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Today’s music video is for the song “I Got Some Haters (Remix)” with King Kut and me, A.P.T.!

Available on King Kut’s new album, “The Last Man Standing.” For download info, go to King Kut’s page at http://www.kingkutonfire.wordpress.com


First off: Hi! It’s ME again, A.P.T.!

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while, and with good reason: I wasn’t making any videos!  After I finished my 52-week project in May, I ended up making two more videos – one for a contest I entered for Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” show, and one for a song where I dissed Tyga – and then took a much-needed break.  It’s not easy making 56 videos in a row for release each week, so I figured it would be a while before I even THOUGHT about making another video.

Meanwhile, one of my fans, King Kut, had started his own “One-Song-a-Week” project earlier this year.  His goal was to make 50 videos by September.  I became aware of this back in March, and was impressed enough with his beats and one song in particular – “Rock and Roll” – that I asked him if I could jump on the remix for it AND make some video clips for a remix video.  He agreed, the song was made, the video was made, and it ended up being my video #50 and his video #28.

Since then, I’ve been keeping up with his weekly videos.  There were a few times where he’s release a song without a fancy video – songs that were not officially part of his project – and one of them was a song called “I Got Some Haters.”  I heard the song, and as soon as I heard the chorus and the beat, I started doing what Jay-Z calls the “rain man”: I started mumbling off words that could go with the song.

Not knowing if I’d actually have a full 16 bars to spit on the track, I logged into my hotmail account and begin typing.  The words came to me effortlessly, and in no time at all I had a full 16-bars written. After I sent them to myself, I wrote King Kut and told him that I liked the song, and that I wanted to do a remix to it.  He sent me a copy of the track with a blank space in the third verse area for me to “do my thing,” and the rest is history!

As for the song itself, the chorus is simplistic but catchy – the perfect formula for a memorable chorus.  The song is basically an attack on people out there that might be hating on what it is me and King Kut are trying to do.  Hopefully the song will catch on!

Some Interesting Song Insights:

1. When I asked King Kut to send me a copy of the song, he decided to remix his verses.  While the remixed words were okay, they deviated from the original concept of the song.  Therefore, I ended up using his original verses, then cutting and pasting the blank verse part he had sent onto the end of the original version.

2. I hate hearing songs when everyone on the track is rapping at the same pace/tone/etc.  The purpose of having a guest artist on a track is to bring a different element to the song that’s not already on there.  Since King Kut is rapping at a slow pace in his verses, I felt it necessary to be faster and/or more high energy, especially since I was the 3rd part of the song.

3. At the part of the song where King Kut is introducing me, I added in the effect of the crowd cheering.  Gotta love the MAC sound FX department!


Like I said before, I’ve been watching King Kut’s videos each week and keeping up with his progress.  His videos are pretty enjoyable, and I was looking forward to seeing him get to his 50th video.

Then, bad luck struck: his PC, much like my laptop had after video 39, started acting up and quitting on him when he tried to edit his videos.  He placed a notice up on his site one day that said he would no longer be able to make videos due to technical issues (along with some other things).

I’ve always been a big believer in finishing something you start.  So, I sent him an email encouraging him to try and do so, along with a few suggestions about how he could overcome some of the computer problems by doing simpler videos.  He thanked me for the advice, but still didn’t think his computer would be able to handle it.

Sunday approached, and I was sitting at home thinking about his project.  He had stalled out at 44 videos… but to me, everything looks better in fives.  Like, even if he couldn’t finish the project, it would be better for him to be able to say “I did 45 videos” instead of just 44 (don’t ask me why, though – it just sounds better).

Then, it dawned on me: I could help him edit together a video for our “I Got Some Haters” collaboration!

I wrote him and asked him if he could possibly send me a single-footage shot of him mouthing the words to his song.  Lo and behold: he was originally going to do the original version of the song as a video, and had already shot some footage which he sent to me.  Prior to that, though, I had already thought out a simplistic enough idea for the video: intertwine shots of me and him mouthing the song with pictures of people mean-muggin’ (i.e. “hating” on us) and pics of slogans denouncing their hater ways.

Once I had everything together, the last part I had to do was my performance.  I thought it would be cool if I had half of my face showing towards the ends of the screen so that I could flip-flop them later – turned out pretty good, actually!  (Incidentally, I also shaved my face for this video – you’re welcome, King Kut!)  I also did a few takes of me directly in the middle of the screen (I filmed my part using my built-in MAC computer camera).

The last part was doing the post-edits.  I had to add in the parts advertising King Kut’s new album, “The Last Man Standing.”  I also added some nice effects to some of the shots so they wouldn’t get too boring.

Note: he usually posted up his videos every Monday; however, I forgot how long these things can take to edit, so I didn’t get the video to him until around 2 or 3 A.M. EST.  Sorry about that!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. I shot my part of the video in my room, sitting on my futon.  I had to clear out my background so it just looked like I’m sitting in front of a clear space.

2. This video didn’t take long to edit per se, but I had other stuff I was trying to do in the midst of editing this video.  I just found out I have 30 days to move out of the place I’m currently staying in, so I spent a good portion of the day looking up new places to live!

That’s all for now! Once again, you can get this song off King Kut’s newest album, “The Last Man Standing” (FREE Download) over at http://www.kingkutonfire.wordpress.com!


A few weeks back, I did a video blog where I talked about TuneCore.com.  For those wanting to actually make money off your music, TuneCore is a site whereby you can load up your music and have it sent out to the major music hubs, like Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, LaLa, and iTunes.

In my video blog, I mentioned that I decided to test out the program by sending one of my songs, “Obama Milli,” to their site.  Yada yada yada, the experiment worked, and for the last two months I have been getting actual royalties from TuneCore that they collected from the various site my song was placed on.

What I didn’t notice until today, however, was that I don’t just get paid when someone buys my songs… but also when my song gets streamed.  In other words, anytime someone goes to Rhapsody and plays my song, I get paid a whopping ONE cent (okay, it’s actually $.009).

Now, you may not think that getting a penny for a song is a big deal.  However, when I looked at the statement sheet, I noticed that, for the month of April, I made  $7.54 off the song being streamed 783 times on Rhapsody.  That means that, just by having people PLAY the song, I made money.

Now again, you may not think that $7.54 is a whole lot of money.  But think about it: I made that off of just ONE song.  I don’t have any other songs on any of these other sites at the moment, but imagine if I had 10 total songs streaming over at Rhapsody.  Even at a conservative number of – oh, let’s say, 500 streams per song – the total amount I’d make each month would be $45.  This may not seem like a huge deal, but considering that most albums sell at 7.00 a pop, and knowing that not all people like purchasing full albums these days, getting paid for 10 steaming songs sounds pretty kick-ass to me!

And again, that’s not even getting into how much money would be made if the whole album sells!  Because I’d be getting $7.00 from each album, I wouldn’t even have to sell that many albums to be “comfortable.”  Let’s assume my album goes to the 5 sites mentioned above, and each site only sells 5 albums a month.  At $7.00 profit (yes, PROFIT) per album from each site, that would be $35 per site x 5 sites, which equals $175 per month.

And that’s if I only have ONE album up.

As of right now, I have two albums I can legally sell, each with 11 or more songs, plus a third album I’m finishing up as part of my newest project (to be launched within the next two weeks).  So, let’s do the math one more time, shall we?:

$35 per site x 5 Sites = $175 per month per album

$175 per month per album x 3 albums = $525 per month total (Not including the money I’d make off streaming, of course :])

Wow… sorry, but now that I’m realizing the money to be made, I’m pondering why I didn’t sign up with TuneCore LAST year when the “Obama Milli” song first came out!!!

Anyway, since I’m still getting traffic off the song, I figure now is the time to place all my albums up for sale on TuneCore.  However, I don’t want to present the public with the records as the currently are.  It’s not that they are bad records, but the items I used to record them with last year are nowhere near as sophisicated as the items I’m using now (better computer, professional mic, etc.).

To that end, I am going to re-record the bulk of my tracks that I recorded last year, and place them up on TuneCore.  The first album up will be the one I’m currently working on – since we’re launching the site soon it will be the album that gets the most publicity.  Once I’ve finished recording the last few songs for that (which will be done this week), I will go back and focus on re-recording “The A.P.T. LP,” then “The Great Black Hope.”

It usually takes 6 weeks for the songs to appear on all the sites; I figure if I re-record the last two by the middle of July, they should be posted up on the sites by September.  By then, our site should be seeing an increase in traffic, which will also prove helpful to my musical endeavorus – especially when people start trying to Google me and figure out who the heck I am!



This week’s music video is for the song “The Great Black Hope,” off the album of the same name!



I’m a big fan of Stephen Colbert’s Comedy Central show, “The Colbert Report.”  It’s a political satire show that’s basically a mocking of Bill O’ Reiley’s “The O’Reiley Factor.”

It’s opening theme song is a nice rock and roll riff that simply jams.  I’m always looking for tunes to sample that aren’t being used by everybody else, and I wanted to take his show’s theme song and see if I could make it into a rap tune.  I couldn’t find the tune downloadable anywhere, so I used my Mom’s sound recorder on her computer to record the theme from the online site, and transferred it to my laptop’s Fruitly Loops program.

This was about a year and a half ago.  I had the beat, the first, and even came up with the chorus and title – “The Great Black Hope”… but beyond that, I didn’t have the rest of the song written at, nor did I know what direction I wanted the song to go in.  So, as I do with all songs that I can’t seem to figure out, I put it on the back-burner and didn’t write anything to it for a while.  I’d listen to the beat occasionally trying to get ideas, but couldn’t come up with anything…

Fast-forward to November 2008: After I released the “The Next Black President” mixtape, I started thinking up songs for my next album.  I knew that, with Barack Obama winning the election, this would be a perfect time to release an album titled “The Great Black Hope.”  I already had the beat, chorus, and first verse for it, but I still didn’t know how to finish it up.  I literally went weeks trying to think up lyrics for a second verse, and nothing I wrote seemed to come out right.

Finally, as my self-imposed deadline for the album’s release date was coming, I had to buckle down and come up with something.  So I started thinking and thinking, and I figured that with the given song title, it would be good of me to explain WHY I consider myself “The Great Black Hope.”  So, I decided to mention a lil’ bit about having been through the struggle of trying to make it in the music biz, as well as having enough status to be a model of success and hope for those that haven’t made it as far.  Granted, I’m not uber famous by any means, but I HAVE gotten enough attention to where I am able to actively make progress towards my goals (verses just talking about them and getting no where due to lack of momentum).

Once I figured that part out, writing the second verse of the song was easy.  Once the song was done, I went back and added some rise sounds to the beat, plus – since I wanted the song to have a hype feel to it – I added in cheering audience sounds (which I got off a sound FX CD).  Once everything was completed, I took a listen to the song, and knew: THIS was definitely a GREAT album-opening song!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. There’s a part of the song where a door bell rings.  I didn’t have the sound effect, so, since I was visiting my Mom at the time, I had her stand outside and ring the bell while I held up a microphone next to where the door bell sound comes out.

2. The cheering sound only lasted so long, so I had to re-loop it over and over to fit the whole song.

3. My favorite line: “A rap sensai, you can call me Splinter.”  Seems like an old-school reference, don’t it? Dang, I’m gettin’ old!


I had the video idea for this one last week, but didn’t have time to film it.  It’s very simple: Since there is cheering being heard throughout the song, I thought it fitting to make the video similar to those “Karaoke” games available for PS3, X-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Shooting for the video was pretty easy – I hung one of my more decorative blankets where my curtain “should” be, and mimed the song at 2 different angles (though I only ended up using one of them for the majority of the video).  I was originally going to also use myself as the person playing/singing along to the game… but quite honestly, I didn’t want to shoot yet another video where I’m playing more than one person.

Luckily, I happened to have access to a puppet (can’t reveal WHY yet), and decided to use it as the character singing along to the game. I had to film it at an angle where my arm and body couldn’t be seen.

The longest part of the editing process was typing in the scrolling lyrics.  I had to make sure they lined up with the wording of the song.  I actually had to revert back to my good ol’ PC to add the words in, and I also added in the watercolor effect for the parts where I’m singing so I’d look more video gamey.  Once I transferred it to my MAC, I also added in some high-color green effects, along with some other effects to give my look some variation.  Add in the music track with the puppet footage, and voila – another hot video by me, A.P.T.!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits

1. I did the shots of me singing close-up to give the impression that I was in front of a stage curtain.  In actuality, I filmed it in my room 🙂

2. Mouthing a puppet is hard work!  I had to have it sing along to the song, which is almost 4 minutes worth of mouthing words.  About 2.5 minutes in, my hand started getting tired, and I had to re-adjust it so I could finish.  Luckily, I could just leave those parts out.

3. The thing sitting up in the puppet’s lap is my studio mic.  In retrospect, a person wouldn’t use a studio mic when playing a video game… but who cares?!?

4. Estimated editing time: about 5 hours.  Not too bad, considering I also filmed it today!

That’s all for now – only 9 more music videos left to go!  See ya next week!


This week’s video is for the song “That Boy is Cra-Zy!” from my “The Great Black Hope” album!



It’s time to get your b-boy on!

This song started out with the beat.  After being inspired by Soulja Boy and The Ying-Yang Twins – both of whom were able to make hit songs with beats that didn’t really have a lot of instruments involved in the beats – I decided to make an instrumental that only had drum sounds in it.  I used high-hats, whoops, turn-table scratches, and that’s pretty much it. 

I had this beat on my computer for MONTHS.  Like, I made it back in May of 2008 (I think) and knew I wanted to make a song to it, but had no idea what type of song.  All I knew is, with the way the beat sounded, it made for a good old-school rap sounding song.

Fast-forward a few months later: I was coming up with songs for “The Great Black Hope” album, and, because I was short on cash, I had to make most of the beats myself.  This meant going back and using anything that was in my arsenal, no matter how odd it may sound, and making a song out of it.  I came back to this beat, and…

…well, I still didn’t have a song to it, let alone a chorus.  

Sometimes, when I get stuck, I’ll go back and listen to previous songs I made for inspiration.  On my very first album – “The A.P.T. EP” – I made a song called “Imma Skitzo.”  The song is very much in the same vein as an Eminem song; I basically say whatever I want, regardless of whether it’s insulting or not, and I put together a lot of words and phrases that don’t really cohesively go together.  Yet, because of the song title, I was able to get away with it.

I thought about that, and realized that I hadn’t made that type of song in a LONG time. Because of the whole “Obama Milli” song taking off I had grown a fan base, and didn’t want to say anything too outrageous to upset them or chase them away.

BUT, seeing as I still wasn’t selling as many albums as I would like, I figured that the small number of people who might buy my new album wouldn’t mind that type of song, so long as it was ultimately entertaining.

In the chorus for “Imma Skitzo,” the very last line I say is, “That boy is craa-zy!”  I liked the way I said it, and thought I could actually make that into part of a chorus.  All I had to do was figure out WHY I was crazy in the song, put those parts in the chorus, then make a song up where I said dumb stuff.

I finally figured out the chorus, then went about writing the song.  The nice thing about these types of songs is I’m able to do them the same way I do my freestyles – namely, write a bunch of random ideas down, figure out which ones sound the best, place them in an order that flows well, then record!

This song isn’t as crazy-sounding as “Imma Skitzo” was, but I did make sure to mention a few things in there that may make people do a re-wind.  Specifically, I mention Lance Bass, Michelle Obama, Toby Keith, and Tyga, a.k.a. the bastard who took my “Obama Milli” song and not only performed it on tour, but tried to take credit for it as well.  What a punk!

This is one of my favorite songs in general.  The beat is bangin’, and it’s even got a break-down in the middle of the song!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. In the “Obama Milli” song, I did a whole 4 lines where I talked about how fine Michelle Obama was and how, if she were single, I’d “hit.” Many people who liked the song took a pause at these lines and thought they were disrespectful.  So, for this song, I decide to “apologize” to her, only to end up reiterating what I said I’d do but in a nicer way 🙂

2. I mention Tyga in this song because, as the story was told to me, the person who re-made the beat I re-made with the “Obama’s” in it gave it to Tyga on the condition that he’d give me and him a shout-out.  Which he never did.  Admittedly, him being able to make more money off the song than me, AND perform it, pissed me off more than you can imagine.

3. I figured since “B-boy” is a popular term, there had to be a way to include girls into the equation – thus, the word “G-girl,” which I made up.  At least I think I did…


I already knew this was going to be a dance video.  I just didn’t know how much energy it would take up!

I did the first shots with me wearing the blue sweatshirt top.  2 minutes in, I was dang near ready to pass out.  Dancing for a long time is HARD, especially when you don’t work out or run or jog.  (In case you’re curious, I have a high metabolism.  That’s why I’m so skinny despite never working out).

Nevertheless, I knew that once I started down the dance path I had to finish up.  I did four different shots, in four different outfits, at four different angles.  Even though it would just be me dancing in the entire video, giving people different things to look at makes it less boring than if I were to simply stand in one place and dance the whole time!

I also wanted to have each dressed up character have a different attitude.  I don’t know if I pulled this off too well, but the guy in the blue sweatshirt was the “dance for fun” guy; the one with the low-floor angle was “B-boy dancing” guy; the dressed up guy was the “Dance with flavor” guy; and the guy with the brownish shirt on was the “old-skool dancing” guy.”

Midway through filming, I realized that I wanted to not only take a musical jab at Tyga, but a video one as well.  So, for the fifth shot, I dressed up in a hoodie and wore some nerdy classes.  I made sure in post-edit to mention that the person I’m doing a bad impression of is Tyga, and people familiar with both versions of the “Obama Milli” song should appreciate my get-back at him.

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. I filmed this entire thing in my apartment.  It’s a smaller apartment than my last place, so figuring out how many angles I can actually use gets harder with each video!

2. The place where I’m dancing with the brown shirt on is my kitchen.  I had to move the glass table all the way over near the fridge to have it out of the shot.

3. In the last shot, that fall into the bathroom was PLANNED.  It was a last minute idea, but one I figured would end the video on a hilarious note.

4. In the first chorus, I mention making out with Eartha Kitt. In the last part, I mention Amy Whinehouse.  However, I cut out the second chorus in the song where I mention making out with Anna Nicole. Why?  ‘Cause I know how people attention spans are on YouTube, and with me adding the Tyga jab in, it would stretch out the video longer to keep the entire song in.  If you want to hear it, GET THE ALBUM!

5. Estimated time for editing this video: about 4 hours.  I tend to dilly-dally around now that the MAC edits these things so much faster, so the actual edit time was probably shorter.

That’s all for now – only 11 more videos left to go! See ya next Sunday!


Above: A.P.T. Video #39, “Hands UP!” Download this video – click HERE for info!

This week’s video is for the song “Hands UP!” produced by SINIMA Beats!

Download for .99 cents: http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=226695
Available on A.P.T.’s “The Great Black Hope” album – Click HERE for info!


I went to Soundclick.com and downloaded a beat from SINIMA beats called “Hands Up.”  It was a funky beat that sounded ready-made to be a party jam.  This was back in August when I was still working on “The A.P.T. LP,” but, at the time, I didn’t have a song ready for the beat nor had I leased it to legally re-sell. 

After I released the album, I figured it would be wise to lease the beat before someone else snatched it up.  I didn’t know if I’d ever actually write a song for the beat, but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry, as I’ve had too many beats that I liked taken away before I could use them!

A couple of weeks later, I was driving around Atlanta looking for someone’s house, and I had the beat playing in the car I was renting.  I started to freestyle, but instead of talking about party stuff, I went a different route.  In the first verse of the song I started talking about Amadou Diallo, the guy who got shot 41 times by the cops back in 1999 after taking out his wallet too fast, while in the second verse I freestyled the scenario leading up to the shooting of Sean Bell by the cops in 2006.  I think it was the fact that the chorus went “Hands up, everybody hands up” that made me think about cops yelling that out, like when they bust into people’s places unannonced. 

Since it was a freestyle, though, and I was driving, I didn’t write it down or record it.  However, I knew that, based on the freestyle, I had the topic and structuring of how the song would go…

Fast-forward a few months later: after I released “The Next Black President” mixtape, I began thinking up songs for “The Great Black Hope.” I remembered the “Hands Up” freestyle I had done months earlier, and got to work on writing the song.  The song I ended up recording is similar in topic to my freestyle, with the first verse being about Diallo and the second one being about Bell. 

This is one of those songs where the topic is serious, but I deal with it in a sarcastic way.  I’ve done this in the past (see: “Bust My G.A.T.,” “The KKKramer Song”), and I talk about serious stuff in this way because (a) I don’t like to take life too seriously, and (b) even when something is serious, I find that people are more willing to listen to my opinions on stuff if there is humor injected into what I’m saying.  Plus, it’s less boring the way I do it!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. I don’t actually mention either Diallo or Bell’s name in the song.  I wanted people to hear the song and think it’s a party jam initially, then get surprised when they figure out what the song is acutally about.  Element of surprise, people!

2. The amount of time it took for me to write and record this song was an hour and 15 minutes.  I was staying at a friend’s apartment, and she went to go shopping, giving me a window of time to do all this without disturbing her!

3. Even though I mention both the NYPD and LAPD in this song, the two incidents mentioned in the song both happened in New York City.


I had a litany of video ideas for different songs, and I was going to film a more elaborate video for either this song or one of the other songs…

But then I remembered: today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Which means the odds of anyone really paying that much attention to my video today is less than stellar.

That’s not to say I didn’t want to make a good video.  It just means I knew that it would be better to film one of my more elaborate videos for a later week.  Combine that with the fact that my computer has been getting progressively worse in terms of the amount of times it wants to slow down or half-way crash during the editing process… and the fact that last week’s video, which should have only taken 3 or 4 hours to edit, took almost 10 hours out of my day…

Well, you could see how I’d want a little bit of a break.  Luckily, I’m upgrading my equipment soon… but more on that in a later entry!

I decided to keep it simple: show some pics of the victims, and be done with it.  Well, okay, not THAT simple.  Since I still wanted people to want to watch the video, I decided to make it semi-interactive.  I created a game called “Hangman: The Police Brutality Edition” where the viewer has to try and guess the name of the victim being pictured.  To make it somewhat hard, each person’s picture is altered in a way that you can’t tell who it is until the end of the verse.  The song itself gives clues as to who the person is, so listeners with good guessing senses should know who’s being talked about before the verse ends.

In the last part of the video, I use a picture of the most recent victim of police brutality, Oscar Grant, who was killed in San Franscisco by the cops on New Year’s day.  Specifically, he had been pushed to the ground by the cops and was yelling “Please don’t shoot me” when – lo and behold – one of the officers decided to shoot him in the back of the head.  This happened AFTER I had recorded the song (otherwise I would have mentioned it), so I figured putting him in the video would be just as good.

Mixed in with pics of the victims are pics of the various protests, cops, and news stories that surrounded each of their situations.  All in all, it’s an okay video – like I said, I had other ideas for it that were more elaborate, but I can’t lie: I wanna see the Super Bowl too, and I was NOT going to be spending all day editing a video and missing it!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. The longest part of editing this video was adding in the “Hangman” portion of the game.  Once I made the video, I had to go back and load it into my AVS video editor, which allows you to add text anywhere you want on your video.  From there, I had to paste in line after line of text for when I wanted certain letters to appear in each person’s name.  There were three of them, and the total time it took to do all that was about 2 hours.

2. Estimated editing time for this video was about 4 hours.  That may not seem long, but considering the video consist of all pics and NO filmed portions, it should have been shorter.  As such, my computer is not equipped to hold all the videos I make for it.  Like I said, I’ll be upgrading REAL soon…

That’s all for now – only 13 more videos left to go!  See ya next Sunday!


E-mail: aptsongs@hotmail.com

MySpace: www.myspace.com/NotoriousAPT

Soundclick: www.soundclick.com/APT



Above: NEW song, “Goodbye Bush (Nah Nah Nah),” my ode to G.W. Bush leaving the White House! FREE download at http://www.4shared.com/file/81716173/f6ec79ea/APT_-_Goodbye_Bush__Nah_Nah_Nah_.html!

Also available on “The Next Black President” Mixtape – FREE Download at: http://www.zshare.net/download/5455995741ddef5e/

Lastly, you can now download the VIDEO to re-post on YouTube!

This week’s video… er, I mean, today’s video… is for the song “Goodbye Bush (Nah Nah Nah),” produced by ME!


First of all: Those of you who normally stop by my website know I tend to post up videos every Sunday.  Clearly, as I am posting this video, it is Thursday, meaning it’s not Sunday.  Therefore, you may be a bit confused. 

Allow me to tell you a fascinating story…

So, Tuesday was Barack Obama’s official swearing in as the 44th President of the United States of America.  Which also meant it was the day George W. Bush was finally LEAVING office.  I, along with the rest of the nation, couldn’t have been more happy about this moment – both for a Black man entering the White House, and a White man who was LOUSY at his job as “President” finally being given the boot!

After watching all the events unfold on TV, I started surfing the net.  A story popped up on Yahoo.com saying that, as Bush was being helicoptered out of the area, there were people in the crowd singing rock band Steam’s classic hit chorus:

“Nah, nah, nah, nah… nah, nah, nah, nah… hey, hey, hey… gooood-byyyyye!”

I thought that was extremely hilarious!  The more I thought about them doing that, though, the more I thought I could make it into a song. So, I went on YouTube to figure out the band that did it, then downloaded the song off Limewire.  I was hoping I could find the instrumental somewhere, but it wasn’t meant to be. 

Luckily, the opening part of the song has no words being said in it, so I was able to take that part of the song and re-loop it.   FYI: people think re-looping a sample is easy. WRONG!  I had to cut and paste a small part from another part of the song and paste it near the opening part where there’s drums but no other music so it would sound like a seamless loop, then I had to copy and re-paste the song in the right section over and over again, not to mention having to mix in the various parts where the “Nah nah nah’s” would come in… it took about 2 hours to make that “simple” little beat, people!

Once I had the beat done, I had a freestyle/writing session.  I wrote down some lyrics, then freestyled to the beat for a bit, and used bits and pieces from both to create the 2 verses of the song.  Then, I recorded them.  It took me a few takes to get the feel/flow down of the song since I didn’t want to just rap it all sing-songy.  There are lots of stops and pauses in the verses, so I had to record several takes before I got it right.

When it came time to do the talking part during the drum solo, I just freestyled it.  I didn’t know what I was going to say – all I know is, I wanted to summarize a few points: (1) That Bush did a bad job, (2) that his administration was no longer in power, and (3) that hope could now be restored.

I mixed and mastered the song as best I could… but somehow, the sound sounded a bit fuzzy.  I was going to work on the song some more before releasing it, but I knew that time was of the essence.  Now that Barack’s in office and the parties were winding down, I knew it would only be a matter of days before any song released about Bush or Barack would be of less importance/meaning.

So, I figured I’d post it up as is – after all, my videos as of late, while great, hadn’t been getting as many views as I’d like, so I thought not too many people would even hear it.  I was going to just post it up with a black screen saying “Free Download, Stop By My Website…


…but I couldn’t just do that!

I hate when I go to YouTube, and someone has a song up but no “real” video to go with it.  I figured that, even if I just posted up a video of me dancing to or miming the song, it would still be better than having the viewer look at nothing the whole time!

I didn’t want to do a big shoot or one that would take a lot of time (I’ll save that for this Sunday’s video), so I decided to keep it simple.  I placed my camera on top of a printer box I sat atop a stool in the kitchen next to the table, and proceeded to ACT A FOOL.

Since I didn’t know the words to the song completely – I had only just written and recorded it that day – I decided not to try and mouth words, but use my actions to (hopefully) match the words of the song.  Combine that with some out-of-date dance moves (Hammer Time!) and moving arm gestures, and voila! – instant video!


After I was done with the video, I placed it on YouTube.  I like for my videos to get views, and the page on this site where the “Obama Milli Remix Page” is, continues to get high views.  So, I placed the video/song atop all the pages with “Obama Milli” on it.

Lo and behold: while going out and about doing business today, my roommate/best friend from college keeps calling my phone.  I call him once I get home, at which point he tells me that the song has been posted on www.worldstarhiphop.com, a respected Hip-hop site who, during the summer, had also placed up my “Obama Milli” song.

I go to inspect this myself – yep, it was up there – and also look up the YouTube accounts I placed it on, both of which have a stream of viewers for the song (250 at the aptsongs account, over 600 and counting at the aptistheman account).  I also looked on the account I have where I have my songs available for FREE download – over 43 downloads and counting. 

Not too bad, considering the song’s been up for ONE day!

However, I hadn’t even considered adding this video to my “One-Song-a-Week” collection because (a) the video was REAL simple, and (b) it’s not Sunday. 

At the same time, though, that saying of “striking while the iron’s hot” rings true.  If people were singing the song I sampled for mine, both during Inauguration AND on the night Obama got elected (thanks for the word on that, B.C.!), and I have a song out now with that same sample in relation to Bush, I HAVE to release it while his name is still in the papers.

And, since I have a video related to all of that, I have to release it now and add it to the collection.  Plus, it’s already gotten more views in one day than some of my other videos have in the weeks they’ve been released – must mean I have a hit on my hands again!

Oh yeah – I also went back and re-mixed it so the vocals sound clearer.  For purposes of advertising that I have other material available, I also added some promo-stuff for “The Great Black Hope” onto the end of the song so people will think, “Wow, I should really buy this guy’s stuff!”  Gotta think of it like a business, people!!

That’s all for now – yes, there will still be a video Sunday!  See ya then!


E-mail: aptsongs@hotmail.com

MySpace: www.myspace.com/NotoriousAPT

Soundclick: www.soundclick.com/APT

Above: NEW song, “Goodbye Bush (Na Na Na),” an ode to G.W. Bush leaving the White House! FREE download at http://www.4shared.com/file/81716173/f6ec79ea/APT_-_Goodbye_Bush__Nah_Nah_Nah_.html!

Also available on “The Next Black President” mixtape – FREE Download at: http://www.zshare.net/download/5455995741ddef5e/

Lastly, you can now download the VIDEO to re-post on YouTube!

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On Sunday, May 25, 2008, I, A.P.T., started this “One-Song-a-Week” website as a means of promoting my music. The objective: to release one song/music video every Sunday for ONE year.

On Sunday, June 21, I released a video for song #5 – a parody of Lil’ Wayne’s popular song, “A Milli,” called “O-bama O-bama.”

And since then, nothing for me has been the same…

Above: Video #5 of 52: My parody of Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli,” “O-bama O-bama” (re-dubbed “Obama Milli” by the public at large. No, really!)

Video for “Obama Milli” Now Available for FREE Download!  Click HERE for more info!

6 months later, and this continues to be my most popular song. To say it had an impact in the music world would be an understatement. It has been played globally, both on YouTube and radio stations worldwide. It has been re-posted on a countless number of websites and heard or seen by MILLIONS of people. And – most importantly – it actually changed the minds of people who were John McCain supporters, and convinced them to vote for Barack Obama instead.

Not too bad, considering I recorded the song and video in a small studio apartment in Atlanta, GA, using a talk radio microphone and a Kodak 6.1 Mega-pixel camera meant mostly for taking pictures!

I don’t really like to hype myself up too much. At the same time, though, I recognize that people are still trying to find the song, filming YouTube videos to it, or wondering “Who the heck ARE those A.P.T. guys?!?” (Sorry to disappoint, but there’s only ONE A.P.T., though sometimes I wish I WERE a group so I could have a camera guy!)

So, this page is exclusively set up for those searching for all things “Obama Milli”-related. Below, you’ll find:

  • A link to the page where I give insights into the creation of the song/video
  • Links where you can purchase the song via my albums or the single itself
  • Other Obama-Related songs made by me
  • Hilarious and/or creative YouTube re-creations of “Obama Milli” by others!
  • My feelings about others claiming my song as theirs (I’m talking about YOU, Tyga!)

Lastly, people always ask me, How much money are you making off the song?” After all, it’s been played all around the world, and major artists and radio D.J.s have either tried to make their version or used it for their radio promos.

And the answer is: not much.

Aside from selling copies here at my site and on my albums, I really never set out to make money on the song. My only goal was to figure out a way to get my face in the music game and use all my songs as a means of doing that, THEN get paid. And, while I may not have initially made a huge amount of money off this particular song, it IS starting to pay off (in ways I can’t yet talk about… ooh, suspense and mystery!).

Besides, I made a song that helped convince enough people to vote a Black man into the White House – how many people can say THAT?!?


* * * * *

* The Original Page for the Song: I post up a new video each Sunday. Below the video, I type up insights into the making of the song and video. This is the link to the page for “O-bama O-Bama”: https://aptsongs.wordpress.com/2008/06/22/one-song-a-week-song-5-obama-obama/

* * * * *

* Where Can I Get The “Obama Milli” single?: There are several ways:

The link to get the “Obama Milli” single as a 99 cent download: http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=153519.


The link to get “The A.P.T. LP” album (released 8-27-2008) which includes “Obama Milli plus other great songs like “Stop Cockblockin’,” “The KKKramer Song” and “Smooth Talker!” (Only 6.99 – Instant Download, works on ALL MP3 players including iPod!): http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=170344



The link to purchase “The Great Black Hope” (released 1-07-2009) which includes “Obama Milli” plus other hot songs like “Hands UP!,” “Nothing More 2 Say” and “Things 4 U (I Thought U Loved Me)!” (Only 6.99 – Instant Download, works on ALL MP3 players including iPods): http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=208737

The song also appears on my 2 mixtapes, both of which are FREE downloads:

The O-bama Mixtape









Here are the link to both my mixtapes: “The O-bama Mixtape,” which features the original version; and “The Next Black President (a.k.a. Back On My Grind),” which features the “Obama Milli Mega-Remix” featuring Tyga – https://aptsongs.wordpress.com/apt-mixtapes-the-o-bama-mixtape-the-next-black-president

* * * * *

*Lyrics to “Obama Milli”: First, here’s a video I made for YouTube with the lyrics –

And here are the lyrics typed out:


Yeah I’m goin’ in…

Verse 1:
Call him “President,” he’s the next new President here
Senator, from Illinois, yeah
His criteria compared to John McCain just isn’t fair
Cause he’s B-L-A-C, so the eyes are on he
Through his pencil, he write legislation, with the country on his mind
And he don’t coat ish, cause he ain’t got time
Every second, minute, hour, KKK wanna devour
He got guards ready to pop ‘em, with their ch-ch-ch-ch-choppers
Every brother, mother, sister, cousin, grandma wanna hump him
Even got Hilary Clinton on the side ready to jump him
Tell the Clintons “Ha ha ha ha,” couldn’t catch him, couldn’t stop him
They go by the party rules, if you can’t beat him, you can’t top him
Thought she’d smack him, couldn’t pop ‘em, Delegates, couldn’t cop ‘em
Bill Clinton couldn’t help her, too bad she couldn’t drop ‘em, woo!

Man, Obama‘s so Illlll…

Verse 2:
Obama goes here, Obama goes there
Sayin’ “Yes We Can” with wife Michelly, he’s hittin’ that derriere
He travel to Arizona, ready to cause some drama
Hopin’ McCain will comment, “Look at that bastard Obama
He’s too young, he’s too hip, Negros always ‘causin’ problems”
His pale-lookin’ face got him lookin’ like a goblin!
Mac-Cain, Mac-Cain, please don’t vote for Mac-Cain
First day up in office, talkin’ ‘bout some heart pains
Call the ambulance, QUICK! All you hear is sirens
His temper isn’t private – Dang, I hate a mad prick
Don’t you hate a mad prick? Plus, McCain’s an old prick
Barack’s a younger guy, So choose him, he’s the right pick
(Laugh) But if you choose the wrong pick
Your step-son’ll probably end up in Iraq quick!
His health clan plan is so immac’late
So even if your broke, and can’t afford to take a doc trip
You’ll be feelin’ much better – not sick
And, he’s okay, but his wife’s sick
And her back’s thick, And her walk’s slick
She’s a fly chick – I’d hit!

Man, Obama‘s so Illlll…

Verse 3:
He’s makin’ history like X, King and Douglas, and RFK
Obama, he’s that “new black,” true that
Red-necks saaaay “He won’t beat John McCain
He don’t wear a flag pin, his middle name’s Hussein,” but
Who gon’ be dat boy dat doubt dat boy dey call “Obama”
Got Republicans sweatin’ like they up in Saunas (whew!)
Even McCain’s 90-something mama
Be ready to pull his lever every hour (Laugh)
And I’d rather eat a field mouse
Than to see John McCain in the White House
Vote Obama in, and I promise
He won’t turn back into some Uncle Thomas (Aaaaaa!)
No Aunt Jemimah or Southern Fried chicken
Call him “Chief Obama,” or “Mr. Keeps on Tickin”
Man, Pastor Wright’s comments couldn’t stop his tally
Even Oprah Winfrey said she was behind him
People, I say this country’s no hope without him
But he’s gotta go out and relate to everybody
He do what he do, like give his wife a hug and then a fist dap
Gotta do that stuff in public, so the hood’ll know that –
He’s black
Gotta use big words, white people love to hear it
If they hear it, they don’t fear him, they don’t know him, but they feel him
That’s real….

Obama… ‘08… White House, a-ha!

* * * * *

*Other Obama-Related Songs/Videos by Me: I never set out to duplicate the success of “Obama Milli.” However, given that he was a popular topic of conversation last year, I did make a few other Obama-inspired songs/videos. Check them out:

Above: Video #32, “The Next Black President!” For song/video insights, click HERE!

Above: Video #25, “The Obama Mixtape Intro (aka A Time 4 Change)!” For song/video insights, click HERE!

Above: Video #19, “John McCain is a P.I.M.P.!” Yes, it’s a John McCain song, but it was inspired by the fact that many people made songs about Obama but not McCain! For song/video insights, click HERE!


The link above is for video #15, “Shine 4 Obama.” It has a sample of Luther Vandross in it; consequently, YouTube took it down. So, I posted it at this link instead!

* * * * *

*Other “Obama-Milli” Related Videos Made by Fans: Many people re-posted the song on YouTube. Below are a few of my favorite ones that I found to be either hilarious, creative, or a take on my song that I found enjoyable!

Above: Two girls singing along to “O-bama O-bama” in a kitchen.

Above: A girl running around in an “Obama” mask campaigning. And guess what the background music is??

Above: Two kids from Chi-town rocking out in their… I dunno, basement?? – to the “Obama” song!

Above: Two teens at a high school in Las Vegas beat-box the “Obama” song!

Above: A woman from France – FRANCE! – drawing a picture of Obama while my song plays!

Above: At SVHS (I’m assuming that’s a high school), the “Obama” song was played during their homecoming rally!

Above: Jerrell Puttin, of “The Obaminators” dance crew, encouraging others to vote by dancing to my “Obama” song!

Above: DJ Ice chops and screws “O-bama O-bama!”

Above: A video of Obama and pals driving in a car while bumpin’ “Obama Milli.” This was also made into a phone video message that got passed around by many!

Above: Two Girls in an Obama mask and a Joe Biden mask do a verse from “Obama Milli!” It looks so scary!

* * * * *


“Obama Milli” was released as video #5, in what is to be a 52-video, year-long series of videos. 

Prior to its release, my videos hadn’t gotten a lot of views, except for video #1, another parody I did called “Erectile Dysfunction” (a remake of Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Seduction”).  That video had gotten 12,000 views at the time, so when I released the “Obama” song, I figured it would, at the very least, match up to that song’s popularity.

Clearly, I under-estimated how popular it would actually become.

Unbeknownst to me, while I was working on other videos for weeks 6 and 7, the video was taking off like wild fire on YouTube.  And – because I had the song as a download on this site – people started getting the song and playing it.  Some of these people turned out to be radio DJs (yay!) who ended up being happy to play it on their station.

And it was all good… until…

I was vacationing back home in VA with my family, and one of my friends from Georgia called and said they heard my “Obama” song on radio… only it wasn’t my voice on the verses.  Turns out, one of the local DJs took my track, re-sampled the “Obama Obama” part of the song, and made his own version.

I wouldn’t have cared so much, if it weren’t for the fact that people started messaging me, asking me if I was REALLY the originator of the track, or if this particular DJ had taken it.  I had to call my entertainment lawyer – who just happen to know the DJ in question – to get the whole mattered settled with that situation.

THEN, I found out that Tyga – ironically enough, a close friend of Lil’ Wayne – had contacted this guy on YouTube who had remade my “Obama” beat into an instrumental with more of a southern bounce to it, and asked him for the track.  According to this person, Tyga “promised” he’d give him AND me a shout-out on the track.

Lo and behold, this never happened.

So, Tyga made his “Obama” song and toured around the country performing it – and getting PAID to do so.  I know this because I saw all the videos other people took of him at his various tour stops doing the song.

So, how do I REALLY feel about all this?

It’s a catch-22.  I can’t be too mad at it because, after all, I DID remake a song by Lil’ Wayne, so I’d look hypocritical if I got mad at someone else…

…but at the same time, MY remake was an original idea!  Everyone else took the “A Milli” beat and did a freestyle talking about having a lot of money; meanwhile, I took the beat, re-made it from scratch, came up with the idea to use “Obama” as the subject, spent 3 days writing it, half-a-day recording it, 1 hour filming the video and 8 hours editing it…

…so, for someone else to get the credit for coming up with the idea really irks me. 

The ironic part is, I had people claiming I stole the song from either Tyga or the radio DJ… yet, the vocal sample used in their songs is MY voice! 

In the end, though, the song did what I wanted it to do: (a) get Barack elected, and (b) get my song exposed to people who were in a position to help me further along with my career goals.  Which means that all those people that took my song and made their own ended up helping promote me more than I could have, and it didn’t cost me anything!

– – – – – – – – – –

This is the end of the “Obama Milli” page.  The song has given me a great ride these past 7 months, and I hope its allowed other people to search out my other videos as well.  After all, there ARE many other videos I’ve made since then, and I highly recommend you check them out!


This week’s video is for the song “Nothing More 2 Say,” produced by ME!

AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON A.P.T.’S “THE GREAT BLACK HOPE” ALBUM! Only 6.99 5.99 This week only (January 7-January 14) Click HERE for download info!


Okay… so, this is one of the few songs where I can’t talk completely about how I came up with it.  Due to certain legalities/deals I made in my personal life with the person that resulted in me having the thoughts to come up with at least half of the idea for this song (note: does not mean they helped write it), I can only give so many details about it without breaking our agreement.

What I CAN say is this:  in December, I took up a job working at Chili’s Restaurant to earn some extra money because, at the time, I was broke, and still needed to be able to pay my next month’s rent on time.  After things happened where I wasn’t so financially strapped, I continued to work there because it was either do that, or stay at home all day with room mates that I hated.

I had been working on songs for “The Great Black Hope” album, and one of the beats I made was initially a throw-away beat.  It didn’t have a whole lot of stuff mixed into the beat – just a simple guitar riff, a loud echoing clap and an electric guitar riff for the chorus.  The beat didn’t even have any drums!  I liked the beat, but I didn’t think I’d be able to use it for a song without adding more instruments to it.

Then, one day, while I was at Chili’s, I started thinking of a random chorus – “I get money all daaaay! (something, something) I got nothing more to say, heeeeeeey!” – and I couldn’t stop singing it.  Then, rather than be repetitive, I thought of another chorus – “I get honeys all daaaaay! (something, something) I got nothing more to say, heeeeeey!” – and I couldn’t stop singing it again!

Once I have a chorus idea for a song, it’s only a matter of time before I can get a whole song down around that idea.  And, as luck would have it, that little beat I thought I wouldn’t be able to use turned out to be the PERFECT beat to use for the song!

A few days later, I was still singing the chorus – always a good sign – so I sat down and got to thinking about words for the actual song.  I decided to start off the first part of the song talking about the “money” aspect of my life (i.e. getting money, stacking up paper via various projects, etc.).  The second part talks about girls who are trying to contact or throw themselves at me ever since they heard my song on the radio (which, sadly, is true.  Couldn’t they have just wanted to be around me back when I was me sans the song?).

Once I wrote the words, I had to go back and change parts of the chorus.  The part where I typed (something, something) earlier had to have something catchy.  After going a few ways, I settled for “What else, homey?” and “What else, playa?” to fill in those blanks.

I recorded the song, and then I mixed it by adding some reverb in, tripling up the verses and the chorus, and changing the pitch levels of each layer so that there’d be a sense of rock personality in the song. Once it was finished, I took a listen, and KNEW I had a hit on my hands!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. At the beginning, I ad libbed the line, “I’m getting paid, AND I’m getting laid.” I was going to change it later to “I’m getting monies, AND I’m getting honeys,” mostly because I don’t really talk about getting action too much in my songs.  Oh well!

2. I don’t know if it’s audible, but after the part where I say “I needed that doe, needed that benz/Had to buy some brand new Tims” I say the word “sike!”  I mention the aforementioned items because that’s how most artists would have spent there money, whereas I made a wise investment into my future success instead.

3. The part about girls in this song is true.  After the “O-bama Milli” song started playing on radio, I had girls from college who wouldn’t date me OR message me after we graduated start sending me congratulatory messages and flirty comments.  Makes for good song material, but come on!

4. I was going to add a talking part to the end of the song, but I figured since the song is called “Nothing More 2 Say,” it would have been dumb to say anything beyond me screaming my initials near the end of the song.

5. My favorite line in the song: “…or you can keep/Doing it for fun, while I keep collectin’ funds.”  Woo!


This video was the last video I shot while in the D.C. area. 

For those of you who don’t know the story of why I moved: our landlord wasn’t using our money to pay the mortgage on the townhouse, and the house got sold in foreclosure.  Per the law, we were able to stay there during the eviction proceedings… but then, our jerk of a landlord had the electricity cut off!

Luckily, my friend _____ (name withheld by request) allowed me to stay at her place for 2-1/2 days (New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and half of the next day).  On the last day there, she helped me direct last week’s video, “Can’t Leave Rap Alone.” I was only planning to film the one video, but as I was playing her a couple of my new songs for the album she suggested an idea for this song.

The idea seemed simple enough – do the song while a female’s hands and arms (hers) was coming out from behind me and rubbed on my chest.  Well, that was definitely something I could get down with, so we tried it in front of a mirror, and it looked freaky, but worked for the second part of the song where I’m talking about women wanting to jump me.

The parts of the video where you see me in her room was shot in front of a mirror, with the camera angled so  you couldn’t see it.  In retrospect, I could have just had the camera directly in front of the mirror facing the opposite way so it would look like I was looking right into the mirror, but I wanted the sides of the mirror to show as well.  I did the first part of the song while _____ lied on her bed.

Once the time came for her part, she took off her shirt – another plus for me – and hugged as close to me as she could so her boobs wouldn’t show in the camera shot.  (In case you’re wondering, yes, there is footage from the video that you people will NEVER see 🙂 ) We did three takes just in case I needed to do any editing out of boobs later (which I did), and then she went back to typing on her laptop while I finished filming the rest of me acting weird in front of a mirror.

A week passed before I finished up the video.  Actually, I was staying at my mom’s friend’s house and had the room upstairs to myself. Once I finished packing up all my stuff for my move to California – at 2 in the morning – I decided there was enough time for me to shoot the video.  Plus, it helped that the room I was staying in belonged to a 10-year old who had Guitar Hero – it meant I could use the guitar controller as my rock-out instrument! 

I shot two versions of me in one take: one with me playing the guitar, and one with me singing into my microphone (which wasn’t plugged up to anything).  I made sure to give the feeling of a rock edge, playing my heart out of the fake guitar and doing the up-and-down head thing as if I had long hair (similar to the hair bands of the 1980s.  Geez, I’m getting old!).

Once I loaded all the footage onto my computer, I added different effects to each part played in the video.  For “Mirror Me,” I used Sepia Tones and sharpened the image; for “Microphone Me,” I brightened up the darkness of the attic room and added watercolor; and for “Guitar Me,” I added a bunch of effects, most of which I can’t remember!

All in all, a good video, and one that really goes with the mood of the song!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. I thought I had the camera at a straight angle, but was wrong.  Consequently, there were a LOT of “side boob” shots courtesy of _____ that I had to edit out.

2. At the end of the video, I fake like I smash the guitar.  I didn’t actually break it, people!

3. In the attic, there was a lot of stuff on the floor, and I’m surprised I didn’t step on anything!

4. Yes, those are REAL girl underwear I’m holding up near the end of the video.  That was HER idea, but I’m glad she thought of it!

5. Editing time for the video: I have no idea.  Now that I’m in California, the hardest part was trying not to go outside all day!  I’ll have to start editing these videos early in the week!

That’s all for now!  Only 17 more videos left to go – see ya next Sunday!


E-mail: aptsongs@hotmail.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/NotoriousAPT

Soundclick: www.soundclick.com/APT

I present to you…


The BRAND New Album from A.P.T.!

Featuring the #1 Worldwide Smash, “Obama Milli Remix,” plus “Hands UP!,” “Nothing More 2 Say,” “What Had Happen Was,” and more!

Only 6.99 5.99 this week only! (January 7-14) Click here for download info:

– – – – – – – – – –

Well, I finally did it.  After years and years of talking about it, of dreaming ab0ut it, and of wanting to do it, I finally did it.

I. Am. Living. In. California.

My winter is already 3 times better, just for the fact that the weather is warm most of the day (though, since it IS winter, it’s still cold at night) and the sun is bright.  The place I live is in a nice area, my roommate is nice, and my apartment is a nice size.  My room is even bigger than the room I had at the town house I was staying at in D.C.

It feels good to be able to do something that I’ve always said I wanted to do.  Anyone who thinks it’s not possible to actually go through with a dream or goal is living in la-la land.  At least as far as I’m concerned.  I never understood why someone would doubt themselves – if anything,  a person should be their own cheerleader, yet they usually end up being their biggest obstacle towards success.

Anyway… so, yeah.  I’m in California, and I couldn’t be happier.  My next goal: to see “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” in studio, LIVE.  That’s been a dream of mine for even longer than wanting to move out here, and now I live in the same city where the show is taped.  Yay!

Of course, that will be on Monday.  As for this week’s video, I filmed it while in Virginia, and will be my last video from out there.  It’s for one of the songs off “The Great Black Hope” album, and it’s jammin’, man!

That’s all for now!  By the way, if you haven’t gotten it yet, definitely get “The Great Black Hope” album.  It’s really good, and I put a lot of effort into it so you’d enjoy it. 


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Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present to you…


The BRAND New Album from A.P.T.!

Click here for download info: http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=208737 

Happy birthday to me! – and to YOU! (If it’s your birthday, that is!)

To celebrate, I am releasing my new album today, entitled “The Great Black Hope!”  I spent a whole day mixing and mastering the album together – as of right now I’ve been up for 31 hours straight, a record for me – and it’s easily the best piece of work I’ve done!

Okay, so yeah, ALL artist say their new album is the best thing ever.  But I say that for this album because I’ve really started to master this whole mixing of albums thing.  The beats on this one sound bigger, the vocals are arranged better, and the presentation of it is perfect.

Not to mention the SONGS!  I always try to steer in the opposite direction of what other people are doing, especially when it comes to song-writing.  Peep the B-boy beat of “That Boy Is Cra-zy,” or the unexpected song topic turn for the upbeat jam “Hands UP!” where, instead of talking about partying, I mangage to bring real-life issues into the fold.  And of course, that wonderful brand of humor that I’m known for is also on their – slick rhymes, clever wordplay, and commentary on real issues in a way that’s laughable at the same time!

Also included on the album are two bonus tracks, including the oh-so-popular “Obama Milli”, a.k.a. the Lil’ Wayne “A Milli” parody about Barack Obama that became the underground anthem for his Presidential campaign (and win!) in 2008.  Now that his inauguration is coming up, it’s the perfect time to listen to it a few more times!

Track Listing for A.P.T.’s “The Great Black Hope”:

  1. The Great Black Hope
  2. That Boy is Cra-zzzzzy!
  3. I’m Trying 2 Get AIDS 2 Night
  4. Nothin’ More 2 Say
  5. What Had Happened Was…
  6. Hands UP!
  7. Things 4 You (I Thought U Loved Me)
  8. Ambition Remix (feat. T-Bone and Z-man)
  9. You’re Outta Luck
  10. Find a Way
  11. A.P.T. Commentary on each track from “THE GREAT BLACK HOPE”
  12. BONUS SONG #1: Hooptie
  13. BONUS SONG#2: Obama Milli

That’s all for now – enjoy the album, and be sure to tell your friends!


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