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On Monday, Rihanna released a remix to her unfinished album track, “Birthday Cake,” featuring none other than her ex-boyfriend and abuser, Chris Brown.

Having heard about this collaboration, I couldn’t help but think of another female recording artist who also used to get beat up by her male collaborator. So, I decided to put together a little video imagining what that studio session might have been like…

I put it up on YouTube. 24 hours later, it was already at 1800 views. Then it got placed on www.WorldStarHipHop.com where, as of right now, it’s at 90,000 views and counting.

A good majority of people found the video to be hilarious (and how could they not – I basically just re-dubbed the scene in “What’s Love Got to Do With It” where Tina Turner gets slapped around in the studio by Ike). However, there have been a large amount of people that thought the video was not funny (my brother being one of those people, lol).

Specifically, they said it was “dark,” “disturbing,” and “wrong.” They also thought it was something that shouldn’t be joked about. To all those people, I say…


Of COURSE this video is dark, disturbing and wrong – but that’s the POINT of the video!

Look, people: it’s been 3 years since Rihanna got beat up by Chris Brown. Since that time many people in the public eye have been able to forgive Chris for what he did and listen to his music again, and that’s fine. I know God teaches forgiveness, and the man shouldn’t have to be chastised for the event everywhere he goes.


What I’ve had a problem with is OTHER people treating the incident as a less-than-serious event.  The majority of people who have made comments about not liking my video have been Chris Brown fans. These are the same fans who, in the last couple of weeks, have placed comments on CB sites saying things like “Chris Brown is so fine, he can beat my ass up anytime!” or “Beat me up, Chris, I love you!”

To me, these types of comments aren’t funny. Even LESS funny is that the victim of his abuse, Rihanna, has also started treating that incident as a “non-event.”  She could’ve dang near died at his hands in the car that night – but, lo and behold, 3 years later and there she is in pics with him again, hugging up lookin’ all cozy, while flipping off the camera in photos as if to say, “Yeah, I know y’all don’t think I should be around him, but F–K YOU!”

What she fails to see, perhaps as the result of being too love-struck to care, is that abuse is based on a pattern of events. Once those patterned events start happening again (i.e. small arguments, then small fights, then big fights, etc.), it won’t be hard for an incident such as the one in the above video come to fruition.

Anyway… that’s why I made the video: it’s more or less a humorous (or “not-so-humorous” depending on your view) warning to her about what COULD happen if she keeps acting like Chris won’t try to hurt her again. He may not, but why take the risk?

– A.P.T.

P.S. Oh yeah – someone on my YouTube page made the comment that “domestic violence isn’t funny.” They’re right, it’s not. But situational irony is. This is more or less playing out like the Ike & Tina story, which everyone knows about. The fact that Rihanna knows that story yet doesn’t feel the need to learn from it is pretty funny (and sad) to me. Blame it on my years of watching “South Park,” LoL.


Be on the look out for my NEW album, “Organized Chaos,” available July 19, 2011!

So check it out: I made a video of myself rapping Busta Rhymes’ part from “Look at Me Now” to prove to people that it’s not all that hard to do.  Check out the video below:


Today’s video is for the A.P.T. Chris Brown “Deuces” Parody, “Jersey Shore Douches.”



While in mid-recording for one of the songs for my new album, “Prince of Parody, Vol. 1,” my friend told me he had a great idea for a parody.

Usually when I hear these types of sentences, I immediately get suspicious.  Everyone likes to think they have a good idea for a parody song, but just because the idea is there doesn’t mean it can be executed well enough to be funny for the purposes of what I do.

Nevertheless, I decided to listen to his suggestion.  All he said was one word:


Instantly, I started laughing my butt off.  I already knew what song he was talking about parodying – Chris Brown’s infectious “Deuces” song – and thought I’d be able to get a good amount of mileage off the word.

Prior to making the song, though, I looked on YouTube to see if anyone else had done the idea.  Sure enough, Affion Crockett had done a song called “Douches” talking about women who needed to clean their lady parts.

I didn’t want to be that gross with it (I know other songs I could make gross parodies to), but I still liked the idea.  After thinking about it, I decided to use the word to describe a particular set of the population…

The cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

And so, I created a song talking about how “Douche”-like the cast members of the show are.  Granted, I’ve only seen a few snippets of the show, so I had to do some heavy research on the show and the people involved on it… but, given the reaction I’ve received from the people I’ve played the song for, I think I went in the right direction!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. I didn’t know whether or not to use the word “Guido” in the song.  I think it may possibly be a slur of some kind.  However, since they use it towards one another, I considered it a show reference and kept it in.  Hopefully I won’t get too much backlash!

2. I cut the song down to two verses for a few reasons: (a) because the beat I used only made room for 2 verses; and (b) the second verse of the song belongs to Tyga, who I still hold resent over for using MY “Obama Milli Remix” song as though it was his own 2 years ago.  F–K THAT GUY!

3. And yes, that’s ME singing during Chris’ part!  I actually CAN sing, and I’m sure my Mom will be happy to see me doing so (though I don’t know if she’ll necessarily like the content of the song 🙂


The video shoot was real simple: me, dressed up in two different outfits, in front of a green screen that I would later key out and replace with numerous pics from “Jersey Shore” photo opts.

I find that, for some reason, the simpler I keep my videos, the more YouTube views they get.  This one is just about as simple as the “Obama Milli Remix” was, and it got MILLIONS of views.  Here’s hoping this one does the same!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. Even though the video LOOKS simple, the process of finding all the pictures, pasting them in the right place, deciding between placing one in the background vs. by itself… it takes quite a while.

2. The part where I say “Is it T-shirt time?” I’m wearing my Hampton University alma mater shirt.  Just wanted to give my ol’ school a shout-out!

3. Estimated time to edit the video together: a few days.  The video shoot itself was only about 30 minutes – thank green screen keying and picture fetching for the REST of the time it took!

That’s all for now! More videos are coming; in the meantime, enjoy this one, and share it with your friends!