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Memo to YouTube: You can’t stop me, bitches!!!

Yeah, they took down my entire site, but so what?!?  I’m on a mission people.  One video/song (minimum) every Sunday for one year.  That’s 52 videos (minimum) from May 2008 to May 2009.

I hope you didn’t think losing all 316,000 views for my “Obama Obama” video, or the 4500+ views for my “The N!@@er Song” would cause me to go crying off into the sunset.  

And yeah, who cares if you messed up my advertising plan for my album – I STILL sold a few copies, and guess what?  I’m going to sell even MORE once the videos come out — on YOUR site!!

So… with that said, this week’s video is already in the can.  It’s from one of the songs off “The A.P.T. LP”, a hot dance song with a bangin’ beat and some… interesting… lyrics and scenarios.  Yeah – that’s all I want to say about it for now!

Okay, I’m done!  And HA HA HA to YouTube – you can’t stop a man with a dream, people!!


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Another week, another video in the can!

It’s cool to do music videos, but it’s even cooler to have videos that go with songs on your album.  “The O-Bama Mixtape” was downloaded 411 times last week – not bad, considering I’m extremely new to most people – and I figure the best way to promote the album is to do videos for a few of the songs. I’ve already got next week’s video half-way done – it’s going to be a visual for one of the more popular songs off the mixtape – and I may do one more video before I start doing videos for the official album, dropping Sunday, August 24th.

Speaking of my album: aside from all the fun aspects of music – making songs, videos, etc. – one has to remember that it is called a music “business” for a reason.  People who are in the mode of creating often forget that there is a whole business side to this thing that includes publishing, royatly credits, becoming a member of ASCAP or BMI, legal things, copyrighting, and other important things that need to be handled prior to releasing music.

And there’s a LOT that a person needs to know.  For example, I finally found a legit website yesterday where I could sell ringtones and make a profit of $.50 per ringtone sold.  I thought all I would have to do was sign up, send in my songs and watch the money come in.  WRONG!

Instead, the website sent me a Licensing Agreement, a W-9 form for tax purposes, an overview of their program… clearly, this was more than I expected to have to do to sell a simple ringtone!

Then there’s figuring out how to sell your stuff, and at what price.  I already have a website I can use that will automatically send people the MP3 for the album as soon as they purchase it, and I’m also considering using CDbaby.com for people wanting a physical CD.  Because of this, though, I have to make sure that I (a) own all the instrumentals and elements of those instrumentals (i.e. no sampling) and (b) have the album done early enough to where I can send them the info and music prior to the release date (though I may just wait an extra week to see how well the non-physical album sells).

So, there’s a LOT of stuff I have to do to get ready for the album aside from just recording (the majority of which is done already).  I’m also pondering how many released songs vs. unreleased songs I should put on the album.  On the one hand, I don’t necessarily want people paying for songs they may have already downloaded for free; on the other hand, there are a few songs prior to “Obama, Obama” that didn’t get downloaded nearly as much (1385+ for “Obama Obama” vs. 20 for “It’s Over”). 

At the same time, I also have songs I released such as “The N!@@er Song” (107+ downloads) and “Back to the Future” (50+ downloads) that people don’t seem to mind paying for were it to be on an album.  Also, I wish I hadn’t advertised the price of the CD already to be 5.99 – I should sell it for 6.99 because I forgot that PayPal takes out fees for this stuff, which means I’ll probably end up with $4 per album instead of $5. 

Oh well – I’ll still make more off it than most signed artist do.  I just hope I can sell as much as they do so I can finally afford to tour, and head out on the road!

Okay, that’s all from me now – if you read the above, you know I got stuff to do!