Hey all,

As I type this, I realize I barely have time to type this. My life has been so busy lately: filming, starting a business, relationship stuff… it’s gotten to the point that I enjoy my days at home doing nothing ’cause it feels like I’m always doing stuff…

Anyway… so, I haven’t put out any new music of my own in a while. Not because I don’t want to, but mostly because I’m so focused on creating stuff that will make me some serious money, and at the moment music isn’t that thing. Yes, I enjoy making music immensely, but from a money-making standpoint I’ve never really wanted to do all the things artists have to do to be really, REALLY “successful” at the music game.

What do I mean? I hate the idea of having to do interviews; interacting with fans on a regular basis; having to uphold a particular image; being told by a music company what I’d have to create; performing on a night-to-night basis… the list goes on and on.

When I started doing music, it was with the hopes that I’d be recognized for my beats so that I could stay in the background and make music for others to enjoy. When I found I didn’t know how to meet artists to give my beats to, I started rapping on them in the hopes that artists would hear them and want to use them. I didn’t know it would result in me having a hit record, or having my music well-received by both peers and strangers.

Nowadays, most of the work I do involves me being in the background. I film/edit for other people; I make beats for various productions; and my puppet, Non Juan, allows me to be a puppeteer AND do voice over work – neither of which requires my face to be at the forefront of it. I also do background extra work for various shows here in L.A. (see: “Glee,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” various movies and commercials, etc.). I don’t have any desire to be a major actor, but I still like mingling with the crowd and it pays decently (especially if I have nothing to do that day – better to be getting paid to do something that sitting around not earning money).

Because of all this, putting together the kind of music I like to make has become harder and harder. I recently listened to my first two albums – “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy” and “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back” – and I still think they are both really good albums. Not only are the beats bangin’, but the various topics and song ideas I had still sound different than what most artists are putting out. Back then, though, nobody knew who I was, so I was doing all I could to say things to create a stir, controversy, whatever, in the hopes of getting noticed. And it worked, too.

But now, it’s become more challenging to think up those kinds of songs. And when I do, sometimes it feels like I’m doing it purposely to cause a stir as opposed to doing it to make a point. I guess it’s easier to think of those kinds of songs when you’re close to broke and no one believes in you – once you start getting money in and people KNOW you can do it, those songs become harder to write.

Still… I DO have at least one more album in me. I’ve been talking about making the “Organized Chaos” album forever – heck, I even have a cover made for it – and I definitely want to record it sometime soon. I’ve already got beats lined up for it as well as a few song ideas I’ve written but haven’t recorded… so I’m sure it will come out at some point.

Most of my focus these days, though, is on launching Non Juan. He’s starting to get a buzz as an “Unofficial Spokesman” as well as regular business, plus I use him to create most of my parody songs now.  I think that as Non Juan comes more into focus, the A.P.T. side of music will become more of a hobby and less of the main focus of my life…

Regardless of what happens, though, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing music.  People spend their whole lives hoping to get put on in music, trying their darndest to make that one record or one song that changes their lives. I was blessed to have been able to do it by my 5th song (i.e. within 1 month of officially starting my music video journey) and for that I am forever grateful. Here’s hoping for even more success in the future, however it may come!