.  I’m sure when I’m in the throws of the “After” part of fame, I’ll be talking about how all my friends hate me because I won’t let them star in my videos.  Should have been there for me in my “Before” life, people!!

With that said, though, I DID get a few “yeses.”  One girl co-worker seemed genuinely happy to help me out, while a couple of the guys said they’d do it – for FREE.  Gotta love that.  Plus, I have a friend who lives in Washington that said she’d film parts for a video and send it to me – how great is that?  I have friends that live near me that won’t help out, yet people from far away want to?  Sounds messed up to me, but I’m happy to get the help anyway and from anywhere I can!

As for this week’s song/video… well, last week’s video was great, artistic, loved by a lot of people, very moving, etc…

So, this week’s video is NOT going to even try to top it!

Since I’m doing a parody… okay, it’s not really a “parody,” it’s more like a re-working of a song – I’m simply going for trying to make it look funny.  At the moment, I can’t tell you what song I’m reworking or even the title of it, lest it give away the entire concept, but I will say this: it involves me wearing a wig (if I can find the right one), possibly having some tatoos drawn on, and certain events happening this year.  That’s all I can say.

I have to go shopping tomorrow morning, and record the song so I can film the video Friday or Saturday morning.  In between time, I’m going to go see “The Love Guru,” and – if I have time – “Get Smart.”  I still have no idea where I’m going to film the video, but it definitely will NOT be as artsy or complicated to film as the last video.  Set your expectations low, people – that way, you’ll be able to thouroughly enjoy the video when you see it!

I’m out!


Before I begin: I just realized that these blogs get imported to Facebook, yet they don’t attach the actual link to my site.  Therefore, whenever I type these from now on, I’ll be leaving the link address under my name – if you’re reading this on facebook, GO TO MY SITE!! You can download my new songs there!

Anyway… so, I did the first record for my new song last night, and have to make the video for it between now and Sunday.  Unfortunately, it just dawned on me that, aside from today and Saturday morning, I will (tentatively) be working full days for the remainder of the week!

In short, that means I have to shoot most of the video today.  I already had plans made for today (most not really important – getting a haircut, cleaning my place up, etc.), but I like having busy days because… well, it’s better than sitting around doing nothing!

The song is so new, I haven’t even memorized it yet.  Luckily, the concept for the video doesn’t require me to mouth the words to the song.  It will consist mostly of… HEY! Wait a minute! I can’t give away TOO much!  Guess you’ll have to wait until Sunday!

Okay, I will say this much – this will the the first video where the majority of it will NOT take place in my apartment.  It’s nice weather outside, and I live right next to the park.  The only thing I have to worry about is the occasional purple lines my camera films when it gets too much sunlight in the shot.  I promise you, once I get a little more money, the first thing I’m doing is upgrading to a REAL digital camera, instead of my current method of using my Kodak picture cam’s video capabilities (which, while good, isn’t as high of a quality as I’d like).

Okay, I’m off to make some breakfast, then map out my filming schedule.  I have plans at 5 PM today, and it’s 8:30 AM right now, which gives me 8-1/2 hours to film something.  It’s a good thing I get up at 6:30 every morning – with no alarm!


A.P.T. Here!

Greetings!  This whole “writing one song a week” thing is really starting to get the ideas flowing!  However, the last thing I expected to happen was for my water-works to start flowing too!

First of all, very few things make me cry.  I mean, very, very, very, VERY few things make me cry, or even tear up.  I tend to be rather level-headed about stuff, and don’t let things upset me enough to the point where I feel like bawling.

However, there are a few things that can, if not make me cry, at least get me in the mood to cry.

And one of those things… is the topic of this upcoming Sunday’s song/video!

I can’t reveal too much about it now – you’ll get the insight about the song on Sunday – but for now, let’s just say that, given the week that it is (which will also be revealed), I felt compelled to write this song, and it’s been all I can do not to break down and start crying. 

Even now, when I was recording the song, I could feel the tears welling up… of course, I was able to stop myself, but for me, ALMOST crying is about the same as crying.  It’s just that, the subject matter of the song… well, I can’t really explain it too much, except to say that it clearly hits a soft spot with me.

So, anyway… I just recorded the verse for it, now I have to double it… then again, I might just keep it the way it is.  Sometimes raw emotion is better than layered emotion.  Expect the song and video to be drastically different from what I’ve done in the past, people!

That’s all for now – I’ll give u all more updates later!


This week’s song/video is called “Your Mom’s a Ho!”

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Some of the songs I come up with can take weeks, months, or even YEARS before they’re complete.  Others, like this week’s song, are finished in less than 3 or 4 days!

I’m always freestyling lyrics and choruses when I’m by myself, and I was at work one day when I suddenly thought of a funny chorus:

“Your mother is a ho/and if you didn’t know before, now you know…”

That’s it – that’s all I had.  I didn’t know if it would make a good song or not, but I have a very simple theory to test a song idea: if I sing the chorus, and don’t write it down, and can remember the chorus the next day, it’ll make for a good song.

So, I stopped singing the chorus, and went two full days without singing it.  On the 3rd day, it popped in my head again.  Clearly, I had a hit on my hands.

I actually finished this song last week, and because I started this site I was able to challenge myself to finish writing it by Saturday so that I’d have time to record a video for it.  Once I finished it, I made the video – which took 2 hours – and edited it, which took another THREE hours.  When I tried to publish it, though, there was a file error, and it wouldn’t save the video as I had edited it.

Luckily, I have other videos stored up.  I posted up “Shout Out 2 My Big Girls” which gave me time during the week to figure out the file error.  It all came down to one small clip that was corrupted, which I fixed!

Some Interesting Tidbits:

(1) A few of the shots in the video are videos of videos I found on the internet (i.e. one scene with a girl screaming, and one with 2 girls kissing.)  There was a shot I had of a video of a girl going down on a guy – I had to make sure his member never entered into the frame – but I thought that was going a lil’ TOO far, especially since most people already have an idea of what that looks like!

(2) The line – “but little did you know that she goes both ways” – is takin’ from a Dr. Dre song called “XXXplosive” where one of the guys says: “And I’ll bet u didn’t know that she goes both ways.”  I heard that song so much from DJs playing it at parties I went to in college, so I figured that line would be a great addition here.

(3) My favorite line in the song is: “She got 5 kids and 6 baby fathers/ and none of them brothas stop by to holla!” I was in the shower taking a break from making the song when I thought of that line, and I burst out laughing!  I remember seeing the movie “First Sunday” where LeeJohn says he got his name because his mom said she didn’t know which guy – Lee or John – had fathered him, so she gave him both names.  Things like that happen when your mom’s a ho!

That’s all for now – enjoy the song, and I’ll see you next Sunday!



This week’s song/video is called “Shout Out 2 My Big Girls (a.k.a. Big Girls Need Love, Too)!”

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5 years ago, when 50 Cent burst onto the music scene and became really popular, him and Lil’ Kim had this song out called “Magic Stick.”  I wanted to write a parody of the song (since I’ve always been a HUGE Weird Al Yankovic fan), and thought it would be funny to do a song called “Fattest Chick” (with the chorus being, “I date the fattest chick/take her out to eat once, she wants to eat twice…” and so on).

I took the 50 cent beat and made a freestyle to it – in fact, the entire first verse of this song is that freestyle verbatim, except for the last line – and was going to make a whole song out of it… but the CD I recorded the beat on started skipping, and I couldn’t find where I got the beat from, so I said “Screw it” and saved the freestyle as is, without any plans to release it.

Fast-forward 5 years (wow, that’s a LONG time):

In the course of my dating life, I’ve noticed that the majority of the girls I end up dating or having crushes on were those with a lil’ meat on the bones.  I don’t know why this is, but skinny girls, while attractive, are nothing in comparison to a big girl that knows how to accessories properly – and, they can usually cook, and I can eat a LOT, thanks to my high metabolism.

So, when I started making songs again, I decided to see if I could re-use the song I made for parody, and turn it into a REAL song.  When I was in college and went to parties, there was always a portion of the night where they would play this song called “Watch Out for the Big Girl,” and all the big girls in the club would dance to that song HARD, like it was their anthem or something!

Only problem was – those were the only words to the song!  And frankly, I found it kind of insulting – like, what, we’re supposed to watch out for her like she’s going to (a) run us over or (b) eat us??  What kind of B.S. is THAT?!?

So, I decided that I, too, wanted to make a big girls’ anthem, one that would allow me to use some humor yet also point out what I like about big girls.

Incidentally, the first line of the song – “Big girls need loooove, too/so if you’re a big girl, I loooooove you” – has been in my head for almost 6 years.  I just like the way it sounds, and encompasses what the rest of the song is about 🙂


This video was actually recorded prior to the start of this “One-Song-A-Week” project.  I had discovered a couple of weeks prior that I could make videos on my PC laptop via Windows Media Maker, and wanted to practice making a video I could then edit in the program.

Since I had just recorded this song, I figured I would do a video to this one.  I filmed it using my Kodak 6.1 Megapixel camera, and kept it real simple: a bunch of shots of me mouthing the words and/or dancing around in my studio apartment.  Edit in a few cool colors and transitions, along with some pics of celebrity big girls I find to be particularly attractive, and BOOM – instant video!

Also: I got the glasses from the Kanye West concert.  He came down to Atlanta on May 4th, and when I saw them, I knew I had to get them and use them at some point for a video.  Plus, they were the cheapest souveigneer available – and they were $10!

That’s all for now – see you next week!