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This week’s video is for the song, “Rock and Roll,” produced by & featuring King Kut.


I’ve probably mentioned the “Obama Milli” song in the majority of my “One-Song-a-Week” song descriptions more than any other song this year, and for good reason.  That song has pretty much been the catalyst for the majority of the stuff I was able to experience this year, from getting interviews to being able to move to Cali, and everything else in-between.

The way I came about doing this week’s song, “Rock and Roll,” stems back from a fan I got as a result of him first being exposed to “Obama Milli.”  After the song went national, I started getting request from underground artist to do collaborations with them.  Most of them were probably trying to feed off the exposure I was getting in the hopes that they, too, would get seen, but I was hesitant to collaborate with just anybody.  Unless they either (a) sent me a beat that was bangin’ with their parts already recorded, or (b) I went to someone’s MySpace page and found a song I wanted to do a remix to, I didn’t want to do a collabo.  After all, since I haven’t met these people, if they ended up being rapist or drug dealers, MY name would end up being associated with them if they did something stupid and got arrested, and, since I’m still a relatively unknown media presence I didn’t want to have people looking at me funny once I got more exposure.

In November, about 2 weeks before I released my “The Next Black President (a.k.a. Back on My Grind)” mixtape, I received an email from a rapper/producer named King Kut.  He said he was a fan of “Obama Milli” (of course) as well as the title track from the mixtape, and that he wanted me to do a collabo with him for one of his upcoming mixtapes.  He also sent me the addresses to his web pages to check his stuff out.

I checked out his pages.  His beats were bangin’, and the songs he had up, while not lyrically the best, had some outstanding choruses.  However, at the time I still getting requests from lots of people who wanted to do collabos, so to me it was just another person wanting to add their name to my quasi-fame.  Once all the “Obama Milli” stuff died down, I figured he, like many others, would forget I existed and it wouldn’t matter.

Fast-forward to January ’09: In the course of preparing songs for my “The Great Black Hope” album, I was looking to do at least ONE collaboration for the LP. I looked back in my E-mail stack and saw King Kut’s message.  Then I remembered that I had forgotten to write back to him, so I did, and told him I’d be curious as to what song ideas he had in mind, or what beats he may have wanted to send me (since I was in beat-looking mode.)  I didn’t think I’d actually hear back from him, but lo and behold: he sent me 2 beats (one the next day, and one a few days later for my birthday), both of which were pretty good!  As for the collaboration, by that time I had already done a collabo with another group, and couldn’t think of a song prior to the release date of my album for us to do together, so I told him that if I decided to do another album/mixtape this year I’d see how I could get him on a song…

Fast-forward to April ’09…

Since I’ve moved to Cali, I’ve been working on a top-secret online entertainment project with a guy named Rob, who found out about me via my “Obama Milli” song (see? I TOLD you it was the catalyst for all this stuff!).  Part of the project has a musical component to it, and I had been trying to make my own beats for the songs I’m making on that project.  However, with all the other stuff I have to do for the project (writing scripts, drawing comings, writing songs, etc.), having to make all the beats myself was becoming time-consuming.

I decided to see if there were beats in my catalogue that I hadn’t used yet that I could use for the project.  I also started looking at any beats made by other people that would sound great for some of the songs.  In the process of doing so, I remembered the beats King Kut had sent me back in January that I hadn’t used yet.  Since I liked them, I wrote King Kut and asked him if he had any other beats he could possibly send me.  Without hesitation, he wrote me back and said he could send me some beats!

As part of his message, he included his websites at the end.  I noticed the sites he had were similar to the ones I had: he had a YouTube site for videos, as well as a WordPress.com site for… well, I had no idea, but I had to check them out.  First one I checked out was his YouTube page.  Apparently he had been doing this project for a while, ’cause the first video I saw was video #25!

The name of the video was “Rock and Roll” (I know you were wondering when I’d actually get to talking about the song), and, as soon as it came on, it sounded like a hit.  Once I heard the chorus, it was a rap – that song was just TOO catchy!  How do I know? I was going around my apartment singing the chorus to that dang song the rest of the day!

After I saw his other videos (and yes, if you’re reading this I sat at your WordPress site and watched ALL your videos), I kept going back to “Rock and Roll.”  Everytime I heard it I’d start freestyling off some lyrics ’cause the beat just made it so easy!  I didn’t know if he’d be up for it, but I HAD to see if he’d be interested in doing a remix to the song.  I wrote him, told him I was interested in doing one.  Not only was he interested, he sent me a beat the same day with his first and third verse on it, and a section with no lyrics that gave me 16 bars of room to “do my thang!”

This is one of those songs where the lyrics don’t really matter.  Yes, I know all those so-called “real MCs” will probably hate on me for saying that… but get the f–k over yourself.  Not every song need have meaning, and it’s not ALWAYS about what’s BEING said in the song, but HOW it’s being said.  This is the type of song whereby you have to go with the feel of the beat.  Since it’s a dance/snap type of song, if the lyrics don’t flow with the beat in a certain way, the dance vibe of the song gets ruined.

King Kut’s part of the song was already chanty in sound, so I didn’t want to copy his flow because then it becomes monotonous to the listener, and would make me sound like I was trying to copy him.  So, instead, I decided to use a few different flows in my part: the fast flow, the chant flow, the choppy flow… all mixed together in a nice verse that still makes the song danceable and will make people wanna get buck at the same time!

This is, with out a doubt, a SMASH hit.  I don’t know how I’m gonna do it yet, but I want this song to blow up ’cause it’s just THAT hot!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. The first part of my verse starts with the word “Don’t” because, at the cut-off point for my verse there was a very small, yet distinguishable “D” sound that didn’t quite get cut out.

2. My favorite verse is when I say: “Got a girl with me, I’m hard as a ROCK/She ready to ROLL…”  I wanted to incorperate that into the song somewhere just ’cause it sounded clever!

3. My voice may sound a wee bit distorted.  I used the “Electric Rock Sound” effect on my voice to give it more of a rock sound edge.  Hopefully people won’t take that as me having a crappy mic!


This was actually a very time-saving video for me to make.  Since King Kut already had a video for the original version of “Rock and Roll,” I asked him to send me the video as is, and I would incoperate my footage into it.

Upon first reuqest, though, I think he thought I wanted him to send me the just the footage sans song, so he sent me two clips: a clip from the original video where he’s in orange lighting, and a brand new footage set with him wearing a red shirt and red Kanye-style glasses that wasn’t in the first video.  I was trying to make the video editing process easier on myself, though, since I had other videos (not involving musie) that I had to shoot.

Even though I finally got the original video footage, I liked the new one with him in red enough to incorperate it into the new video as well.  As for my footage, I wanted to keep it in line with his footage, meaning I didn’t want to do something over-extravagant that would make people be able to tell the difference between his shots and mine (except for the fact that, since I shot my footage using my MAC camera, it’s in widescreen mode).  I did a shot of me doing the song in my Hampton Alum T-shirt on the side of my kitchen that had a refridgerator, sink, oven, etc.; and the second shot was taken in front of my window with the cool-loooking brown shades (I’ve used that window in about 5 videos now, and it never gets old to me).

Once my shots were complete, I had to transport all the footage over from the MAC to the PC. Since King Kut’s footage was saved as a WMV file, I couldn’t load them up onto my MAC (and the converter costs money which I don’t feel the need to spend yet).  Meaning that, yes, I had to take the ol’ slow-acting laptop out of retirement for another video edit.  I started editing this bad boy at 6, and finished at 9 – not too long, but it would have been edited in about an hour on the MAC so… yeah, may have to get that converter soon after all!

After loading the footage onto the PC, I added some effects to my footage (since he already had effects on his), as well as to the new footage of King Kut.  You’ll have to see the video to see the effects themselves, but all in all the video came out fantastic!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. I actually shot a whole segment on my Kodak camera with me wearing the Hampton Alum shirt.  Then, I went to get a haircut the next day prior to me shooting the second footage.  I didn’t want to be inconsistent, so I didn’t use it.

2. There is actually a dance I made up that goes with this song!  There are a few shots of it in the video, but I actually had a longer segment where the dance goes on longer so people can get a feel of it.  I may have to release another video showing off how to do the “Rock and Roll” dance!

3. In case you can’t read it too well, the shirt I’m wearing says “I used to have a six-pack.” Underneath is an empty plastic can-holder of what used to be a “six-pack.” Get it?!?

4. Editing time for this video: 3 to 4 hours, most of which was me waiting for pauses when my PC was trying to load the footage.  I’m SO glad I have a MAC!

That’s all for now – only 2 more videos left to go! See ya next Sunday!


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Above: A video explaining my reasoning for making an edited version of “Obama Milli”… 9 months later.

As the video above states, there is now an “edited” version of “Obama Milli” available.  The original version didn’t have any cursing in it, or anything I necessarily thought was too racy… but I got a messages from adults telling me how much their kids love the song, but some of them couldn’t play the whole thing for them due to certain parts of the song that are more “adult” than others (i.e. me talking about wanting to make love to Michele, or using the words “bastard,” “prick” or – oddly enough – “negros always ‘causin’ problems”).

Luckily for me, I finally got a microphone that has REALLY good sound quality.  Since I needed to test it out anyway, I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone by re-recording the “Obama Milli” song as a means of testing out the mic.  And it sounds great!

So, if you like the song but want one the kiddies can listen to without you cringing, here is the link:




This week’s video is for the song, “What Had Happen Was,” produced by ME!

Available on A.P.T.’s “The Great Black Hope” album – Click HERE for download info! 


During the time I was coming up with songs for “The Great Black Hope” album, I was still living in Northern VA, working as a server at Chili’s Restaurant. There’s a lot of downtime at these jobs when the server is waiting for a customer, especially near the beginning of a shift, and it was during these times I would either walk around thinking up song lyrics or talking to some of my co-workers.

One afternoon, I walked into the kitchen area to find a fellow server named Joe telling a story about something that had happened at a party the night before.  He began the story by saying: “Well, what had happen was…”

I don’t know what it was, but something in the way he said it made me (a) laugh, and (b) think it would be a good idea for a song.  I’ve heard that phrase hundreds of times, but this was the first time I heard it said that made me think it would make for a great chorus!

After he said it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day.  I kept repeating it over and over again in my head – “What had happen was… what had happen was…” – and eventually made it into a full-on chorus that was catchy!

What made it even better is that I already had a beat in mind for the chorus – it was a jazzy-type beat I had already made using a horn sample I’d gotten from one of my brother’s friends favorite musicians.  The part where the verses would go were beat-box like while the chorus was a long, drawn out horn, with a drum pattern that would definitely fit the groove of the song!

Once I have a chorus and a beat down for a song, I HAVE to make it into a song.  With a title idea like “What Had Happen Was,” I thought about going in a few directions.  The first one was to have each verse tell a mini-story of something that goes wrong, and when someone asks me about it, I’d go into the “what had happen was” chorus.  The second idea was to have the song be one long story, where each part of the story would coincide with things happening during one day.  Something would go wrong in each segment, with the chorus once again being me reiterating the same sentiment.

But, neither of those ideas were fully developed, and I was having a hard time thinking up a story/scenario to write about.  So, I marinated on the idea for 3 weeks while I wrote other songs.

Finally – like, one day before I decided to record it, and about 3 days before the album was to be released, I came up with an idea!

Actually, part of the idea came from a conversation I had with my Mom about girls and dating.  I think I asked her a question about why some girls don’t mind dating a guy even when, while chasing after his dream, he doesn’t have a lot of money.  To which she replied: “Some girls can just sense when a man is about something, and can see that he’ll be successful later on based on how driven he is.”

That got me thinking about the past year, where I had already been successful doing things many of the girls back in college never thought I’d actually do (get a song on radio, be interviewed, make music videos, etc.).  Then, it dawned on me that I was able to do all this stuff despite not having any connections to the music industry OR radio people.

THEN, I started thinking about all the people who DO have those types of connections, yet still aren’t (a) famous, or (b) at the very least having a song of theirs played on worldwide radio. And, in thinking about what their response would be if I were to ask them what their excuse for all this was, the only answer I could see them coming up with was…

“What had happen was… what had happen was…”

THAT’s when I knew I had a song idea!

The song is split up into 5 parts, with the first three verses being 8 bars, the breakdown verse being 8 bars, and the last verse being 16 bars.

In the first verse, I talk about how much drive I have, as evident by making videos with a small Kodak instead of being lazy like other MCs.

In the second verse, I mention how I was able to get noticed unlike other MCs who, despite their connections with DJs who promote them, still aren’t that well-known.

In the third verse, I talk about “Obama Milli” (you KNOW I had to) and how, despite my less-than-stellar recording equipment, I was able to do what most MCs who are signed can’t even do: get radio play, ringtones made, and club heads boppin’ to my song, WITHOUT having to do much advertising.

In the breakdown, I go through a litany of excuses non-successful people use, and tell them to get over it because ALL people who become successful go through problems too.

In the fourth verse – the longest of the 5 – I breakdown the REAL reason they’re using excuses, mention the line my Mom told me about “ladies sensing when a man is about something,” give them a verbal jabbing about how much “bread” I have (not completely true yet, but I’m getting closer than they are!),  and mentioning to them one more time that, if I could go from broke to not broke, they have no REAL excuse.

The song is JAMMIN’, and one of my favorite ones off my new album, “The Great Black Hope!”

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1.  Now that I’m getting attention to my videos, I’m beginning to think about branding, i.e. what companies I’d like to sponsor me once I create a new music website.  One of them is Kodak – for all my videos I’ve used their camera, and would like them to know about it.  That’s why, when I do my credits on my videos now, I mention that the camera I’m using is by Kodak.  There’s a line in this song where I say: “I make videos that’s been seen by millions/All from a Kodak.”  Now I know why rappers mention products in their song – it’s good promotion for both the company and the artist!

2. The line in the second verse where I say: “How the heck your sorry behind still on the block/When you had DJ so-and-so yellin’ your name…” is in reference to the hundreds of MCs I see on TV who have a well-recognized DJ that’s supporting them (no specific names, ‘cause a LOT of DJs do this) and saying “OMG, they’re the next best thing coming out!”… yet those artists never drop an album because, though they might be a good freestyle MC, they can’t make a good single to save their lives.  Meanwhile, I’ve made at LEAST 38, with two of them getting high recognition!

3. I mentioned “Obama Milli” in the 3rd verse for a few reasons: (a) because EVERYBODY knows me for that song; (b) because people always ask me how I recorded it (which is mentioned briefly in this verse); and (c) because there are people making songs in expensive studios who can’t even get their Momma to play it, while my lil’ home recording got played in different countries.  Seems like a good thing to mention when talking about my success!

4. My favorite line in the song: “I gets that dough, that cake, that bread…”  To hear the rest of the line, play the video!!


It took me a couple of weeks before I figured out how I wanted the video for this song to look.  Then, it dawned on me: since it’s a video motivating people to make their own success, why not do it like one of those “You Can Do It, TOO!” DVDs/programs!

So, that’s what I did: I set it up to look like a motivational DVD, where “successful A.P.T.” is giving a motivational talk to the viewer AND to the unsuccessful musician in the video, “thug A.P.T.”  Yes, people, I get to be a thug!  I didn’t think I could pull it off, but now that I’ve grown a beard I almost look authentic playing one!

The shots were very easy: I did a take of me sitting at a table for the first verse, in front of a microwave for the second verse, on the couch for the third verse, at a piano keyboard for the fourth verse, at a laid-back rocking chair for the fifth verse, then back to the kitchen table for the outro.

Mixed in with that footage are shots of me in thug pose, reacting to what “successful A.P.T.” is saying.  I also wanted to throw in some hilarious footage of “thug A.P.T.” as it pertained to lyrics in the song.  Thus: the shot of me looking “bummy” while reading a Playboy magazine; a shot of me recording with a studio mic; and a shot of me knocking on a door “outside, beggin’ to get fed.”

And, to give it that video feel, I added in some grainy effects in post-production! 

Overall, this was a fun video shoot! I haven’t done a video with a “real” plot since video #34 (“Can’t Leave Rap Alone”), and I hope you all enjoy it!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. Near the end of the video, there is some fancy footwork going on where I shot my feet doing dance moves. They’re pretty impressive, and they’re done by me – no dance doubles necessary!

2. There’s a shot of me banging on the door outside.  I had to shoot this twice because, in the first take, you can see my apartment number.  Definitely do NOT need people to know where I live!

3. The “doo rag” on “Thug A.P.T.’s” head is actually a black shirt. Gotta work with what I have, man!

4. For the microwave shot, I was able to place a camera in there AND a bowl of oatmeal because the microwave has a shelf in the middle.  And yes, that is REAL oatmeal – it’s my favorite snack!  (And, for those of you who know me and might be curious to ask: NO, there is no applesauce in there – I had used the last of it on a previous oatmeal bowl L )

5. As you can tell, I’m not actually playing the keyboard in the video.  Come to think of it, there aren’t any keyboard or piano sounds in the song.  Why the heck did I make that shot?!?

6. The picture of the microphone in the video is the actual one I’ve been using since December 2007.  It’s main purpose is actually for talk radio recordings, but it does a decent job of recording my song for now…

7. …speaking of: the studio mic used by “Thug A.P.T.” is a REAL studio mic I own.  However, my Compaq Presario isn’t built to handle the amount of power it takes to use, so – until I get a MAC – it’s just sitting around…

8. The Playboy magazine in the video is the ONLY girlie magazine I own.  I don’t really like to pay for porn (they get my money, and – aside from good visuals – they give me nothing in return).  However, the issue in question had the beautiful Garcelle Beauvais in it (she played Foxy in “The Jamie Foxx Show”), and interviews with Paul Rudd and Chris Tucker, who hadn’t done a magazine interview in YEARS.  Wow – I really DID buy it for the article!!

9. Editing this video was a NIGHTMARE.  I got up early – 8 AM – so I’d have time to edit it, and it took me almost ALL DAY due to my computer either stalling, not wanting to start, slowing down, or not playing back a part of the video after I had added a clip.  I can’t stress this enough people – I. NEED. A. MAC.  Send your donations!

That’s all for now – Only 14 more videos left to go! See ya next Sunday!


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90% + This Week’s Video

Another week, another video in the can.  Now that all my east coast videos are done, I can start making videos here in California! 

So far, I’ve posted 35 videos.  After the explosion that was the “O-bama Milli” song, you would think I’d have a bunch of people watching my videos each week, right?  Well, not so much.  Despite the aforementioned song’s popularity, most of my videos after that have been lucky to get even 1,000 viewers.  I’ve had some loyal A.P.T. followers comment under some of them, asking questions like, “Why aren’t you signed yet?” or “Why don’t you have more viewers?” 

I’m sure another question they’re probably asking themselves is whether or not I get frustrated by my low number of views, or if I still have the drive to even do these videos.  And the answer to those two questions is…

(1) No, and (2) Abso-frikkin-lutely yes.

When I started this whole experiment, there was no “O-bama Milli” out.  There was very little recognition of my name, outside of people I knew at Hampton University. And there was definitely no guarantee that any of this would work.

However, I’ve always believed that if you prepare for things as though nobody is watching, you’ll already be ready to move forward once opportunity comes.

For example: prior to “O-bama Milli,” I was already recording songs.  Consequently, when people started asking about mixtapes and/or albums from me, I already had material I could use for those projects.  Had I decided to suddenly start recording things once the song took off, I would have put out wack material because I would have been doing it for the notoriety vs. having it already done out of passion for the material.

The same goes with my videos.  Just because I may not have a lot of viewers NOW, doesn’t mean they aren’t having an impact.  It’s not about how many people see the videos; it’s about whether or not the RIGHT people see my videos.  If, out of 1,000 viewers, one of them just happens to be the C.E.O. of a record company, or someone who plans stage shows, and they end up contacting me to work with me as a result, I could care LESS about if anyone else sees it.

There’s an old saying that goes: “90% of success is showing up.”  But – and here’s the important part – you have to show up PREPARED.  If an actor shows up to an audition on time, but hasn’t read the script, it will be harder for them to get the part.  Similarly, if I show up to an open mic or record company meeting and have no direction, no product, or nothing that shows why someone should take a chance on me, I’ll get passed over for someone who may have less talent, but is 3 times more prepared.

Besides, I’m already starting to make some moves – not necessarily in the music world, but for now it’s top-secret – so it’s not like the videos haven’t already had a positive impact on my life.

Speaking of videos: I already have the concept and song ready for this week’s video.  It’s for one of the more rock-ish songs off “The Great Black Hope” album, and it’s going to be high-energy, angry, and… well, you’ll have to see it to believe it!

That’s all for now – see ya soon!


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First things first:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I LOVE when the first day of the year rolls around.  Since my birthday is on the 7th day of the new year (January 7, people!), I always feel like I get to do a proper re-setting of goals for the new year and focus on them for a collective 12-month period.  I’ve already made my goals for this year (see the blog before this), and I’m already working on getting them done.

As for my goal from last year, it’s still on-going.  I started this One-Song-a-Week site back in May 2008, and dedicated myself to posting up at least ONE music video every Sunday for a whole year.  That means, no matter what I have going on in my life, I still have to post a video up every week.

And man, oh man, have I been tested.

There have been some weeks where I couldn’t think of a video until the absolute last minute.  Other times I had various things going on – moving to a different city, work scheduling (I had to quit my most recent job just so I’d have time to edit the video), getting evicted (thanks a LOT, D.C. landlord), holidays, parties – that almost caused me to either not film a video or miss my deadline. 

And, of course, there were computer problems (my system has almost crashed a few times), camera loading problems (where the footage no longer would download into a Windows Media file), and internet problems (where I’d have to actually find a different place to load up a video when whatever one I was trying to use wasn’t working).

Yet, amazingly, I’ve managed to post up a video every single Sunday (and, in the case of video #15, “Shine 4 Obama,” Thursday) and have yet to not do so.  I came thiiiiiiis close to missing it with the video for “What We Do,” but still managed to get it posted by 11:55 PM!

You may ask yourself, “Geez, A.P.T., what’s with the craziness of having to put up a video EVERY Sunday, EXACTLY on Sunday? It’s not like anyone really cares?!?”

And to that, I’d say: you have NO idea how wrong you are.

But I’ll answer this question by first explaining this week’s video.  Up until today I had NO idea what the video was going to be.  Then, I had a fan write me and request I make a video for one of the songs off “The O-Bama Mixtape” that I hadn’t made one for yet.  After thinking about it for a day, I was able to come up with an idea for that song, and it will be this Sunday’s video.

However, had I not been dilligent in posting up a video every SUNDAY, this fan might not have even known when or if I was posting up any more videos beyond “O-bama O-bama.”  And had I not been advertising my mixtapes on these videos, he wouldn’t have downloaded it and become a fan of the song he requested a video for.

More importantly, though, keeping a promise to one’s self is proof that they can also keep their promise to others.  If, at the end of this thing, I’m able to go into an editing job or directing firm and say, “I made 52 videos for a year, and delivered them on the same day each week continuously,” it shows a dedication to doing something that few people are able to actually demonstrate.

The point is, when you commit yourself to doing something, it’s easy to bail out.  Heck, there have been plenty of times where I was like, “Maybe I should take a break for a week or two.” But since I made the proclamation of doing a video every week, I plan to keep filming them until #52 is done!

That’s all for now – see ya on Sunday!


Memo to YouTube: You can’t stop me, bitches!!!

Yeah, they took down my entire site, but so what?!?  I’m on a mission people.  One video/song (minimum) every Sunday for one year.  That’s 52 videos (minimum) from May 2008 to May 2009.

I hope you didn’t think losing all 316,000 views for my “Obama Obama” video, or the 4500+ views for my “The N!@@er Song” would cause me to go crying off into the sunset.  

And yeah, who cares if you messed up my advertising plan for my album – I STILL sold a few copies, and guess what?  I’m going to sell even MORE once the videos come out — on YOUR site!!

So… with that said, this week’s video is already in the can.  It’s from one of the songs off “The A.P.T. LP”, a hot dance song with a bangin’ beat and some… interesting… lyrics and scenarios.  Yeah – that’s all I want to say about it for now!

Okay, I’m done!  And HA HA HA to YouTube – you can’t stop a man with a dream, people!!


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Sorry I haven’t been updating as frequently as usual… actually, I’m not sorry – I’m mixing together an album!

Right now, as I type this, it’s 8:39 PM. And the album is still NOT done.  Why?  Because I do EVERYTHING last minute.  I’ve been “working” on this all day, but won’t really start kicking things off until around 9:30 or so.  The album will be posted before I go to work (sometime around noon), and I may or may not post this week’s video before then also – if not, I’ll just post it up after I get home from work.  It’s already done, so all I have to do is add the intro and ending to it, and voila!

Anyway, here’s promo videos 4, 5 and 6.  The fourth one is footage I took of myself playing this very scary maze game online – watch the video for my reaction!!  The fifth one is me talking about how much it actually cost me to put this entire project together.  In short, I need to sell at least 76 albums to break even.

Promo video number 6 is a remix I did to the “Obama Obama” song.  I thought people would be tired of it by now, but it still gets close to 5,000 views per day on my page, plus other people have posted it as well.  However, the reason I did a remix is because this rapper named Tyga, who is, ironically enough, signed to Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label, took my “Obama Obama” beat and made his own Obama song.  I wasn’t too mad about this, until I figured out he’s actually performing it and getting PAID for it, while I sit here in my apartment going, “WTF?!? That should be ME performing it!!

So, rather than do a diss song or snap at him, I fused his version together with my version, and created an “Obama Obama Mega-Remix.”  Instead of making a real video, I put up all the info about my album dropping tomorrow, along with mentions of “The O-Bama Mixtape” and a call for people to tell Tyga to shout me out.  I put it up 3 hours ago, and it’s already gotten a LOT of views – talk about a great advertising idea!

Enjoy the promo videos, and get “The A.P.T. LP” tomorrow, Sunday, August 24th!

“The A.P.T. LP” Promo Video #4 – Scary Maze Game Reaction

“The A.P.T. LP” Promo Video #5 – Recording Expenses

“The A.P.T. LP” Promo Video #6 – “Obama Obama Mega-Remix” feat. Tyga


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Greetings, everybody!!

Here are the second and third promo videos for “The A.P.T. LP,” Out Sunday, August 24th!

Above: The second promo ad, where I talk about the ups and downs of signing to a major label.

Above: The third promo ad, where I give you all a sneak preview listening to some of the songs off the album!


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Okay, so now that I’ve gotten THAT out the way… hi, how are you doin’?

As you can see from above, I’m in full advertisement mode right now.  I have an album coming out on Sunday, August 24, called “The A.P.T. LP,” and, since I’d like to make money off the album (only 5.99 for the download version, 7.99 for a CD), I figured it might be beneficial to tell people where they can see my songs and join my fan sites.

It’s still a bit weird to me that people actually want to buy an album from me.  I’m already getting messages from people telling me they can’t wait until August 24th to buy it, which is just fantastic!  Between YouTube, facebook, MySpace, and this site, plus the thousands of people who have downloaded songs and/or mixtapes from me, I figure that even if only 10% of those people decide to make an album purchase, I should, at the very, very least, be able to make back the money I’ve spent on this album.

Oh, what? You thought I was just going to put together a bunch of crappy beats and just spit whatever garbage first came to my mind? HA!

Oh man, you’d be SO wrong!  For starters, I’ve actually PAID for a few of my beats.  Yes, I think my beats are pretty good, but I want a full sound for my album, and there are a lot of talented unknown producers out there that, in my opinion, make better beats than some established beat-makers.  Because I leased the beats they were relatively inexpensive, but sound sooooooo good! 

On top of that, I’m considering getting an interface for my laptop so I can use my studio mic.  Up until now I’ve been using an H2 Zoom mic, which, in my opinion, is okay, but it’s not as studio-quality sounding as a studio mic.  Unfortunately, the jack for a “real” mic is bigger than the plug in my laptop, so an interface will allow me to connect the two.  Then again, if it cost too much I might not get it – after all, “Obama Obama” became a hit, and I recorded that on the mic I have now. Plus, the song wasn’t even mastered!

Which reminds me: the songs on this album WILL BE MASTERED.  My man Rhymestyle, who I did a podcast interview with (to be posted soon) agreed to master my songs for me.  I had no idea what difference that made until he sent me a copy of “Obama, Obama” mastered. Man, oh man, did that song sound even BETTER – it sounded like my voice was actually IN the song, instead of just pasted on top of it.  Also, a guy named Aaron Thompkins has agreed to do my album cover!  He’s the same guy that did my “Obama, Obama” mixtape.  His artwork is good, people, and I plan to use his cover to advertize for the album as well, because he definitely deserves to get some shine for his work!

Lastly, there’s the advertizing!  As a musician, there are two parts to selling an album: selling the album itself, and selling yourself to people so they’ll “know” you and want to buy your stuff.  To that end, I’ll be recording a few YouTube “commercials” for the album – footage of me recording, small snippets of songs, stuff like that.  I’ll also be doing some “get to know A.P.T.” video spots where I talk about my upbringing, my intro to music, and other things people might want to know about me.

All this, and I still have videos to do!  I have some pretty big ideas for some of the songs on the album… of course, if I’m getting the same amount of help that I am right now, I’ll probably have to shrink some of those ideas down… but some of the songs on this album are going to be so HUGELY popular, I might not even need a big-idea video to sell them.  You might be thinking, “yeah, A.P.T., EVERY ARTISTS says they have that one big hit that’s gonna be huge.”

Um… have you HEARD some of the stuff I’ve released so far?  Just among the freebies, “Obama, Obama” was HUGE, “The Nigger Song” was HUGE, “Kick Bush” is shaping up to be HUGE, and “The O-Bama Mixtape” has been downloaded 775 times as of this typing.  I have a LOT of confidence in some of the songs on here, and I’m going to take them to clubs around ATL, get them played, and watch them get more and more popular.

And if that sounds cocky… well, good!  You gotta be self-confident about yourself to make it in anything, especially the music biz!

Aight, that’s all you get from me for now – in the meantime, get “The O-Bama Mixtape” if you haven’t already, and get “The A.P.T. LP” when it comes out August 24th!


P.S. Incidentally, I mentioned “The A.P.T. LP”, coming out August 24th, about 5 times now. They say a person has to see something 4 or 5 times before they consider buying it.  Just doin’ my job, people!

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Today’s paperstyle is called “She Didn’t Want Me,” which uses Rick Ross’ “Here I Am” beat.

DOWNLOAD THIS PAPERSTYLE: A.P.T. Paperstyle #3 – She Didn’t Want Me

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Okay, so clearly, my “One-Song-a-Week” mantra is out the window! However, it’s already the brand name for this site, so I won’t change it.  Plus, I’m still only making one “official” video for a new song each Sunday, and I don’t think the fans will mind too much that I’m putting up more than one song on my site.  Hopefully it won’t affect how many views those new videos get!

With that said, I get bored in my apartment very easily, and am usually spending a good majority of my day freestyling off things in my head.  This happens a lot, and at times it happens when I’m near my laptop.  Some of these freestyles make for good album songs, while some are better used for short songs that you’d find on a mixtape. 

I wrote this song about an hour before I was supposed to go to a networking event with my friend last night.  I literally thought of the idea, started jotting down words, hooked up my mic, found the beat, recorded it, second-layer recorded it, mixed it, and finished the song in less than an hour! 

Because it was so fast, it felt like I recorded it like a “freestyle,” only I had written the idea on paper.  Therefore, I have officially created a term I am calling “paperstyle.”  Here is the official definition:

PAPERSTYLE (Pa-per-sti-ul): A freestyle verse that is immediately thought of and expressed via writing then recorded immediately.  First coined by A.P.T. on 8-05-2008.

Some of you may ask, “how does a paperstyle differ from other songs that are written down and recorded?”  The answer: most songs have a marinating period – the artist will write the song over a period of time, or with other collaborators, sit on it, come back to see if it needs editing, then record it, re-record it, and then mix and master the heck out of it until it sounds “right.”

With a paperstyle, the process is much, much quicker: the artist thinks of the song, writes it down immediately, records it, and puts the whole thing together in a very short time period (in the case of this song, the whole thing took less than an hour).  Much like recording a real freestyle, the mixing and mastering of it does not have to be perfect, but the quality of it should be equal to that of a freestyle or better, especially since it was written down!

This paperstyle, “She Didn’t Want Me,” tells a lil’ story about me trying to hit on this hot girl twice: once before I got famous, and after I got famous.  I’ll let the song tell the story for me!

Enjoy!  I’ll probably be doing these “paperstyles” on a regular basis, and might even throw in a few freestyles, too!


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