Man oh man, what a day it’s been.

I just spent the entire day at work, and it was not exactly the best day on the job.  Sigh… I don’t want to complain too much on this blog, though, so I’ll just say: I hate working for someone else, and I can’t WAIT until I’m making money from doing this or selling other things so I no longer have to rely on one!

There, it’s been said. 

Speaking of the job, it dawned on me today that, since I’m looking for people to star in some of my music videos (so it won’t just always be me as the sole star), I could ask some of my co-workers if they’d be down to help me out.


I wish I was famous already, if only so I wouldn’t have to hear “no” when I asked people, “Hey, wanna star in a music video?”  If I was Ludacris or 50 Cent, women would be dropping everything – including their draws – to be in it for even a second, and guys would be rallying up their homeboys to be at my video shoot.

As such, though, I’m NOT famous, so, instead of “yeses,” I get to hear a lot of excuses and “no’s.”  You would think your friends would want to help you on your quest to achieve your dream, but, 9 times out of 10, if it’s not THEIR dream, they could really give a flying you-know-what.  This is how it is in the “Before” life of being famous.  I’m sure when I’m in the throws of the “After” part of fame, I’ll be talking about how all my friends hate me because I won’t let them star in my videos.  Should have been there for me in my “Before” life, people!!

With that said, though, I DID get a few “yeses.”  One girl co-worker seemed genuinely happy to help me out, while a couple of the guys said they’d do it – for FREE.  Gotta love that.  Plus, I have a friend who lives in Washington that said she’d film parts for a video and send it to me – how great is that?  I have friends that live near me that won’t help out, yet people from far away want to?  Sounds messed up to me, but I’m happy to get the help anyway and from anywhere I can!

As for this week’s song/video… well, last week’s video was great, artistic, loved by a lot of people, very moving, etc…

So, this week’s video is NOT going to even try to top it!

Since I’m doing a parody… okay, it’s not really a “parody,” it’s more like a re-working of a song – I’m simply going for trying to make it look funny.  At the moment, I can’t tell you what song I’m reworking or even the title of it, lest it give away the entire concept, but I will say this: it involves me wearing a wig (if I can find the right one), possibly having some tatoos drawn on, and certain events happening this year.  That’s all I can say.

I have to go shopping tomorrow morning, and record the song so I can film the video Friday or Saturday morning.  In between time, I’m going to go see “The Love Guru,” and – if I have time – “Get Smart.”  I still have no idea where I’m going to film the video, but it definitely will NOT be as artsy or complicated to film as the last video.  Set your expectations low, people – that way, you’ll be able to thouroughly enjoy the video when you see it!

I’m out!