So, a few weeks ago I set up a PayPal button where people who liked my music could contribute monetary donations to (a) help me get further along in my music career, and (b) help me in donating 10% of those contributions towards charity.

On top of that, I’ve made all of my songs available for free downloads, but also put up the option for some of my songs to be purchased for 99 cents for those wanting to contribute via buying songs.

I didn’t know if anyone would send money or buy my songs, but I always figure (a) it’s worth trying something, and (b) if it worked, great, and if not, it didn’t cost me anything.

Lo and behold: people have actually contributed money

I feel extremely grateful to everyone who has taken time out of their day, and, more importantly, funds out of their bank accounts, to help out a young semi-struggling musician.  I’ve written these people and personally thanked them myself, but I also want them to get public recognition for their donations.

So, I’ve decided to create a “Donation Wall of Fame.”  Basically, anytime someone donates money to my cause, their name will be posted on my site in the “Donations & Charities” section. 

Now, I know how some people are about having their names appear on the Internet.  So, I will only be posting the first initial and the last name.  (If you donate and would like your full name to appear, write me at and let me know!)

Continue to send donations, people!  I have beats to buy, microphones to upgrade, and touring expenses to save up for, and every amount counts, no matter how small or big!

For donation information, go here –