This week’s song/video is called “Your Mom’s a Ho!”

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Some of the songs I come up with can take weeks, months, or even YEARS before they’re complete.  Others, like this week’s song, are finished in less than 3 or 4 days!

I’m always freestyling lyrics and choruses when I’m by myself, and I was at work one day when I suddenly thought of a funny chorus:

“Your mother is a ho/and if you didn’t know before, now you know…”

That’s it – that’s all I had.  I didn’t know if it would make a good song or not, but I have a very simple theory to test a song idea: if I sing the chorus, and don’t write it down, and can remember the chorus the next day, it’ll make for a good song.

So, I stopped singing the chorus, and went two full days without singing it.  On the 3rd day, it popped in my head again.  Clearly, I had a hit on my hands.

I actually finished this song last week, and because I started this site I was able to challenge myself to finish writing it by Saturday so that I’d have time to record a video for it.  Once I finished it, I made the video – which took 2 hours – and edited it, which took another THREE hours.  When I tried to publish it, though, there was a file error, and it wouldn’t save the video as I had edited it.

Luckily, I have other videos stored up.  I posted up “Shout Out 2 My Big Girls” which gave me time during the week to figure out the file error.  It all came down to one small clip that was corrupted, which I fixed!

Some Interesting Tidbits:

(1) A few of the shots in the video are videos of videos I found on the internet (i.e. one scene with a girl screaming, and one with 2 girls kissing.)  There was a shot I had of a video of a girl going down on a guy – I had to make sure his member never entered into the frame – but I thought that was going a lil’ TOO far, especially since most people already have an idea of what that looks like!

(2) The line – “but little did you know that she goes both ways” – is takin’ from a Dr. Dre song called “XXXplosive” where one of the guys says: “And I’ll bet u didn’t know that she goes both ways.”  I heard that song so much from DJs playing it at parties I went to in college, so I figured that line would be a great addition here.

(3) My favorite line in the song is: “She got 5 kids and 6 baby fathers/ and none of them brothas stop by to holla!” I was in the shower taking a break from making the song when I thought of that line, and I burst out laughing!  I remember seeing the movie “First Sunday” where LeeJohn says he got his name because his mom said she didn’t know which guy – Lee or John – had fathered him, so she gave him both names.  Things like that happen when your mom’s a ho!

That’s all for now – enjoy the song, and I’ll see you next Sunday!