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I’m starting to see why most artist don’t get paid their royalties and/or monies until after recording expenses are paid.

I want this album to sound right, which means I’ve gone out of my way to buy items and/or pay for studio time that will make “The A.P.T. Album” sound like a high-quality product.  Little did I know when I started this just how much money it would cost for me to do so!

Let’s just look at some of the math, shall we:

1. STUDIO MIC: This was a freebie, as I already had one.  However, what I did NOT have was a way to hook it up to my laptop.  I had to get this thing called an interface which allows me to plug the mic into a box which then goes into my computer. 

Cost of Interface box: $149 (plus tax)

2. BACKUP DRIVE: I wanted to make some extra space on my computer so that my music program would work better.  So, I went to Wal-Mart to pick one up.

Cost of Backup Drive: $79.99 (plus tax)

3. STUDIO TIME: I can’t yell in my apartment, but some of my songs require it.  So, I found a studio in downtown Atlanta where I was able to use their sound-proof room.

Cost of Studio Time: $60 for 3 hours (but I got there 3 minutes late, so 2.5 hours)

4. SOUND MIXING: Fruity Loops sucks ass as a recording studio because you can’t directly record onto it; you have to cut-and-paste everything, and it takes a long-ass time.  So, courtesy of a friend’s suggestion, I got a Magix Studio sound studio.  I did the trial version, and it made putting together a song so damn easy and less time-consuming that I had to get it.

Cost of Magix Studio: $74.99

In total, I’ve spent a whopping $363.98 on this album.  In short, before I see any profit, I have to sell at least 73 copies of the album at 5.99 just to break even.  (Incidentally, I also see now why record companies charge $9.99-$14.99 or higher for CDs – this doesn’t even take into account how much it costs them to package and ship the items.)

Assuming this project goes well, the good news will be that I won’t have to spend any more money on getting items I now have (except for the studio time part).  I’ll also be able to charge a bit more for any future CDs – probably around 7.99 – since people will realize my albums are more than worth the amount. 

Because I’m still finishing up the project, I didn’t have time to film a “new” video this week.  However, it just so happens that I filmed a video earlier this year for a song that’s going to be on the album.  And, since hardly anybody saw that video since no one knew who I was prior to the “Obama Obama” song, I can bring it out of the archives and post it back up!  Three cheers for future thinking!

That’s it for now – get “The A.P.T. LP,” dropping Sunday, August 24th!


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I got a REAL studio microphone!!

To be fair, I’ve had one for quite a while.  Back in December 2007 when I was in eBay selling mode, I bought a complete recording studio off Craig’s List from some guy who was about to move, and couldn’t hold it in storage anymore.  He was trying to sell it for $1200, but I talked him into selling it for $900.  I sold most of the set on eBay for a total of $1300, but remembered to keep a few things that I could use later on.  One of them was the professional headphone set that allows me to hear beats as they really should sound, and the other one was a condenser mic.

The mic itself was studio-ready, but the plug at the end of it was too big to fit into my laptop’s input hole.  And, since I’m having to figure all this recording device stuff out myself, I didn’t know how to connect it to my laptop.  So, it went unused and I used my H2 Zoom mic, purchased for $200 at a music store, as my primary recording device.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago.  After I released “The O-Bama Mixtape,” I started telling people I was going to record an official A.P.T. album to sell.  People started writing me, saying they were actually looking forward to purchasing the album… at which point, I said to myself: “I have GOT to make this thing sound good!!  I need to figure out how to work this studio mic!”

Luckily, one of my friends that I went to Hampton University with is also a musician.  His name is D.T., and he was recording stuff way before I thought about it.  So, I asked him how he managed to connect his mic to his laptop, and I finally figured out the big mystery: an interface!  If you’re like I was 2 weeks ago and have no idea what that is, an interface is a device that acts as a connector between a studio mic with a big plug at the end, and a laptop.  The interface can be used to plug the mic in, and there’s a USB cord that connect the interface to the laptop, thus allowing the sound from the microphone to come through.

I’m so mad that I didn’t find this out sooner!! It makes me want to go back and re-record my entire mixtape!!

But eh, that won’t be happening – I’ll consider it a relic of days gone by when I didn’t know about how all this fancy recording stuff worked.  However, I AM happy that I figured this out before I started recording my album.  I tried to start recording it yesterday with my H2 Zoom mic, but somehow… well… it’s just that, since I’m charging people for the album, I want them to get their money’s worth.  The H2 Zoom was okay to use for a FREE album, but for something like this, I need to sound more professional, and my words need to be able to be heard with no problem.  Plus, some of the beats I’m using sound BIG, and I need to be on par with them!

As for this week’s video, I’m going to do one more song off “The O-Bama Mixtape.”  I know which one I want to do, but there are others on there that I think would make for good videos, too.  I may do them in the future; right now, it’s between one of two songs – then again, I might do one of those “double” videos, where the artist injects a snippet from one song before going into the “real” video for the other one.  I dunno – we’ll see come Sunday!

That’s it for me – only 10 more days until “The A.P.T. LP” drops!


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