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A.P.T.’s new album now available for download/preview at http://tinyurl.com/aptstrikesback

Yeah… I think the flier says it all 🙂


Today’s video is for the song, “Frontin’ in L.A.” (beat by Mister K.A. beats).


Aaaaaand I’m back!

So, I’ve been in song-writing mode for a while now, and I’m putting together a new album called “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back!”  I’ve been recording on professional equipment, courtesy of my new roommate.

However, my roommate left town for a couple of days, and took his equipment with him.  While he was gone, I began thinking of song ideas, one of which became this song, “Frontin’ in L.A.”

I was listening through some of the beats I’ve collected on various online sites, and came across a beat by Mister K.A. beats that stuck out to me.  I didn’t know what the song topic would be, but I know I wanted to use the beat.  Then – literally, out of nowhere – I thought of a chorus:

“The cars, the clothes, the jewels, it’s nothin/’Cause everybody out in L.A. stay frontin’/Wooooo!”

As for the topic idea, I think it actually stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend of mine in Hollywood whose been getting his grind on heavy.  I won’t divulge names (Hollywood is already a gossipy enough town, and you never know who knows who), but my friend told me that a particular person who used to be pretty well-known had just asked him for money to pay his rent.  I thought this person was doing pretty well, so it was shocking to hear that this person had asked my friend for funds.

And that’s not the first time I’ve heard of that happening.  There are so many stories of famous people who, upon first glance, seem to be doing well… until a story comes out about them being bankrupt, or being involved in some type of money scandal.  Then you realize just how much of a front people really put on out here in Holly-weird!

I thought it would be a good topic to do a song about.  In the year and 3 months I’ve been here, I’ve learned all about how phony people here make their lives out to be just so they can put up the smoke-screen of “success.” It’s just the way the game is played out here, people!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. There are SO many truthful statements in this song.  Just a short list:

  • I have been on video sets with “stars” who don’t have much money
  • Anytime you ask someone “So, what do YOU do?” they always feel the need to come up with an answer that’s impressive
  • Statements I hear WAY too much: “I’m working on various projects;” “I know so-and-so” (why am I supposed to care?); and the oh-so popular “My project is about to BLOW!!” Yeah, it BLOWS, alright…
  • I have gone to clubs to perform where I had to put on the “costume jewelry,” i.e. the Folex watch, the $10 chain
  • I WAS in a Tyler Perry movie – “Meet the Browns” – as an extra in the school basketball scene

2. I downloaded this beat last year.  I was going to lease it, but didn’t have the money at the time. It has since been purchased, meaning I can’t legally sell the song.  I may end up recording it over another beat, or just releasing it for free…


So, after I wrote the song, I was going to put up another simplistic video, much like I did with “Mini Me.”  But for some reason… I don’t know WHY I was needing to look up Tiger Woods’ recent Nike commercial, but I was, and I started thinking: “Hmm, maybe I could use the part where his Dad asked him if he learned anything, and use it as a way of segueing into what I’ve learned about people frontin’ in L.A…”

I set up my camera in front of my green screen, dressed up in some clothes similar to what Tiger wore in his commercial (hat, vest, nice dress shirt), and filmed it.  Then I downloaded some pics to fit certain parts of the song, pasted them all together, then made the whole thing black-and-white.  Oh, and I also added in captioning so people could read the lyrics to the song.

It all sounds pretty simple, but editing this thing together probably took me a good 6 to 8 hours.  It made me remember why I’ve taken such a long break from making videos, but it was worth it for the end result!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. I decided to go with the chipmunk-sounding voice over as a contrast to the deep voice Tiger’s dad had in his commercial.

2. The REAL reason I used captions? I wasn’t able to use my roommate’s studio mic, and had to go back to my USB radio mic.  It’s an okay mic, but it doesn’t always catch the end of words well, despite my excellent enunciation. So, I put them in to make sure people knew what I was saying.

3. Also: I used pics in certain places because I had only finished recording the song the day before, and didn’t really know it.  So, on the parts where I messed up the wording, I could use pictures.

4. Because I didn’t know the words that well, I had to print them out and place them on the top of the camera.  However, I couldn’t make it look like I was reading the words, so I placed the camera farther away from myself.  The words were placed above the lens.

5. There are several pics in this video with me and celebrities.  Specifically:

  • There’s a pic with me and the guy who played “Mini Me” (taken at a Playboy Mansion party I attended – for FREE)
  • There’s a pic with me interviewing former music video vixen Vida Guerra (whose name I pronounced incorrectly – thanks a LOT, Game!)
  • There’s a pic with me and The Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan

I placed them in the video, not to show off, but to stress the point: all of these people are famous… however, that does NOT mean they’re rich, or well-off financially.  That’s all part of the “front.”

6. The picture used on the line “How else u gonna score an L.A. chick” is Jovana, who I went to college with and now lives out here.  (And, in case you’re curious, her dress is yellow – but u can’t tell that since she’s in black-and-white.)

Aaaaaand that’s it!  Okay, so I’m clearly doing videos again.  This time, though, there’s no schedule for them – I may put another one tomorrow or next week or next month – but they’re all leading up to videos for my upcoming album, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back!”


Greetings again, everybody!

Well, it looks like this “One-Song-a-Week” project is coming to a close very soon.  I only have ONE more video to film and I will have put out 52 videos in 50 weeks.  (Of course, given how much of a stickler I am for actually following through on a concept, I’ll probably do 2 bonus videos, but they won’t be nearly as good).

Me, being the nostalgic person I am, decided to take a look back at the entries I’ve done on this site over the past year.  In doing so, I came across one of my very first entries called “UPDATE: Music + Where I’m At Now,” where I talked about my then “current” status of things in the hopes of comparing it to where I’d be a year from then.

I’m SO glad I did that!

In looking at my now “current” status, things have improved greatly for me, and I’m glad I’m able to have a comparison to where I once was.  For those of you curious as to what type of changes have occurred, what follows is a “back then/right now” comparison.  Check it out:

MY LIFE “BACK THEN” (As typed by “Previous Me”, Circa May/June 2008):

* I live in Atlanta, GA.

* I work at a job that I loathe. Okay, I don’t really loathe it – I loathe having a job in the first place because it makes me feel like a slave to a schedule and payment plan. I’d rather be making money via my creativity.

* I have no girlfriend. I have girls I date, but I haven’t really found “the One” yet.

* My income for the moment: I have enough money coming in to pay my 3 bills – apartment, phone, internet/cable – and to finance my progressive steps towards my dream.

* My current recording “studio” consist of: my Studio apartment, my bootleg Fruity Loops program, my laptop, a $200 H2 Zoom studio microphone, and a set of studio headphones I bought from a guy off Craig’s List. Very nice sound, too!

MY LIFE “RIGHT NOW” (As typed by “Current Me,” Circa April/May 2009):

*I live in Van Nuys, CA.

*I work from home, which I LOVE.  The fact that I don’t have to deal with other people on a regular basis is GREAT, and I’m making money via my creativity.

*I had a girl I was dating when I moved to D.C., but she’s in law school there, and now I’m over here.  I miss her everyday, and always look forward to seeing her when I get the chance!

*My income for the moment is actually less than what I was making as a server.  However, since I work at home, there’s no commute money to pay, no clothes to buy for work, no gas money.  My soon-to-be future income, though, will be GREAT.

*My current recording “studio” consist of: my 2 bedroom apartment (I have a roommate, but he’s gone most of the day); my Magix Studio 14 program (on my PC), my bootleg Fruity Loops program (on my PC – still good for making beats!), my laptop, my iMac Computer, the Garageband Sound Studio (on my iMac), my C-Media USB Microphone (i.e. professional studio quality mic)… and a set of headphones I bought from a guy off Craig’s List back in 2007 that I managed NOT to lose.  Still has nice sound, too!

*Oh yeah – I still use my Kodak 6.1 megapixel camera for most of my filming, but my iMac also has a built in HD camera which I’ve used quite a few times.  It’s nice to have options, people!

And that’s pretty much it!  All in all, this experiment has definitely exceeded my expectations, but I’ll talk more about that once I’ve posted up my final video.  See ya on Sunday!


And now, I present to you the newest A.P.T. mixtape…


“Welcome 2 Cali: The Mixtape!”

Featuring the Asher Roth parody, “I Hate Grad School!” Includes unreleased A.P.T. tracks as well as freestyles and newer songs like “I’m The Realest” feat. Jay-Z and “Y’all Haters Should Know!”

FREE DOWNLOAD! Click HERE to get it!


The last mixtape I released was “The Next Black President (a.k.a. Back on My Grind)” back in November.  2 months after it was released, I released my second “official” album, “The Great Black Hope.”  Prior to those two albums, I released “The O-bama Mixtape” as well as “The A.P.T. LP,” and I re-released the album I made back in college, “The A.P.T. EP (This is ONLY a Demo).”

The only reason I released these albums was because I figured they’d give me enough material to satisfy the needs of my “One-Song-a-Week” year-long project.  And it did – technically, with the combined amount of songs on all the albums I could have easily pulled from them to make the 52 videos I needed to make.

But… after the release of video 43 (“The Great Black Hope,”) I started coming up with new songs.  Actually, it started before then – when I settled in to my apartment in Van Nuys, CA, I was listening to beats on line, and came across a Paul Wall beat that I used to make “Y’all Haters Should Know.”  It was in this song that I first shouted out, “I made it out to Caliiiiii!”

Then, I sold my mic because I was low on rent money, and couldn’t record anything for a while.  Which was fine because I was starting to focus energy on things outside music that would be financially beneficial to me in the future.  However, as I approached video 43 and started thinking about what other songs I would use for videos, I realized that, although I had songs to choose from, I couldn’t think of videos to necessarily go with them.

Then, I finally got a brand NEW mic – one that sounds 3 times better than my old one – and I got in the mood to record again.  It was around this same time that the whole “Rihanna getting ‘allegedly’ beat up by Chris Brown'” incident happened – just in time for me to make a parody song about it for video 44, “Hey There Rihanna.” (Which, BTW, is NOT on the mixtape since Rihanna seems to have finally gotten enough sense to leave him.  At least the song was timely!)

Then, I started writing songs for my other project (which I still can’t talk about quite yet).  In the course of finding beats, I would occasionally find one that I couldn’t use on said project, but that I DID think of lyrics for that I could use as my rap persona.  An example would be the beat used for video 46, “Fairytale or Nightmare?”  It’s a beat that remixes the Fairy music from “Legend of Zelda” – clearly I couldn’t make a song to it and sell it w/o Nintendo’s permission, but I COULD make a song and give it away for free!

And since I was nearing the end of the project, I figured that any songs I made from then on out could just be given away for free, one at a time, without me having to put together a new compilation of material….

…but then, because I was putting out new songs, people started asking me: “So…. are you going to put out any more mixtapes soon?”

Dang… why did someone have to ask that question!

Truthfully, I didn’t think anyone would want another mixtape from me.  I mean, dang, I’ve already put out 5 albums in the course of less than a year, and didn’t want to over-saturate people with more music.  At the same time, though, it wasn’t like I didn’t have material I couldn’t put together.  In the span of 5 years I’ve recorded freestyles, songs, and other stuff that I haven’t released.  Plus, it’s nice to know that people still want to hear new stuff from me – I’m still amazed to this day that, even with the “Obama Milli” song finally dying down a bit in hype, people still check for my music!

So, I decided to make a new mixtape called “Welcome 2 Cali!”

This mixtape contains newly written songs released as videos within the past few weeks, as well as one song (“Back 2 The Future”) I released as video 6 yet never put on any album or mixtape.  Also included are my “paperstyles” (freestyles that are written down and recorded right away) I released right after “The O-bama Mixtape” came out, and 2 “freestyles” I recorded (one of them last year, and the other was recorded when I still lived at my Mom’s house back in 2005).

And of course, I also have new songs I recorded, including my newest parody, “I Hate Grad School,” a take on Asher Roth’s “I Love College,” and “Welcome 2 Cali,” which takes Lil’ Wayne’s “Prom Queen” beat to make a totally original song (i.e. no parodying him THIS time!).

So, check it out! It’s a GREAT mixtape, and a wonderful way for me to end this project on a GREAT note!

Track Listing for “Welcome 2 Cali: The Mixtape” (Highlighted links have videos for the song!):

01. Welcome 2 Cali Intro
02. Welcome 2 Cali
03. Y’all Haters Should Know
04. I Hate Grad School (Asher Roth “I Love College” Parody)
05. Fairytale… or Nightmare?
06. California Sunshine
07. Ahead of the Rest
08. Back to the Future
09. Interlude – Songs Between Albums
10. Super Mario Paperstyle
11. She Didn’t Want Me (“Here I Am” Paperstyle)
12. Interlude – Freestyling
13. Moonlight Freestyle
14. I Need a Job (Mobb Deep Beat Freetyle)
15. I Get Honeys (50 Cent “I Get Money” Parody)
16. I’m The Realest (feat. Jay-Z) Produced by King Kut


E-mail: APTsongs@hotmail.com

MySpace: http://www.MySpace.com/NotoriousAPT

I present to you…


The BRAND New Album from A.P.T.!

Featuring the #1 Worldwide Smash, “Obama Milli Remix,” plus “Hands UP!,” “Nothing More 2 Say,” “What Had Happen Was,” and more!

Only 6.99 5.99 this week only! (January 7-14) Click here for download info:

– – – – – – – – – –

Well, I finally did it.  After years and years of talking about it, of dreaming ab0ut it, and of wanting to do it, I finally did it.

I. Am. Living. In. California.

My winter is already 3 times better, just for the fact that the weather is warm most of the day (though, since it IS winter, it’s still cold at night) and the sun is bright.  The place I live is in a nice area, my roommate is nice, and my apartment is a nice size.  My room is even bigger than the room I had at the town house I was staying at in D.C.

It feels good to be able to do something that I’ve always said I wanted to do.  Anyone who thinks it’s not possible to actually go through with a dream or goal is living in la-la land.  At least as far as I’m concerned.  I never understood why someone would doubt themselves – if anything,  a person should be their own cheerleader, yet they usually end up being their biggest obstacle towards success.

Anyway… so, yeah.  I’m in California, and I couldn’t be happier.  My next goal: to see “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” in studio, LIVE.  That’s been a dream of mine for even longer than wanting to move out here, and now I live in the same city where the show is taped.  Yay!

Of course, that will be on Monday.  As for this week’s video, I filmed it while in Virginia, and will be my last video from out there.  It’s for one of the songs off “The Great Black Hope” album, and it’s jammin’, man!

That’s all for now!  By the way, if you haven’t gotten it yet, definitely get “The Great Black Hope” album.  It’s really good, and I put a lot of effort into it so you’d enjoy it. 


E-mail: aptsongs@hotmail.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/NotoriousAPT

Soundclick: www.soundclick.com/APT