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Hey people:

So… first off, my NEW album drops on November 1st, free download so make sure u get your FREE download of it.

Anyway… so I’m mixing my songs together out of Garageband. Those of you familiar with the program have probably faced frustration at getting a mix together that sounds loud while in Garageband; yet, upon exporting your song, the volume goes down a bit.

This has frustrated me for YEARS, and up until this point I couldn’t figure out WHY the program kept doing that.  After all, I had marked the tab in the “Preferences” menu asking me if I wanted my songs exported at full volume, yet it never seemed to occur…

Just a few minutes ago – after trying to export my songs, then import them into Final Cut so I could turn the volume up and re-export them – I did a search online hoping I could figure out the answer to this problem.  And guess what? I did.

So, you wanna know how to export your songs at full volume? Here’s the solution: do NOT click the little box asking you if you want to export at full volume.

Yes, THAT’S the solution.  If you don’t choose that option, your songs will export fine. So…


That’s like me saying “Click on the following link to download my album,” and when you do you only get a sampler of 5 songs… but if you ignore the link and just scroll down, you can get it in its entirety.  WHAT KIND OF BACKWARD-@$$ BULL$#!+ IS THAT?!?!?

Anyway… I’m just glad I figured this out before exporting out songs for my album. But GEEZ, as much as Apple likes to make things simple, did they really have to make exporting full-volumed stuff so dang complicated?!?


Ladies and gentleman, I present to you my latest album…

Featuring 10 HILARIOUS spoofs of some of today’s most popular songs! Now available for download – Click HERE!

Track List:

  1. Rub That Nair (Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” Parody)
  2. Erectile Dysfunction feat. Non Juan (Snoop Dogg “Sensual Seduction” Parody)
  3. Big Moochin’ Fella (Rick Ross “B.M.F.” Parody)
  4. I Walked in on Mom & Dad feat. Non Juan (Drake “Best I Ever Had” Parody)
  5. Teach Me How to Snuggie feat. Non Juan, Rhea Bea & Miss Theory (Cali Swag District “Teach Me How to Dougie” Parody)
  6. Jersey Shore Douches (Chris Brown “Deuces” Parody)
  7. Oprah State of Mind feat. Non Juan & Tamika Keys (Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind” Parody)
  8. O bama Obama (Lil Wayne “A Milli” Parody)
  9. I’m Friggin’ Broke feat. Non Juan & Charles Clemmons (Lonely Island “I’m on a Boat” Parody)
  10. Hey There, Rihanna (Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” Parody)


After my last album, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back!”, I took a break from recording and writing to work on other things.

While on hiatus, I also took time out to analyze the songs I was selling on iTunes.  Between the last album and my first one, “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy!”, I noticed that the songs that were selling the best on iTunes were the ones that were either parodies or commentary on celebrity happenings.

When I first started making songs in college, the ones that proved most popular were always my funny songs.  And, even as I have made songs that were occasionally more serious in nature, the ones that did the best were always the ones with comedy.

So, after all these years of making these types of songs, I finally decided to make a whole album’s worth of them.  About darn time!

All of the songs on the album are funny re-makings of other people’s songs.  Per the laws of parody, because they are considered commentary on other people’s works they can be sold legally – good news for me, as I will be releasing more of these types of songs in the future.

That’s it for now – be sure to preview the album over at iTunes, and get your copy of “Prince of Parody, Vol. 1” today!


Hey peeps, guess what? I’m back to writing songs again!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog called My Sporadic Writing Schedule, where I talked about how my music creativity usually consists of me writing a bunch of songs at one time, recording them, releasing them… and then not writing anything for months.

The last album I released, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back,” came out in June.  Since then, I haven’t really had any inspiration to write anything for the past 4 months.

But lo and behold: last month I was able to write and record a new song – a parody of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” called “Rub That Nair”.  I posted it up on iTunes, and the songs has been selling pretty well so far.

Now that I’ve gotten the creative juices flowing, all sorts of ideas have been coming to my head.  In the last week alone, I’ve thought of 6 songs to write and record.  I haven’t had this many song ideas come to me at one time in a while, and the feeling is quite over-whelming!  Like, I’ll think I no longer have any ideas to write about, and then BOOM! A new idea will come to me the next day!

All this is very exciting.  My new album – dropping very, very soon – is going to be my best-selling album.  Why? Because the strategy for it, as well as the songs, is so narrow and focused, it has NO CHOICE but to be successful!

Hopefully, it’ll make me enough money to finally take a vacation to Hawaii.  For now, though, I’m still working on writing and recording all the stuff that’s in my head, which shouldn’t take long depending on when I can find the time to record (which is when everyone else is out of the apartment.  That doesn’t always happen when I’d like it to, so release dates will be announced once I’m able to actually record all this stuff.)

That’s all for now – new album coming soon!


Hey peeps!

First off, in case u didn’t know, my NEW song dropped on August 29, and it’s called…

The “Ooh, I’m a Model” song is one I recorded earlier this year (with the help of my friend Genellyn) for my most recent album, “The Obama Milli Guy Strikes Back!” Unfortunately, I wasn’t done mixing it in time to add to the album.  Plus, the album already had 16 tracks on it, and I didn’t want to do an over-kill of songs.

With that said, though, the song is now available for purchase at www.tinyurl.com/oohimamodel.

As for the video… actually, the video is about 95% complete.  However, I have recently learned the value of hyping things up prior to them coming out, so that they’ll have a bigger impact when they finally DO drop.

I say that to say: even though the video will probably be done by the end of next week, I’m going to wait until September 21 to drop it.  That will give me time to hype it up and make it an uber-big deal when you finally get to see it.

The only thing I can tell you about the video right now… is that it is, without a doubt, one of the SEXIEST videos I have EVER put together.  I mean, when I was editing this thing, it was all I could do to NOT go to the bathroom every 5 minutes and… well, you get the idea.

Needless to say, there is a lot of sexiness going on in the video (read: sexiness, not actual sex) and it is a PERFECT match-up to the song, which is already hot by itself.  This video is unlike any video I’ve put together, and it’s definitely NOT because of me.  I’ll be sure to give the proper shout-outs to the people who made this video possible once it’s up and streaming on YouTube.

In the meantime, download the song off iTunes, bump it in your cars, and get ready for the EPIC new A.P.T. video to drop on September 21!


Last year I began working on a website – www.NonJuan.com – that featured a character named Non Juan, a puppet who was terrible when it came to getting with the ladies.

I worked dilligently on the project last year with another person who was my business partner at the time.  My initial conception of the site was he’d be a puppet who showed guys what to do in order to NOT get women, so that they would do the opposite.  Meanwhile, my partner’s conception of the site was that he’d be an end-all, be-all character designed to obtain sponsorship for other things.

This is where he and I often clashed.  I understood how using him to market other things would be a good idea, but I thought he should have a baseline of an idea so people would know what he was about prior to them looking at him for what he could sell, while he just wanted me to try out all sorts of things with him until an idea stuck.  In the end, I think both of us had good and bad things about how the character should operate, but we just weren’t on the same page…

But why am I telling you all this?!?  All you care about is how this blog relates to the title of the article!

Well… in the midst of doing the Non Juan project, we decided he should have a musical album.  That album – 909s and Heart Flatlines (a play on Kanye West’s “808s and Heartbreak” album) – featured songs by Non Juan where he talked about trying to get girls (and ultimately failing each time). 

Above: The album cover for Non Juan’s “909s and Heart Flatlines” – still at iTunes! Click HERE!

The album itself is actually quite funny and, in my opinion, some of the best material I’ve written song-wise.  However, the album didn’t really sell that well.  Part of it is because he didn’t really have that much of a following, which is important when you’re trying to launch any new artist be it man, woman, or puppet.

Prior to launching the album, I had suggested to my business partner that we release it under the A.P.T. brand first since I was already selling songs each month under that name.  All we’d have to do is put it under the name “A.P.T. (a.k.a. The Obama Milli Remix Guy)” and title it “A.P.T. Presents: Non Juan – 909s and Heart Flatlines” and we’d get sales. Why?

  1. As I keep proving over and over again with my albums, because I include the words “Obama Milli Remix” in the title, all of my songs (currently 31) show up anytime someone types it in. I have at least a minimum of 500 people buying my songs each month – that’s practically FREE advertising for my new stuff!
  2. The majority of new artist who launch successful products do so by first being associated with someone already established.  Eminem was helped by Dr. Dre, Drake was helped by being connected to Lil’ Wayne, and I feel as though Non Juan will have a better chance of selling by being connected to me.

My business partner didn’t want to do this and, at the time, I was willing to go along with whatever his suggestions were.  Lo and behold, the album didn’t sell.

Now that we are no longer working together and I have control of the Non Juan brand, I’ve decided to re-release the album.  It will now be called “909s and Heart Flatlines – The DELUXE Edition!”

The album will feature most of the songs that were on the first release (which, by the way, is still up on iTunes – click HERE to preview/download songs from it), and will also feature 6 new songs, including:

  • “I Walked In on Mom and Dad” (“Best I Ever Had SPOOF”)
  • “U Can’t Get Her Back” (feat. me, A.P.T.; produced by K.K.O.F.)
  • “Oprah State of Mind” (Empire State of Mind SPOOF feat. Tamika Keys)
  • “I Want Your Body Girl” (The Valentine’s Day Song; produced by K.K.O.F.)
  • “I’m Friggin’ Broke” (I’m on a Boat SPOOF feat. C. Clemmons and me, A.P.T.)
  • Plus a SUPER-SECRET new parody!

Depending on what my money is looking like, the album will either be released by the end of this month or next month.  Either way, all the songs except the last SUPER SECRET new parody have been recorded, mixed and mastered.  I’m glad to be re-releasing this album, as I know it will sell and I’m REALLY excited to have people listen to it and buy it!

That’s all for now!


Those of you who have been to this site before already know about my 2008/2009 hit, “Obama Milli Remix.” And if you don’t, here’s the video below:

What you may not know is that after the song became popular, Cash Money/Young Money artist Tyga decided to make his OWN version of the song.  Basically, another person on YouTube remade the song’s beat (which I had remade from scratch based off the “A Milli” beat) using my “O-Bama” vocal in the background.  According to the next part of the story (as told to me by the guy who remade the beat), Tyga reached out to the guy for the beat so he could make his own version of the song.  If you haven’t heard it, here’s the song below:

I included my version of the song on my first iTunes album, “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy,” so that it would draw attention to my album and people would buy it.  For my most recent album, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back,” I decided to include the version with Tyga to once again draw focus to the album.  (In short, everytime someone types in “Obama Milli” on iTunes, all 31 of the songs I currently have on their pop up.)

Now that the version with Tyga is my 3rd best-selling song (not bad, considering it’s been up less than a week), I figured I should advertise for it so more people will know about it and buy it!  Here are the links to download both versions:

  • “Obama Milli Remix” (Original Version) – Click HERE!
  • “Obama Milli Mega Remix” (feat. Tyga) – Click HERE!

While you’re at iTunes, be sure to preview/download some of my 0ther songs as well.  Thanks!


Check the iTunes chart above – I’ve got the #2-selling Lakers’ themed song with “No U Aint (Lakers Anthem Version)!”

Thanks to everybody who bought the single at iTunes and/or Amazon! Special shout-out to K.K.O.F. for producing the track!

If you haven’t seen the video/heard the song yet, here it is:


Long time fans of mine (i.e. those whose radar I’ve been on since I started this site in 2008) may notice something about my recently released “new” albums: that the majority of the songs on those albums aren’t actually “new” songs, but rather re-releases of songs I put on albums first released during my “One-song-a-week” project.

Given that I’m always coming up with new songs, why would I decide to re-release songs I already put out for people to purchase?


When I first recorded some of those songs, I didn’t have anywhere near the equipment I had now.  I had a low-budget mic as opposed to a studio mic; my mixing equipment wasn’t the best (meaning sometimes my vocals and/or beats didn’t sound quite the way I wanted them to); and the atmosphere I recorded in (a studio apartment with neighbors who were sensitive to hearing too much noise) wasn’t as recording-friendly as the places I moved afterward.  This meant I wasn’t able to always record with a louder voice or in as many takes as I needed to.


I didn’t figure out how to post my albums/songs up on iTunes until late in the “Obama Milli Remix’s” popularity.  Therefore, my first two albums – “The A.P.T. LP” and “The Great Black Hope” – wasn’t known about by that many people.  The service I was using to sell my songs – Payloadz.com – was an okay service, but it didn’t (and still doesn’t) have nearly as much promotional power as iTunes did, so a lot of those songs either went unnoticed or unpurchased.


When creating most of my songs, I try not to include too many “current” references (unless it’s a song involving a cultural event or phenomenon, like “Kate Gosselin is a Bitch” or “The KKK-ramer Song”).  This means I can re-record songs for newer albums and they won’t seem like dated ideas.


Just last week I had someone ask me where they could buy “The KKK-ramer Song,” which has been out for almost 3 years.  As you can see, people are still clamoring for some of my older songs, especially now that I’ve taken them down.

Will I continue to re-release my older songs? Well, I only have a few more left that I can re-record. But, while my hard core fans may have heard and bought those songs, the reality is there are plenty more people who have NOT, so I’m sure I’ll re-record some of those songs and put them together with some new stuff for my next album (which will probably come out near the end of this year).  I’m just happy I have the equipment to make those songs sound better, ’cause I really hate listening to good songs with bad mixing!


Follow me at http://www.ustream.tv/aptsongs

Greetings, people!

Just wanted to do a mini-update to let you all know… I’M HEADING BACK TO THA STAGE!

Yep, A.P.T. – that’s me – will be performing in Hollywood this Saturday!!  Woo-hoo!

I haven’t performed since January, so I’m uber-excited to get back in front of a crowd.  I’ll be performing NEW material from my upcoming album, “The Obama MIlli Remix Guy Strikes Back” (out June 8th, 2010).  I always like performing new material in front of crowds just to see what kind of reactions I’ll get.  One thing is for sure, though: it will DEFINITELY be some good promo!

I’ll hit you all up with more details tomorrow.  In the meantime, keep on watching my music videos at http://www.YouTube.com/APTsongs. The album’s on the way, y’all!


For performance requests, fan mail and more: APTsongs@hotmail.com.