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Well… my world was certainly rocked yesterday.

I spent over 32 hours straight the 2 days before (from Saturday til Sunday morning) editing my album, “The A.P.T. LP,” with no sleep, resulting in me not feeling too good on Monday. But that wasn’t the bad part. No, the bad part was when I went to check on my YouTube views, only to discover that my page had been taken down.

No page, no videos, no views… and, most importantly, NO advertising for my album.

Yes, all those videos I had that included links to my site where people could get my albums and mixtapes were taken down. Takes quite a toll on your album sales when you can’t even tell people where to find your stuff.

So, what do I do now?

Rebuild. Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild!

I went back and read the terms and conditions of YouTube, and have a few theories as to why they may have taken my stuff down. One, I had quite a few videos up where I used other people’s beats without permission. Two, I was advertising my products on the site, mentioning the price in the process. Apparently if you’re not paying YouTube for ad space you aren’t allowed to do that. And three – and this is my uncle’s theory – someone from either McCain or Obama’s campaign took it down. My site was getting a LOT of attention and subscribers, and, with the Democratic/Republican conventions happening this week and next week, more and more people would probably be seeing my videos – and lord knows that might be disastrous for their campaigns!

Regardless of the reason though, I always like to learn lessons from my mistakes. The first lesson: if you’re going to use other people’s beats, get a license saying you can do so. That way, you can legally use them and not have your stuff taken down.

The second lesson: don’t put your eggs all in one basket. I placed all my videos on YouTube, but didn’t even consider uploading them to MySpace, photobucket, or other sites where it would have been hard for them to take down every post I had out there.

And the third lesson: utilize MySpace more. The site is set up so musicians can advertise and/or legally sell their music. Now that I know how to gain friends on the site, it should be easier for me advertising-wise to get to more people, and, hopefully, sell a few albums.

Am I down about all this? A lil’ bit – I had high expectations for how this whole album would roll out, and now I have to re-think my strategy on how to get people to know my stuff is out there. But hey, I’ve always been a person able to get knocked down, pick himself back up and try again, and this time is no different.

By the way, my new YouTube site address is www.youtube.com/APTsongs. There’s always a chance it could be taken down, but for now it works.  In the meantime, I’m still trying to figure out a way to re-post up my videos on this site – because wordpress doesn’t allow for HTML code, I can’t just load up the vids at another site and paste them on here.   Worst-case scenario, I move all this stuff to blogger.com, where HTML code is appreciated!


E-mail: aptsongs@hotmail.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/notoriousapt

Man oh man, what a day it’s been.

I just spent the entire day at work, and it was not exactly the best day on the job.  Sigh… I don’t want to complain too much on this blog, though, so I’ll just say: I hate working for someone else, and I can’t WAIT until I’m making money from doing this or selling other things so I no longer have to rely on one!

There, it’s been said. 

Speaking of the job, it dawned on me today that, since I’m looking for people to star in some of my music videos (so it won’t just always be me as the sole star), I could ask some of my co-workers if they’d be down to help me out.


I wish I was famous already, if only so I wouldn’t have to hear “no” when I asked people, “Hey, wanna star in a music video?”  If I was Ludacris or 50 Cent, women would be dropping everything – including their draws – to be in it for even a second, and guys would be rallying up their homeboys to be at my video shoot.

As such, though, I’m NOT famous, so, instead of “yeses,” I get to hear a lot of excuses and “no’s.”  You would think your friends would want to help you on your quest to achieve your dream, but, 9 times out of 10, if it’s not THEIR dream, they could really give a flying you-know-what.  This is how it is in the “Before” life of being famous.  I’m sure when I’m in the throws of the “After” part of fame, I’ll be talking about how all my friends hate me because I won’t let them star in my videos.  Should have been there for me in my “Before” life, people!!

With that said, though, I DID get a few “yeses.”  One girl co-worker seemed genuinely happy to help me out, while a couple of the guys said they’d do it – for FREE.  Gotta love that.  Plus, I have a friend who lives in Washington that said she’d film parts for a video and send it to me – how great is that?  I have friends that live near me that won’t help out, yet people from far away want to?  Sounds messed up to me, but I’m happy to get the help anyway and from anywhere I can!

As for this week’s song/video… well, last week’s video was great, artistic, loved by a lot of people, very moving, etc…

So, this week’s video is NOT going to even try to top it!

Since I’m doing a parody… okay, it’s not really a “parody,” it’s more like a re-working of a song – I’m simply going for trying to make it look funny.  At the moment, I can’t tell you what song I’m reworking or even the title of it, lest it give away the entire concept, but I will say this: it involves me wearing a wig (if I can find the right one), possibly having some tatoos drawn on, and certain events happening this year.  That’s all I can say.

I have to go shopping tomorrow morning, and record the song so I can film the video Friday or Saturday morning.  In between time, I’m going to go see “The Love Guru,” and – if I have time – “Get Smart.”  I still have no idea where I’m going to film the video, but it definitely will NOT be as artsy or complicated to film as the last video.  Set your expectations low, people – that way, you’ll be able to thouroughly enjoy the video when you see it!

I’m out!


Hey everybody!

First, I’d like to begin by saying “thank you” to everyone who recently viewed my most recent video, “Smile 4 Dad.”  It truly was a symbolic father’s day gift to my Dad, but I had no idea how many people I’d touch with the song.  It also received quite a few downloads, so again, THANK YOU, and remember, I have other songs for download on the site, too!

Anyway… now that I’ve started this site and practically dared myself to make up a song each week, the ideas have been flooding in!  I listen to new beats at least 3 times a week now, and I usually just listen to them and freestyle something off into each beat I like.  The freestyles that end up having good choruses or concepts are the ones I keep – I like to do it that way because…

…well, if you just write a song, it usually ends up having the same pattern of rhyme.  Ever heard a song by Plies before (think, “Shawty” featuring T-Pain)?  His pattern sounds the exact same through each line of his songs, and it annoys me.  That’s why I like rappers like Jay-Z and Eminem – even if they write some of their lines (Eminem more than Jay-Z), they’re smart enough to change up their style thoughout the song, so as to take their listeners on a musical journey.

I found myself doing the same thing at one point; now, I mix freestyle lyrics in with written lyrics so I won’t just be reading into a pattern.  For example, in “Shout Out to My Big Girls,” the whole first verse was originally a freestyle, while the second verse is mostly written – both verses sound drastically different from each other, yet they both go with the rhythm of the song.

Yes, you’d be surprised how much thought I put into these songs, people!  I could type about it all day, but unless you’re a music nerd like me, it could get pretty boring.

With all that said, I’m working on new songs right now, and already recorded parts for next week’s music video today!  This is SO much fun, people, and I’d like even MORE people to check out the site, so feel free to send your friends the link:


Oh yeah – if you’ve read this far, here’s a treat: a brief video of my recording “studio!”  I live in a studio aparmtent, so legally, I can say I have my own studio, ha ha ha!  Check it out below: