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Well, it’s finally here…

Introducing my NEW A.P.T. album, “The O-Bama Mixtape II: Vote Obama Style!” Click the picture above or HERE to preview/order the album on iTunes!

Track listing:

  1. The Next Black President
  2. Vote Obama Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
  3. I Wanna Do Nicki Minaj
  4. Imma Fool Wit It feat. Kaptain Kutta
  5. I’m Never Ever Gonna Vote for Romney (We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together Parody)
  6. Words With Friends
  7. Pick Up Your Face feat. Johney Capo and DJ-T
  8. Christmas in Paris (Ni**as in Paris Parody)
  9. Zone Out
  10. Your Mama Is So Ugly
  11. Obama Milli Remix 2012 (A Milli Parody)
  12. Rich Man’s World
  13. Ooh, I’m a Model feat. Genellyn
  14. Black President (Rack City Parody)

Insights into the album:

In 2008 when I released the first “The O-Bama Mixtape,” I had NO idea what I was doing in terms of how to market myself. I had a hot song out at the time with “Obama Milli Remix” but didn’t really know how to capitalize on it or the wave of momentum it had. I released the album as a free mixtape, thinking only a few people would download it and that nobody would want to pay for it.

Fast-forward to the day of the election, and I wake up to find that the mixtape got downloaded over 8000 times… in ONE day.  doing the math, had I decided to charge for the mixtape and only 10% of those people – 800 – had decided to purchase the album, I would have made close to $5,000 in ONE day.

Ever since then, I’ve always wished I could (a) have another out that would hit as hard as “Obama Milli Remix” did, and (b) have another shot at marketing and promoting the album in a way where it would make an impact AND bring in some money.

Fast-forward 4 years later…

I knew I wanted to make a sequel to “The O-bama Mixtape,” but didn’t want to do it if it was going to be a waste of my time. I released a few songs earlier this year about Obama, but none of them were getting the views I felt would be needed to put the album together.

Then, in August, I heard about this song called “Gangnam Style” by a Korean pop artist named Psy.  After seeing the video – which had over 100 million views at the time (and has over 200 million now) – I KNEW I wanted to make a parody of it. I go into further detail in one of my earlier blogs, but in short: I came up with the idea to make a song about Obama using this song, then went and made an EPIC video for it that closely mimicked the original source material.

Well, after I put it up on YouTube, it started to get views. A LOT of views. In the first week alone, the video garnered well over 50,000 views. As of this writing it’s up to 95,000…

More importantly, though, the speed at which the views racked up have been FASTER than they were for “Obama Milli Remix.”  I already had “Vote Obama Style” up on iTunes (which, thus far, has been getting a LOT of purchases, but I won’t know how many until November), but wanted some of my other Obama songs to get attention as well.

I hadn’t really recorded enough songs lately for a new album (except for “Imma Fool Wit It,” originally released by Kaptain Kutta earlier this year – I just jumped on the beat ’cause I liked it and the song was siiiiick!). However, I HAD released a mixtape last year – “Justin Beeber Must Die!” – that had a lot of good songs on it but didn’t get the attention I wanted. I also had recorded songs earlier this year for the “Rapping My Life” project that fizzled out.

Since not many people had heard these songs, I figured “Hey, why not take some of those songs, mix them together with your Obama parody songs, and put the album up on iTunes?”

Okay, great idea – but what would I call the album?

This is where having a knowledge of the marketplace comes in. The original title was going to be “The O-Bama Mixtape II: Back in the White House.” However, with Psy’s “Gangnam Style” becoming a bigger hit by the day, I knew I wanted my songs to pop up in the iTunes search engine when people went there to find his song. In order to do that, my songs also had to have the same wording in it. Of course, I couldn’t name every song “Gangnam Style” parody…

BUT… I COULD place that title in MY album title so it would be attached to all the songs!

And thus, the OFFICIAL album title is… “A.P.T. Presents – The O-bama Mixtape II: Vote Obama Style (Gangnam Style Parody)!”

Now, some of you may be familiar with my previous works, including the songs that reappear on this album. For those not familiar, though, here’s a brief synopsis of all the songs:

1. NEXT BLACK PRESIDENT – First appeared on the “The Next Black President” mixtape. It talks about how Blacks now have a better shot at being President thanks to Obama.

2. VOTE OBAMA STYLE – A parody of “Gangnam Style” talking about Obama’s reelection campaign, as well as my disdain for Romney.

3. I WANNA DO NICKI MINAJ – First appeared on the “Justin Beeber Must Die” mixtape. Discusses my desire for wanting the hottest rap female in the game!

4. IMMA FOOL WIT IT – First appeared on Kaptain Kutta’s “Red Dream 3” mixtape (I think). Just a track where we’re slick-talking about how good/crazy we are!

5. I’M NEVER EVER GONNA VOTE FOR ROMNEY – A parody of Taylor Swift’s “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Talks about Romney’s habit of flip-flopping his views.

6. WORDS WITH FRIENDS – First appeared on the “Rapping My Life” album. The beat was made using sounds from the actual game, and talks about how good I am at beating people in it.

7. PICK UP YOUR FACE – Features Johney Capo and my bro DJ-T. First appeared on the “Justin Beeber Must Die” mixtape. A track for all the haters out there that didn’t believe we’d make it!

8. CHRISTMAS IN PARIS – A parody of Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Ni**as in Paris.” Features me as Santa Claus talking to kids about why they’re not getting gifts this year.

9. ZONE OUT – First appeared on the “Justin Beeber Must Die” mixtape. A song about having the worst day possible and trying to relax afterward.

10. YOUR MAMA IS SO UGLY – First appeared on the “Justin Beeber Must Die” mixtape. There’s a joke that says you can tell how fine a girl will be when she’s older by looking at her mom. This song talks about that…

11. OBAMA MILLI REMIX 2012 – A parody of Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli.” Ever since I made the first “Obama Milli Remix” people have been asking me to make a sequel FOREVER. And so, here it is, with basically the same words plus some changes to talk about Romney instead of John McCain.

12. RICH MAN’S WORLD – First appeared on the “Justin Beeber Must Die” mixtape. Talks about the ups and downs of making it.

13. OOH, I’M A MODEL – Featuring Genellyn.  I wanted to make a minimalistic track that didn’t have many words to it, that girls could also dance to.

14. BLACK PRESIDENT – A parody of Tyga’s “Rack City.” That bastard stole my “Obama Milli Remix” song from me back in 2008, so this is light revenge for that. LoL. But really, it’s a GREAT track talking about re-electing Obama for President.

And that’s it! You can download the songs individually, or get the album – either way, I appreciate your support, and hope you enjoy the songs!


Get the album NOW – click HERE!

Another week, another video in the can…

Wow.  19 videos. Well, 19 “official” videos – that doesn’t include the various paperstyle videos and other ones where I’m talking to people.  But 19 videos is a LOT – heck, there are industry artists that don’t put out that many videos in a year, and I’ve done it in almost 4 months!

I’m glad I’ve been doing it, though, because, aside from being a way to express my music visually, they’ve also been like little postcards for myself showing me different aspects of Atlanta.  Now that I’ve got a week (and 2 days) left here, it’s nice to look back and have reminders of this town.

Truthfully, I wish I didn’t have to move.  I really like living in Atlanta.  Unfortunately, I have to face the reality that it’s hard for me to make the moves I’d like to make in the music biz when I (a) don’t have a car to get around to various spots to perform, and (b) when you have no connections.  There seems to be a better opportunity for me to get on in Washington, D.C., so I’ll be heading up there for at least the next year.  My bro is a DJ, and between his ability to talk that talk and my ability to create songs that make people want to rock out (or “rap out,” LoL), we should both be able to get farther ahead in what we’d like to do.

In the meantime, I’ve still got 2 or 3 videos I’d like to film here.  I don’t know what will happen during my transition period, but since I’m commited to doing this exercise for at least one year, I figured it would be wise to film some videos ahead of time just in case I don’t have the ability to film anything during the weekend of my move (though why I wouldn’t is beyond me, but ya never know!)

Last week’s song is already proving to be a success – it’s already gotten 237 views in 2 days as of this writing (the same amount of views “Obama Obama” got in its first 2 days back in June) – but I expected that to happen, given that the song deals with John McCain being a pimp.  As for this week’s video, I’ve already got the idea, and I’m working out the technical details of the video right now.  It’s going to be a stylistic video parody of another popular YouTube music video, put out last week by…

Hmm.  On second thought, I’ll leave that surprise for next Sunday!  I will say this, though: it’s for a song off my album, “The A.P.T. LP,” and if you ain’t got it yet, you’re missing out!

That’s all for now!


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This week’s music video is for the song, “John McCain is a P.I.M.P.” (Produced by Shah Bros.)

DOWNLOAD 4 FREE: A.P.T. Song – John McCain is a P.I.M.P.


On June 22, 2008, I released my Lil’ Wayne “A Milli” parody, “Obama Obama,” a song that, much to my surprise, took on a life of its own.

I created a video for it and provided it as a free download.  Little did I know that making that song would result in worldwide radio play, as well as a few radio DJs and “in the game” MCs (I’m looking at YOU, Tyga) wanting to take it and make their own versions.

Most importantly, though, the song is STILL being played 3 months later, and everyone from middle schoolers to college graduates have been writing me telling me they’ve been hearing my song in their school hallways.

I also get a lot of fan mail as a result, and one of the questions I’ve been receiving lately has been: “So, are you going to do a song about John McCain?”

And, to be quite honest, I wasn’t really planning on it.  I made the “Obama Obama” song because it made sense to make it at the time it was created (one week after he received the Democratic nomination, and one week after Lil’ Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” sold “a milli”-on copies in a week).  I didn’t want to just create a song about John McCain simply because people were asking me to, especially since I didn’t want it to come out sounding like crap.

And then, John McCain threw me a musical lifeline by choosing Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate for the White House.

Mr. McCain has a history of dating fine ladies, and it seems to me that he always has hot girls around him.  His wife was a hottie when they met (so much so that he dumped his first wife just to be with her), and still looks pretty good today considering how old she is.  And then, when it’s time for him to choose a potential vice president, who does he pick?  A woman who is an ex-Beauty Pagent participant!

Clearly, McCain must have some kind of knack with the ladies. 

So, much like with the way I created the “Obama” song, I was at work one day when I just thought of a random chorus:

“He got a hot wife, and a model V.P./That boy John McCain is a PIMP…”

And, once again, I burst out laughing.  Clearly, the chorus alone meant the song had potential.  The question was, what kind of song should I make it?  I was going to do it as a parody… but I didn’t know what I’d make it a parody of.  Plus, I didn’t want to deal with the hassles of having to remake a beat for a song that I wouldn’t be able to legally sell.

So, I decided to look through the catalogue of beats I had stored up on my computer.  I actually had about 3 or 4 beats I could have used, plus I went online and heard a few more.  All and all, though, I wanted to make it an upbeat song to counteract against John McCain’s “old guy” image. I.E. make a song that’s hip so McCain would sound hip.

As for the song itself, it really didn’t take long to write.  I think I was watching TV or something, and suddenly decided that now was the time to write the song.  I went to my hotmail site, typed up some lyrics, and e-mailed it to myself.

The song is broken down into two parts.  Since the song is called “John McCain is a P.I.M.P.,” I figured the focus should be on the two women whom he’s “pimped” already: namely, his wife, Cindy, and Sarah Palin, who came from out of nowhere to suddenly be thrust into the limelight by siding with McCain.  You can hear the song for yourself to hear how I did it, but I tried not to be TOO disrespectful to the women (I learned THAT lesson from the frenzy that insured after the comments I made about Michele in “Obama Obama.”  I’ll probably still get letters, though 🙂 ).

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. For the chorus, I was originally just going to say “He got a hot wife and a model VP/That boy John McCain is a PIMP…” but I figured that would be extremely boring.  So, instead I decided to add at least 2 other lines I could say, thus the addition of “I don’t know his policies but I know one thing…” and “Got girls on his arm everywhere that he be…”

2. Again, like the Obama song, I wanted to do a song with things that related to things mentioned during his campaign.  Thus, the mention of the Straight Talk Express, his wife’s rich bank account, the fact that Sarah Palin looks like Tina Fey from “30 Rock”/ SNL fame, and, of course, the mention of how many houses he has.

3. For the Sarah Palin part of the song, I was originally going to make it 24 bars… but the beat I had only did it in 16-bar format, so I had to cut a few lines.  Luckily, they weren’t really too important!


I was actually going to do this same video for a different song!  However, with the election less than 50 days away, the timing for this song was much better than it would have been next week.  I mean, the campaigns would still be going on, but you gotta get these things in as early as possible!

I wanted to do something simple, i.e. something that wouldn’t have me editing for 8 or 9 hours like I did with the “Obama” video (as well as a bunch of other videos I’ve made). I didn’t know what the video would actually be until I was watching Conan O’Brien one late night and said: “Hey… I can do it like a talk show!!”

And, since I still don’t have many friends helping me out, I decided to play the host – Johnny Wilkins – and the performer (duh), A.P.T.!  The host would introduce the performer, who is supposed to be on the show performing “Obama Obama,” yet decides to change the song at the last minute for a new song he wrote about John McCain.  The host decides to let A.P.T. perform the song, unaware of what type of song it would be.  Wise decision, Johnny.

Again, I didn’t want to spend too much time editing it, so I decided to do the performance part in one shot, then add a bunch of effects to it (pan shots, color changes, mirror shots, etc.) so that people wouldn’t get bored just watching a single shot.  BTW, it’s funny how the mind works – it will get bored watching a single shot for 5 minutes, yet if you cut and chop it up a bit the mind will think “wow, look at all the scene changes!”

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. People always ask if I have a camera man helping me.  The answer is NO, but you’d be surprised how I’m able to get shots with a little creative thinking.  For the performance shot, the camera is slightly tilted and bobs up and down a bit.  How did I do that?  I placed my mic stand on my mini-table I use to eat on, then placed the camera on my pop filter (the round think I place between me and my microphone so the “p”s and “t”s will be softened when I’m doing a song).  Because the pop filter is filmsy, it bounces up and down when I move around on the floor.  Smart, ain’t it?

2. I actually did a second film take where I shot myself doing the song from a side angle, but decided not to use it because it would have added to the editing time.  I like making videos, but I’m also LAZY, and have other things to do besides edit a video all day!

3. The beat used at the end of the video is a beat I made!

4. The ending of the video… I thought of that at the last minute.  I thought it would be funny to have the show go to standby, and just have that be the end of the video.

5. Editing time for this video: a meazly 3 hours, and I spent most of that time playing Goldeneye (yes, I still have a Nintendo 64) while transferring the files into Windows Media format.  Good times!

That’s all for now – enjoy the video!


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Above: The original version of “O-Bama O-Bama” (re-dubbed “Obama Milli” by the public at large)!

This week’s song/music video is called “Obama, Obama” (Re-produced by ME, Inspired by Lil’ Wayne and Bangladesh).

DOWNLOAD THIS SONG FOR .99 CENTS: A.P.T. Song: “Obama, Obama” – .99

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I’ve been a fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic since the 1980s.  His parodying of other people’s songs were always hilarious to me, and when I started writing songs I basically did what he did: took a subject, found a song that I could bastardize with said subject, and make the old song funny via my new song.

Eventually I started writing my own songs sans the parody, but every once in a while a song will come out that makes me think of a chorus or song lyric that makes it worth trying to remake the original.

It is with that thought that I present today’s song, “Obama Obama.”  It’s a remake (read: not a direct parody) of one of the hottest songs out right now, Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli.”  I swear, everywhere I walk in Atlanta I hear cars passing by playing that song… but it hasn’t gotten old to me yet!

Originally, I was going to remake the song saying my initials in lieu of the words “A Milli” (i.e. “A.P.T., A.P.T., A.P.T., A.P.T….” yeah, it matches up – go ahead and try it!), but I didn’t think that would make the song funny enough in concept.  Then, one day at work, it just hit me: instead of saying my name, I could use Obama’s!  That would give me a whole LOT to write about!

People think making a parody song is easy.  WRONG!  I spent more time on this one song that on all the other songs I have on here so far (except for “Erectile Dysfunction,” which is a REAL parody and took a while to write).

Unlike an original song, a re-make/parody has to have other elements that will make people laugh.  The song structure has to be similar to the original, as does the beat, certain ad-libs, voice inflection… parodying is a JOB, people!!  As such, I had to listen to that darn “A Milli” song about 50,000 times this week before I could even start writing it!

And with the subject matter – Barack Obama – there’s so many angles I could write from.  I wanted to try and bring mention to as many Barack-related election issues as possible.  Not issues in the sense of “this is what Obama’s all about,” but more like, “these are some of the things that have been tied to his campaign.”  In the course of the song, I mention the flag pin thing, his middle name being Hussein, Pastor Wright, the KKK, and other things I won’t mention because I don’t want to give away the whole song here 🙂

Once I finished writing the song, I had to go back and try to mock Lil’ Wayne.  He raps like a skitzo on the song, constantly changing his flow and pronunciation of words, so when I recorded it I had to record each set of verse by itself, listening to Wayne’s version immediately before recording mine.  Truly, again, it was like a JOB, only fun!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

(1) Because I couldn’t find the original beat without the words “A Milli” being said over and over again, I had to re-make the beat from scratch.  I have a Fruity Loops program, and, after studying the original beat very carefully, I realized how simplistic it is: outside of the “A Milli” sample, the entire beat is nothing more than an 808 drum, a clap, and a tap drum, played in the same pattern ad nausea!  I can’t believe the original person got PAID for it – and probably a lot, too!

(2) Re-doing Lil’ Wayne’s voice is hard.  My usual voice is a little deep, but Weezy sounds… well, Weezy, and nasely.  That’s why my voice in this song sounds higher and more strained than usual.

(3) My favorite line in the song is the one following the line: “Rednecks saaaay he won’t beat John McCain…”  I won’t spoil it for you here, but needless to say, some racist White people have some very dumb reasons NOT to vote for Barack!


Coming up with a video idea for this song was even HARDER.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and there were many direction I could go.

My first idea was to act like I was a representative speaking on behalf of Barack, but I didn’t have a podium for a prop.  The second idea was to dress up like Lil’ Wayne – I almost did this, and was going to buy a dread lock wig… but when I called the costume/wig shop they said it would cost more than I wanted to spend.  Too bad – I think I could have pulled it off (except for me being light-skinned and Wayne being… well, much darker!).

By the time Saturday hit, I still didn’t have too much of a concept, other than I wanted to hang up a blue background with pics of Obama campaign signs behind me.  I also knew I didn’t just want to spend the whole video in one outfit.  I filmed the first segment with me wearing the blue striped shirt and black dress pants, and was trying to figure out what to wear next…

And that’s when it hit me: I could be three characters, each one representing a potential Obama voter!

When you see the video, the guy in the blue-striped shirt is the middle-aged working guy.  The second person – the one with shorts, a sideways hat, and a “Las Vegas” shirt – is an older teenager (18 or 19 – I can still pull it off for a few more years!).  The third guy – wearing a brown jacket-like shirt over a white shirt with brown slacks – is an older gentleman.  Looking back, I wish I had whited up my thin beard with flour… but his movements are slower than the other two, so hopefully it’ll be distinquishable.

I also decided to keep the camera in one position.  I got this idea from my last video, “Smile 4 Dad (Letter 2 My Father), where I did a small scene with me in front of a stone statue, and sliced it up to look like I was in different places chopped-up style.  The result is I am constantly changing into 3 people, while having it look like the rest of the scene is stationary.  GENIUS!

Some Interseting Video Tidbits:

(1) I use pictures throughout the video.  There is one girl you will see in various video pics – her name… will not be given out on the internet until I get the okay to do so, but she is a very good friend of mine and a HUGE Barack Obama supporter.  I wanted her to film a small part for me to include in the video and send it to me (she lives in another state), but she had to go out of town.  Luckily, she was nice enough to allow me to use some of her pics from one of the Obama rallys she went to.  It’s so nice to have friends that want to help out, so THANK YOU!!

(2) I printed out the Obama signs used in the background.  The one hanging by itself near the left of the camera starts out blue at the top, and starts turning pink at the bottom.  The reason: my printer started to run out of ink.  Such is the world of home-made music videos!

(3) Actual shoot time for this video took about an hour.  Actual edit time: about 8 hours.  Editing is NOT as easy as it looks.  I say that to say: I worked hard on this video, so SHOW IT TO EVERYBODY YOU CAN!!

That’s all for now – see you next Sunday!


P.S. Here are the lyrics to “Obama Obama,” as requested by… well, many people:


Yeah I’m goin’ in…

Verse 1:
Call him “President,” he’s the next new President here
Senator, from Illinois, yeah
His criteria compared to John McCain just isn’t fair
Cause he’s  B-L-A-C,  so the eyes are on he
Through his pencil,  he write legislation, with the country on his mind
And he don’t coat ish, cause he ain’t got time
Every second, minute, hour, KKK wanna devour
He got guards ready to pop ‘em, with their ch-ch-ch-ch-choppers
Every brother, mother, sister, cousin, grandma wanna hump him
Even got Hilary Clinton on the side ready to jump him
Tell the Clintons “Ha ha ha ha,” couldn’t catch him, couldn’t stop him
They go by the party rules, if you can’t beat him, you can’t top him
Thought she’d smack him, couldn’t pop ‘em, Delegates, couldn’t cop ‘em
Bill Clinton couldn’t help her, too bad she couldn’t drop ‘em, woo!

Man, Obama‘s so Illlll…

Verse 2:
Obama goes here, Obama goes there
Sayin’ “Yes We Can” with wife Michelly, he’s hittin’ that derriere
He travel to Arizona, ready to cause some drama
Hopin’ McCain will comment, “Look at that bastard Obama
He’s too young, he’s too hip, Negros always ‘causin’ problems”
His pale-lookin’ face got him lookin’ like a goblin!
Mac-Cain, Mac-Cain, please don’t vote for Mac-Cain
First day up in office, talkin’ ‘bout some heart pains
Call the ambulance, QUICK! All you hear is sirens
His temper isn’t private – Dang, I hate a mad prick
Don’t you hate a mad prick? Plus, McCain’s an old prick
Barack’s a younger guy, So choose him, he’s the right pick
(Laugh) But if you choose the wrong pick
Your step-son’ll probably end up in Iraq quick!
His health clan plan is so immac’late
So even if your broke, and can’t afford to take a doc trip
You’ll be feelin’ much better – not sick
And, he’s okay, but his wife’s sick
And her back’s thick, And her walk’s slick
She’s a fly chick – I’d hit!

Man, Obama‘s so Illlll…

Verse 3:
He’s makin’ history like X, King and Douglas, and RFK
Obama, he’s that “new black,”  true that
Red-necks saaaay “He won’t beat John McCain
He don’t wear a flag pin, his middle name’s Hussein,” but
Who gon’ be dat boy dat doubt dat boy dey call “Obama”
Got Republicans sweatin’ like they up in Saunas (whew!)
Even McCain’s 90-something mama
Be ready to pull his lever every hour (Laugh)
And I’d rather eat a field mouse
Than to see John McCain in the White House
Vote Obama in, and I promise
He won’t turn back into some Uncle Thomas (Aaaaaa!)
No Aunt Jemimah or Southern Fried chicken
Call him “Chief Obama,” or “Mr. Keeps on Tickin”
Man, Pastor Wright’s comments couldn’t stop his tally
Even Oprah Winfrey said she was behind him
People, I say this country’s no hope without him
But he’s gotta go out and relate to everybody
He do what he do, like give his wife a hug and then a fist dap
Gotta do that stuff in public, so the hood’ll know that –
He’s black
Gotta use big words, white people love to hear it
If they hear it, they don’t fear him, they don’t know him, but they feel him
That’s real….

Obama… ‘08… White House, a-ha!

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