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This week’s music video is for the song “Smooth Talker” (Produced by Shadowville Productions)

AVAILABLE ON “THE A.P.T LP” – Click HERE for download information!


First, a sidebar: one of the reasons I document this stuff is so that people will know when, where, and how the songs were created. That way, if a situation occurs where people question whether or not I was the originator of the song (i.e. the “O-bama” song), those looking for proof have something to read. It also helps that I get my songs copyrighted ūüôā

I found this beat online back on April 12, from a production company called Shadowville. I surf for beats online a LOT, and the majority of beats I find are available for free use if you use them for promotional use only (i.e. I can’t sell the songs).

I mention this because I downloaded a LOT of beats that I planned to use for promotion only; however, people started asking me if I was going to put out an album for purchase, many of the songs I made to test the waters… were actually good songs, but I couldn’t use them because the beat either (a) cost too much, (b) had already been bought, or (c) had to be purchased exclusively to be used, and they costs a LOT.

That means that some of the songs I wanted to put on “The A.P.T. LP” couldn’t be used. “Smile 4 Dad?” Nope! “Shout Out 2 My Big Girl?” Sorry!

However, when it came to the beat used for this song, I knew that I HAD to have it. Luckily, I keep the name of all the people whose beats I download, so I was able to find the producer’s name online and, fortunately, the beat hadn’t been purchased yet.

So, what made me want to buy the beat in the first place?

When I download beats, I’ll usually have a day when I take each beat and freestyle over it to get ideas for lyrics and songs. This has helped me create many a song, but this one was special in the sense that I changed up how I flowed to it. Rather than do the usual freestyle thing where I’m “sounding like a rapper,” the beat sounded more like a techno-club hit; therefore, I tried to switch up various things in the freestyle, from the level of my voice (whispering to shouting), to the pace at which words were said.

The name of the beat was “Smooth Talker,” and I thought that idea went along well with the type of beat it was. The chorus came to me instantly – “Ooh baby, I’m a smooth talker/That’s right, you know that I want ‘ya,” etc. – and many of the concepts used in that initial freestyle were used in this song.

Okay, so when you listen to the song, it’s clearly a club-type beat, but I didn’t want to make a full-out “club” song in the regular sense. Rappers are infamous for making these types of records, but they always have the same story line (if you can even call it that): they pull up on 22s, they’re out to steal another guy’s chick, they’re the hottest thing in the club, they want the girl to shake it – a 3-year old could write this stuff!

So, being the funny guy that I am, I decided to bastardize it a bit. In the first verse I meet a girl and try to sweet talk her into leaving the club with me, telling her things that I know are straight lies. In the second, I’m whispering to a girl about what I want to do to her in V.I.P.; however, when I ask her what her fantasy is… well, you’ll have to listen, but it’s gross and turns me off! And, in the third verse, I see a chick from across the room, and when I go to holler at her… well, just listen to the song!

Incidentally, this was the very last song I wrote for the album, yet probably the one I had a beat for the longest. And most of it wasn’t “written” – I had the second and third verses made up in my head for the longest time (as well as the first 6 bars of the first verse), but figuring out the last 10 bars of the first verse took some time. Of course, it’s easier for me to write something when I have a set deadline, and by the time the Friday before the album came out got here it was done!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. This was also one of the first songs where I really put my mixing skills to the test. I downloaded a program called “Magix Studios” to put my songs together, and I really wanted this one to stand out. Lots of re-verb and echos, people! The song took dang near 8 hours to get to sounding CLOSE to how I wanted it to sound!

2. The last 4 bars of the second verse… well, let’s just say they were inspired by 2 girls, a cup, and a famous R&B singer…

3. The name of the girl in the 3rd verse – “Rina” – was also the name of my very first girlfriend. I used her name because there’s a line in that verse that’s giving homage to one of Tone Loc’s songs, and “Rina” sounded close to the girl he referenced in “Funky Cold Madina.” Plus, I haven’t spoken to her in God knows how long, so I figured I’d have the right to use the name.


Even though this was one of the last songs I wrote for the album, I’ve had the idea for the video for almost 3 months now!

I decided to keep it simple: me, filming myself mouthing the words to the song, in different locals. I was also going to have a friend of mine dance to the song, and include those scenes throughout the video… but the friend was a co-worker, and she got fired, and I haven’t heard from her since. So much for reliability!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. The five locations in the video are: a train station escalator; a MARTA train; a light pole outside the train station; a restaurant; and a parking lot.

2. For the escalator shots, I had to film myself going down the escalator, then run up the steps directly next to it and film myself again. In retrospect, I could have gone to a different station – one that had a REAL long escalator – but I think it’s funnier this way!

3. Also, you may notice I have more hair in the escalator shots than in other parts of the video. I was on my way to get a hair cut when I decided to film this video; the remaining shots were taken afterward!

4. The train, the restaurant, and the parking lot are the only places where I filmed more than one take for video consideration. On the train, I filmed 3 times because the first time I filmed, I forgot that the sun was directly behind me, so I had to film it again. Then, I wanted to make sure my head was more in the middle of the frame, so I shot it a third time. In the restaurant, there were occasions where a server would come up to me to say hi, at which point I had to cut the camera off. As for the parking lot, I filmed one other take, and didn’t even use them in the video!!

5. To make things interesting, I decided to add special film properties to the different shooting location shots. For the escalator shots, I used “Film Grain” to make it look like an older film shot; for the train, I used the watercolor application; for the restaurant I just brightened up the shots; and for the parking lot I used the hue spectrum application to cycle through all the colors. The only shots not altered were the ones of me next to the light pole.

6. At the end of the video, you’ll see two servers pop up in the background and start dancing/rapping their butts off. These people I call, “my friends,” and they are hilarious!

7. Edit time for the video: between 5 to 6 hours, split between this morning and later this evening after I got off work. Adding transitions and effects makes the edit time go longer, especially when your computer is as “cooperative” as mine!

That’s all for now! Enjoy the video, and get “The A.P.T. LP!” See ya next week!



Memo to YouTube: You can’t stop me, bitches!!!

Yeah, they took down my entire site, but so what?!? ¬†I’m on a mission people. ¬†One video/song (minimum) every Sunday for one year. ¬†That’s 52 videos (minimum) from May 2008 to May 2009.

I hope you didn’t think losing all 316,000 views for my “Obama Obama” video, or the 4500+ views for my “The N!@@er Song” would cause me to go crying off into the sunset. ¬†

And yeah, who cares if you messed up my advertising plan for my album – I STILL sold a few copies, and guess what? ¬†I’m going to sell even MORE once the videos come out — on YOUR site!!

So… with that said, this week’s video is already in the can. ¬†It’s from one of the songs off “The A.P.T. LP”, a hot dance song with a bangin’ beat and some… interesting… lyrics and scenarios. ¬†Yeah – that’s all I want to say about it for now!

Okay, I’m done! ¬†And HA HA HA to YouTube – you can’t stop a man with a dream, people!!




Well… my world was certainly rocked yesterday.

I spent over 32 hours straight the 2 days before (from Saturday til Sunday morning) editing my album, “The A.P.T. LP,” with no sleep, resulting in me not feeling too good on Monday. But that wasn’t the bad part. No, the bad part was when I went to check on my YouTube views, only to discover that my page had been taken down.

No page, no videos, no views… and, most importantly, NO advertising for my album.

Yes, all those videos I had that included links to my site where people could get my albums and mixtapes were taken down. Takes quite a toll on your album sales when you can’t even tell people where to find your stuff.

So, what do I do now?

Rebuild. Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild!

I went back and read the terms and conditions of YouTube, and have a few theories as to why they may have taken my stuff down. One, I had quite a few videos up where I used other people’s beats without permission. Two, I was advertising my products on the site, mentioning the price in the process. Apparently if you’re not paying YouTube for ad space you aren’t allowed to do that. And three – and this is my uncle’s theory – someone from either McCain or Obama’s campaign took it down. My site was getting a LOT of attention and subscribers, and, with the Democratic/Republican conventions happening this week and next week, more and more people would probably be seeing my videos – and lord knows that might be disastrous for their campaigns!

Regardless of the reason though, I always like to learn lessons from my mistakes. The first lesson: if you’re going to use other people’s beats, get a license saying you can do so. That way, you can legally use them and not have your stuff taken down.

The second lesson: don’t put your eggs all in one basket. I placed all my videos on YouTube, but didn’t even consider uploading them to MySpace, photobucket, or other sites where it would have been hard for them to take down every post I had out there.

And the third lesson: utilize MySpace more. The site is set up so musicians can advertise and/or legally sell their music. Now that I know how to gain friends on the site, it should be easier for me advertising-wise to get to more people, and, hopefully, sell a few albums.

Am I down about all this? A lil’ bit – I had high expectations for how this whole album would roll out, and now I have to re-think my strategy on how to get people to know my stuff is out there. But hey, I’ve always been a person able to get knocked down, pick himself back up and try again, and this time is no different.

By the way, my new YouTube site address is There’s always a chance it could be taken down, but for now it works.¬† In the meantime, I’m still trying to figure out a way to re-post up my videos on this site – because wordpress doesn’t allow for HTML code, I can’t just load up the vids at another site and paste them on here.¬†¬† Worst-case scenario, I move all this stuff to, where HTML code is appreciated!



Another week, another video…

Hey, wait a minute: where’s the video?¬† Oh, wait, that’s right – YOU CAN’T SEE IT!

So, I woke up this morning to upload an ad for my album, “The A.P.T. LP” onto YouTube.¬† Imagine my surprise, then, when I go to click on my YouTube page… only to find that it’s been disabled!

Yep! They disabled it.  ALL my videos were taken down, and my account was suspended.

Why?¬† Well, after reading through the site’s terms of use, I think I may have broken quite a few rules, including:

  • Using other people’s copyrighted works (i.e. any remixes I did to other people’s songs without their expressed written permission)
  • Using the site to advertise my projects for the purpose of making money (i.e. telling people how much my album was vs. just telling them where to get it without mentioning price).

So… talk about bad timing!¬† I mean, I JUST released my album yesterday, and now all my videos and ads for it have been taken down!

Oddly enough, I’m not frustrated about it… yet.¬† I think for right now I’m more in the “What step do I take next” mode.¬† The first thing I’ll probably do is open up another account and try to repost some of the videos with original content.¬† The only thing that sux is, I had so many subscribers on my channel, and now I’m essentialy going back down to zero.

On the plus side, I have a lot of MySpace friends now, so I’ll probably just work on cultivating more of them.¬† And, for future videos/content, I’ll know to only film or release stuff that I personally own.¬† So, in essence, it’s a learning experience, and at the end of the day, I’m just glad I didn’t get sued!

I’ll keep you all posted – in the meantime, get the album, “The A.P.T. LP!” Only 5.99 for the MP3, 7.99 for the CD!


E-mail –; MySpace –

Ladies and Gentleman… I present to you…


“THE A.P.T. LP!”

This project has been quite a learning experience, and a true labor of love for me!  I just spent 32 hours up straight putting this album together, and a lot of hard work went into making these songs!

Here are all the important links you need to know:

*** To purchase the MP3 Version of “The A.P.T. LP” (5.99): Click HERE!

You will be greeted at my Payloadz site by three men dressed as hunchbacks named Sam.  Okay, not really Рbut you will be able to pay and immediately get the download file for the album!

*** To purchase the CD version of “The A.P.T. LP” (7.99): Click HERE!

CDs will be shipped out every Tuesday and Friday (I don’t have a car yet, so I have to schedules these types of trips to certain days.)¬† It will arrive in your mailbox in an envelope, which will contain a CD inside a packaging sleeve for added protection.¬† The CD will have a cover with a list of the songs on the album.

Oh, yeah – here is a list of all the tracks on “The A.P.T. LP”:

  1. Intro – “And the Award Goes to..”
  2. A.P.T. (What’s My Name?)
  3. Hooptie (Guest Appearance by S. Stephens)
  4. What We Do
  5. Tha Hood vs. The ‘Burbs
  6. Smooth Talker
  7. It’s Over
  8. Stop Cockblockin’ (feat. Ms. Theory)
  9. The N-word Song (a.k.a. The KKK-ramer Song)
  10. Fly Chick
  11. Blow It All
  12. Skit – An Interview w/DMX (feat. Mr. Smallwood)
  13. Bust My G.A.T.
  14. Retirement Home
  15. A Commentary on Each Album Track
  16. BONUS TRACK: F–k New Orleans (feat. G.W. Bush)

I’m still working on getting each of the songs posted as an individual purchase – for right now, though, GET THE ALBUM!! It’s hot!

More from me later as other things develop!

Okay, it’s now 12:19 AM on Sunday, August 24th.¬† I suspect I will be up all night finishing up my album, “The A.P.T. LP!”¬† Wow, this is like being in college all over again, pulling an all-nighter and stuff.¬† Only difference is, I’ll actually be able to profit off this one, instead of having more homework to do!

I figured I’d give you all a run-down of how you will be able to purchase the album.¬† Check it out:

  • I’m going to make it available as an MP3 download for 5.99.¬† This will be the fastest way to get the album.
  • A lot of people have written me asking me if I was going to have an actual CD available for purchase.¬† The answer is YES!¬† The CD version will be 7.99.¬† This covers the cost of the physical CD and the packaging, as well as shipping and handling.¬† The CD will come in a paper slip, and the CD itself will have a cover on top with a picture and song listing.¬† Plus, since my laptop’s CD burner is acting like an @$$hole, I’ll probably have to go to the FedEx down the street to burn the songs onto a CD.¬†¬† Of course, depending on how many CD orders I get, I may go ahead and hire a CD manufacturer to burn me 100 CDs for a low price.¬†
  • As a BONUS(i.e. something I really, REALLY don’t have to do), those who purchase the CD will also get a FREE copy of “The O-Bama Mixtape!”¬† The reason?¬† I figure if you’re buying a CD, chances are you didn’t have the means of downloading the mixtape either, and it’s a REALLY good CD.¬†¬† Again, its FREE (since I can’t legally sell it), and you’re already paying for the shipping, so YOU’RE WELCOME!
  • For those who CAN download “The A.P.T. LP,” a link will be provided where you can download my “Obama Obama Mega-Remix” featuring Tyga!¬† I made the remix because he took my song idea and didn’t give me a shout-out like he said he would, but I can’t put it on the CD because I can’t sell it.¬† However, I CAN sell the information that will allow you to download the song for free, and – if you’ve seen it on youtube – you’ll probably enjoy adding the song to your collection of A.P.T. songs!

Lastly, all the songs will be available individually for 99 cents.¬† I’d charge less, but this is the lowest amount I can charge via credit/debit card on PayPal and still make a profit. (They take out 30 cents every time someone buys a song from me – how messed up is that?!?)

Okay, enough typing – I have an album to finish up!


P.S. Oh yeah – Ringtones are also being worked on for ALL the songs, and should be available within the week!



Sorry¬†I haven’t been updating as frequently as usual… actually, I’m not sorry – I’m mixing together an album!

Right now, as I type this, it’s 8:39 PM. And the album is still NOT done.¬† Why?¬† Because I do EVERYTHING last minute.¬† I’ve been “working” on this all day, but won’t really start kicking things off until around 9:30 or so.¬† The album will be posted before I go to work (sometime around noon), and I may or may not post this week’s video before then also – if not, I’ll just post it up after I get home from work.¬† It’s already done, so all I have to do is add the intro and ending to it, and voila!

Anyway, here’s promo videos 4, 5 and 6.¬† The fourth one is footage I took of myself playing this very scary maze game online – watch the video for my reaction!!¬† The fifth one is me talking¬†about how much it actually cost me to put this entire project together.¬† In short, I need to sell at least 76 albums to break even.

Promo video number 6 is a remix I did to the “Obama Obama” song.¬† I thought people would be tired of it by now, but it still gets close to 5,000 views per day on my page, plus other people have posted it as well.¬† However, the reason I did a remix is because this rapper named Tyga, who is, ironically enough, signed to Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label, took my “Obama Obama” beat and made his own Obama song.¬† I wasn’t too mad about this, until I figured out he’s actually performing it and getting PAID for it, while I sit here in my apartment going, “WTF?!? That should be ME performing it!!

So, rather than do a diss song or snap at him, I fused his version together with my version, and created an “Obama Obama Mega-Remix.”¬† Instead of making a real video, I put up all the info about my album dropping tomorrow, along with mentions of “The O-Bama Mixtape” and a call for people to tell Tyga to shout me out.¬† I put it up 3 hours ago, and it’s already gotten a LOT of views – talk about a great advertising idea!

Enjoy the promo videos, and get “The A.P.T. LP” tomorrow, Sunday, August 24th!

“The A.P.T. LP” Promo Video #4 – Scary Maze Game Reaction

“The A.P.T. LP” Promo Video #5 – Recording Expenses

“The A.P.T. LP” Promo Video #6 – “Obama Obama Mega-Remix” feat. Tyga






I’m starting to see why most artist don’t get paid their royalties and/or monies until after recording expenses are paid.

I want this album to sound right, which means I’ve gone out of my way to buy items and/or pay for studio time that will make “The A.P.T. Album” sound like a high-quality product.¬† Little did I know when I started this just how much money it would cost for me to do so!

Let’s just look at some of the math, shall we:

1. STUDIO MIC: This was a freebie, as I already had one.  However, what I did NOT have was a way to hook it up to my laptop.  I had to get this thing called an interface which allows me to plug the mic into a box which then goes into my computer. 

Cost of Interface box: $149 (plus tax)

2. BACKUP DRIVE: I wanted to make some extra space on my computer so that my music program would work better.  So, I went to Wal-Mart to pick one up.

Cost of Backup Drive: $79.99 (plus tax)

3. STUDIO TIME: I can’t yell in my apartment, but some of my songs require it.¬† So, I found a studio in downtown Atlanta where I was able to use their sound-proof room.

Cost of Studio Time: $60 for 3 hours (but I got there 3 minutes late, so 2.5 hours)

4. SOUND MIXING: Fruity Loops sucks ass as a recording studio because you can’t directly record onto it; you have to cut-and-paste everything, and it takes a long-ass time.¬† So, courtesy of a friend’s suggestion, I got a Magix Studio sound studio.¬† I did the trial version, and it made putting together a song so damn easy and less time-consuming that I had to get it.

Cost of Magix Studio: $74.99

In total, I’ve spent a whopping $363.98 on this album.¬† In short, before I see any profit, I have to sell at least 73 copies of the album at 5.99 just to break even.¬† (Incidentally, I also see now why record companies charge $9.99-$14.99 or higher for CDs – this doesn’t even take into account how much it costs them to package and ship the items.)

Assuming this project goes well, the good news will be that I won’t have to spend any more money on getting items I now have (except for the studio time part).¬† I’ll also be able to charge a bit more for any future CDs – probably¬†around 7.99 – since people will realize my albums are more than worth the amount.¬†

Because I’m still finishing up the project, I didn’t have time to film a “new” video this week.¬† However, it just so happens that I filmed a video earlier this year for a song that’s going to be on the album.¬† And, since hardly anybody saw that video since no one knew who I was prior to the “Obama Obama” song, I can bring it out of the archives and post it back up!¬† Three cheers for future thinking!

That’s it for now – get “The A.P.T. LP,” dropping Sunday, August 24th!




Greetings, everybody!!

Here are the second and third promo videos for “The A.P.T. LP,” Out Sunday, August 24th!

Above: The second promo ad, where I talk about the ups and downs of signing to a major label.

Above: The third promo ad, where I give you all a sneak preview listening to some of the songs off the album!




Another week, another video in the can…

Now that I’ve finished the video for another one of my “The O-Bama Mixtape” songs (“I’m Gonna Make It”), I am now in full promo mode for the album, and I couldn’t be happier.¬† I’m still mixing, mastering, recording and pasting together songs… but I’ve always been a last-minute person, so even though I’m doing all of this stuff within a week’s time, the album is going to be HOT when it’s done!

Okay, so since I’m not signed to a label, I have to do my own advertising and hype.¬† One of the ways I’m doing this is by making promo videos each day this week to give my fans insights into the album as well as my life.¬† It’s advertising 101, basically: the more people know about you, the more likely they are to buy what you’re selling.¬† Plus, I like the idea that I can talk about myself and people actually want to listen!

Here is the first video I made this morning:

Also, I’ve discovered that more people go to my MySpace page than this site to check up on me.¬† I like WordPress, but they don’t allow you to post up html code as easily for certain things like MySpace does.¬† For example, my “The O-Bama Mixtape” was downloaded onto, where people can actually hear the mixtape before they download it.¬† I’d love to post it here, but all I’d be able to do is post a link to the site vs. the actual box containing the music on my page.¬† And, as you may know, people are lazy – they’d rather go to a site where everything is incorporated on it instead of having to click links to leave the site, then come back again.

With that said, I’m still keeping this site open, but I’ll be doing a lot more stuff on MySpace now.¬† I have over 600 friends there right now, and that number is growing rapidly everyday (thanks, in part, to a Friend Blaster program I have where I can send up to 400 friends request out each day).

That’s all for now – buy the album, “The A.P.T. LP,” Sunday, August 24th!