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Those of you who have been to this site before already know about my 2008/2009 hit, “Obama Milli Remix.” And if you don’t, here’s the video below:

What you may not know is that after the song became popular, Cash Money/Young Money artist Tyga decided to make his OWN version of the song.  Basically, another person on YouTube remade the song’s beat (which I had remade from scratch based off the “A Milli” beat) using my “O-Bama” vocal in the background.  According to the next part of the story (as told to me by the guy who remade the beat), Tyga reached out to the guy for the beat so he could make his own version of the song.  If you haven’t heard it, here’s the song below:

I included my version of the song on my first iTunes album, “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy,” so that it would draw attention to my album and people would buy it.  For my most recent album, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back,” I decided to include the version with Tyga to once again draw focus to the album.  (In short, everytime someone types in “Obama Milli” on iTunes, all 31 of the songs I currently have on their pop up.)

Now that the version with Tyga is my 3rd best-selling song (not bad, considering it’s been up less than a week), I figured I should advertise for it so more people will know about it and buy it!  Here are the links to download both versions:

  • “Obama Milli Remix” (Original Version) – Click HERE!
  • “Obama Milli Mega Remix” (feat. Tyga) – Click HERE!

While you’re at iTunes, be sure to preview/download some of my 0ther songs as well.  Thanks!


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In gearing up for my album – “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back,” out June 8th, 2010 – I’ve been going through tracks and trying to cut down the amount of songs on the album.

Now, in this day of and age of music where an artist can post up their own songs on iTunes, one could technically post up however many songs they want to, collectively, on ONE album.  The service I use allows you to post up an album for $46.99, and the LIMIT for the amount of songs you can put on that album is – are you ready for this? – one HUNDRED songs.

A new artist might look at this and think: “Oh man oh man, that’s AWESOME! I can put up an album of 100 songs, and it’ll only cost the buyer 9.99?!?  I’m going to post ALL my songs up right now!”

And logically speaking, it would appear, at first, to make sense.  After all, $9.99 is a BARGAIN to pay for so many songs.


An artist who did that would be lucky to sell even ONE album.

Placing TOO many tracks on an album – especially for an artist that’s unestablished – is a DEATH sentence for your career.

A few things new artists should consider:

  • Music is a activity of choice and time.  When someone sees your name or hears about your music, they are making 2 choices: (a) whether or not they want to get to know your stuff, and (b) how much time they want to invest getting to know you.
  • If they don’t know you, they don’t want to hear much from you.  This is why when record companies have a new artist, they start off by releasing ONE single at a time.  It’s a way for them to say: “We have an artist you might like.  We  know you don’t want to hear a lot of music from this unknown artist, but give this ONE song a chance.  If you like it, there is more, and we can tell you where to get it.”
  • If someone DOES like the ONE song you put out, they may want to test out more of your stuff by buying your album… but if there are too many songs or it’s too long, their brain starts thinking about how much time they’ll have to spend with you (via listening to your album) and they may back off.

Remember: things often work the OPPOSITE of the way we think they should.  One assumes that offering more songs at a discounted price would make people want to buy their stuff, when in actuality they’d be better off putting together an album of 10 to 12 songs.  The possible consumer will see the album and, instead of thinking:

  • “Aw, this album doesn’t have enough songs on it! I’m not gonna buy it at all!”

They will think:

  • “Hmm, a new artist, eh? Well, I liked that one song… I guess I could buy it.  It’s only 10 songs – what’s that, like 35 minutes? I can spare some time listening to this!”

As for me… well, I’ve had a hit song, and I’ve released an album on iTunes, “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy!” That album was 12 songs long, which sprawls out to about 46 minutes.  It’s long enough so people think they’re getting a good deal, but not so long that people will start to get bored with me.  Yes, I’m an artist and I think my songs are the shiznit, but I also know that, after a while, no matter how good an artist is, people are going to want to listen to someone else.

And if they just want to listen to my stuff? Well, having a shorter amount of songs will leave them wanting for more, which only helps me to sell the NEXT album (coming in… oh, wait, let me get this NEW one out the door first before I start talking about THAT)!


Today’s video is for the song, “Frontin’ in L.A.” (beat by Mister K.A. beats).


Aaaaaand I’m back!

So, I’ve been in song-writing mode for a while now, and I’m putting together a new album called “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back!”  I’ve been recording on professional equipment, courtesy of my new roommate.

However, my roommate left town for a couple of days, and took his equipment with him.  While he was gone, I began thinking of song ideas, one of which became this song, “Frontin’ in L.A.”

I was listening through some of the beats I’ve collected on various online sites, and came across a beat by Mister K.A. beats that stuck out to me.  I didn’t know what the song topic would be, but I know I wanted to use the beat.  Then – literally, out of nowhere – I thought of a chorus:

“The cars, the clothes, the jewels, it’s nothin/’Cause everybody out in L.A. stay frontin’/Wooooo!”

As for the topic idea, I think it actually stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend of mine in Hollywood whose been getting his grind on heavy.  I won’t divulge names (Hollywood is already a gossipy enough town, and you never know who knows who), but my friend told me that a particular person who used to be pretty well-known had just asked him for money to pay his rent.  I thought this person was doing pretty well, so it was shocking to hear that this person had asked my friend for funds.

And that’s not the first time I’ve heard of that happening.  There are so many stories of famous people who, upon first glance, seem to be doing well… until a story comes out about them being bankrupt, or being involved in some type of money scandal.  Then you realize just how much of a front people really put on out here in Holly-weird!

I thought it would be a good topic to do a song about.  In the year and 3 months I’ve been here, I’ve learned all about how phony people here make their lives out to be just so they can put up the smoke-screen of “success.” It’s just the way the game is played out here, people!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. There are SO many truthful statements in this song.  Just a short list:

  • I have been on video sets with “stars” who don’t have much money
  • Anytime you ask someone “So, what do YOU do?” they always feel the need to come up with an answer that’s impressive
  • Statements I hear WAY too much: “I’m working on various projects;” “I know so-and-so” (why am I supposed to care?); and the oh-so popular “My project is about to BLOW!!” Yeah, it BLOWS, alright…
  • I have gone to clubs to perform where I had to put on the “costume jewelry,” i.e. the Folex watch, the $10 chain
  • I WAS in a Tyler Perry movie – “Meet the Browns” – as an extra in the school basketball scene

2. I downloaded this beat last year.  I was going to lease it, but didn’t have the money at the time. It has since been purchased, meaning I can’t legally sell the song.  I may end up recording it over another beat, or just releasing it for free…


So, after I wrote the song, I was going to put up another simplistic video, much like I did with “Mini Me.”  But for some reason… I don’t know WHY I was needing to look up Tiger Woods’ recent Nike commercial, but I was, and I started thinking: “Hmm, maybe I could use the part where his Dad asked him if he learned anything, and use it as a way of segueing into what I’ve learned about people frontin’ in L.A…”

I set up my camera in front of my green screen, dressed up in some clothes similar to what Tiger wore in his commercial (hat, vest, nice dress shirt), and filmed it.  Then I downloaded some pics to fit certain parts of the song, pasted them all together, then made the whole thing black-and-white.  Oh, and I also added in captioning so people could read the lyrics to the song.

It all sounds pretty simple, but editing this thing together probably took me a good 6 to 8 hours.  It made me remember why I’ve taken such a long break from making videos, but it was worth it for the end result!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. I decided to go with the chipmunk-sounding voice over as a contrast to the deep voice Tiger’s dad had in his commercial.

2. The REAL reason I used captions? I wasn’t able to use my roommate’s studio mic, and had to go back to my USB radio mic.  It’s an okay mic, but it doesn’t always catch the end of words well, despite my excellent enunciation. So, I put them in to make sure people knew what I was saying.

3. Also: I used pics in certain places because I had only finished recording the song the day before, and didn’t really know it.  So, on the parts where I messed up the wording, I could use pictures.

4. Because I didn’t know the words that well, I had to print them out and place them on the top of the camera.  However, I couldn’t make it look like I was reading the words, so I placed the camera farther away from myself.  The words were placed above the lens.

5. There are several pics in this video with me and celebrities.  Specifically:

  • There’s a pic with me and the guy who played “Mini Me” (taken at a Playboy Mansion party I attended – for FREE)
  • There’s a pic with me interviewing former music video vixen Vida Guerra (whose name I pronounced incorrectly – thanks a LOT, Game!)
  • There’s a pic with me and The Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan

I placed them in the video, not to show off, but to stress the point: all of these people are famous… however, that does NOT mean they’re rich, or well-off financially.  That’s all part of the “front.”

6. The picture used on the line “How else u gonna score an L.A. chick” is Jovana, who I went to college with and now lives out here.  (And, in case you’re curious, her dress is yellow – but u can’t tell that since she’s in black-and-white.)

Aaaaaand that’s it!  Okay, so I’m clearly doing videos again.  This time, though, there’s no schedule for them – I may put another one tomorrow or next week or next month – but they’re all leading up to videos for my upcoming album, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back!”


Greetings, people!

Well, I’ve finally decided to provide a little insight into my newest album project.  It’s at the “near completion” stage, and I’m sure I’ll be doing promo for it REAL soon (i.e. videos, interviews, etc.), so for those of you who have been patiently waiting for some new material from me, here’s some of what you need to know!

1. The album will be called…


Pretty cool title, eh?

There are two reasons why I chose this title:

(a) For marketing purposes.  It may be surprising to some, but the song is almost two years old and still pretty popular.  I continue to get monthly iTunes residuals from it each month; furthermore, if you go to iTunes and type in “Obama,” my song is still in the top 10 of all things Obama-related being sold on the site.

My last album was titled “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy.” You may notice a theme here – my iTunes albums having the words “Obama Milli Remix” in it – but it makes it easier for people to find all of my songs.  Anytime someone types in the name of the single, all twelve songs from “AotOMRG” album pop up, thus letting them know that I’ve made more than ONE song.  Now, with this new album having those same words in the title, people will get even more of a variety of songs from me to choose from when they search out my most popular tune.

(b) The “Strikes Back” is also purposeful.  The opening tunes on the album are more aggressive – not in the 50 Cent sense where I’m trying to kill people, but more of a retaliation against certain things and/or people.  Prior to the “Obama” song blowing up, people ranging from those close to me to radio DJs and more wouldn’t even consider me being a “rapper.”  Then, once the song blew up, there were DJs and certain artists who tried to steal my song without giving me credit.  So, while the majority of the album is not an angry album – in fact, many of the songs range from being hilarious to club-oriented – I wanted some of the songs to give a feeling of “I’m not taking your crap anymore” to the listeners.

2. The tracks are very eclectic.

My goal for this album was three-fold: to strike back at some of the people who pissed me off during the height of the “Obama Milli Remix’s” popularity; to make songs that would prove how much of a hit-maker I really am; and to display some of my beat-making skills, as well as those of K.K.O.F., a beat-maker from ATL who is really on the verge of being a major producer in the game.  Allow me to be more detailed in each of these (without giving away the names of the songs):


I’ve already detailed this in the previous paragraph.  Needless to say, I had some pint-up anger I needed to get out, and I tend to do that best through writing.  On one track, I display my lyrical skills just in case people think I’m BSing about being a major player in the game. On other tracks, I go after everyone from DJs to old school rappers, and jealous haters.


At the end of the day, making music is a GREAT hobby, but it’s supposed to make me money.  I’ve become real good at creating choruses that are catchy, and picking out beats that will get the butts moving on the dancefloor.  Amazingly,  I can do this without having to talk about booty-shaking, smoking, drinking, killing, sexing, or the majority of other things most rappers tend to talk about.  You’ll get to hear a little bit more about my life on this album than I usually talk about, but it will be done with up-tempo beats, in true A.P.T. fashion.

Speaking of fashion, there are also a few songs that are geared towards fashion-shows and other areas where my songs could be used for product placement.  Most rappers put together albums without thinking about that part, but if your album doesn’t sell like you want it to, you can still make a killing off it if you have songs you can sell to sponsors.  Example: Kanye West probably made more money off the song “Amazing” from his “808s and Heartbreak” album than he did from the album’s actual sales.  Why? ‘Cause he sold it to the NBA to use during the finals last year – and THOSE checks ain’t no joke!

I say that to say, some of the songs were made with the thought that I could pimp them out for other purposes aside from just having people listen to them.  a 99 cent buy from a “fan” is great, but a 99 THOUSAND check from a company that wants to use my songs is even better.


The original reason for me making songs in the first place was to not only display my writing skills, but my beat-making skills as well.  Now that I’ve got some notoriety, I’m still working on getting my own beats out there, as well as those of some people I’ve come across since opening the site.

On this particular album, I’ve got a few beats I made that I feel are really going to hit hard with the public.  Some of them revolve around certain concepts, while others are just dope-sounding beats.  My particular beat-making style is actually pretty simplistic: much like Dr. Dre, I like to make beat patterns that are relatively not-complicated in theory, but are extremely effective in execution.

Another beat-maker on the album is K.K.O.F., formerly known as King Kut (which, for the record, he SHOULD go back to being called since he yells it as his tag on all his beats).  He lives in Atlanta, and his beats have that southern bounce and jive that reminds me of stuff T.I. would rap on.  I used a couple of his beats for the last project (as well as the Non Juan album, “909s and Heart Flatlines”), and since then he’s been working with some other guys in the rap game, like Yo Gotti and the Cash Money/Young Money crew. I’ve created some killer concepts for the songs that use his beats, so hopefully his star will continue to rise!

I’ve got a couple other beat-makers I’m using, but not too many more. Overall, though, all of the beats used work well together to make an album that sounds cohesive.

3. The promotion…

I’m still working on this part of the plan.  One thing is definite: There WILL be videos!

Some will be in-house and shot on the green screen, while others will actually have a budget and be shot OUTSIDE my apartment.  I haven’t made any A.P.T. music videos since September, so I got a few tricks up my sleeves for the visuals which I’m sure will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!

Aside from the videos, I’ll be doing the usual stuff associate with an album release, some of which I haven’t done before: Electronic Press Kit, radio interviews, performances, and some other fun stuff.

Aaaaand that’s about it!  I’m looking to finish up the album this week and send it to iTunes so it can be up sometime in May.  I’ll keep you posted!


Above: The new video version of “Kate Gosselin is a B*tch”

Above: The original version of the video I put out back in September 2009.

This blog is about the music video I made for my song, “Kate Gosselin is a B*tch” (Produced by K.K.O.F.)

Available on A.P.T.’s album, “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy!” Now on iTunes – Click HERE!


Before I go into an explanation of the song and video, let me state this: I did a mini-blog about the creation of this song yesterday, along with about 5 other videos I’ve shot and posted on YouTube since September.

So why am I re-posting a more detailed blog for this particular song? Two reasons:

1. I made the original video back in September of 2009, and recently remixed the video a bit to coincide with Kate Gosselin being on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.  Since the new video was made, it’s been getting HELLA views, and is starting to jump at the same rate that my “Obama Milli Remix” song did.  So, I figured it was worth going into more depth describing its creation.

2. I want people who surf Kate Gosselin’s name on the internet to be able to find this video in their search.  The more places I post it, the more hits I’ll get.  So now, if someone types in the words KATE GOSSELIN or DANCING WITH THE STARS, this blog will pop up!

Okay, onto the insights:


Kate Gosselin got divorced from her husband during the summer of 2009.  As the divorce was happening, the media took note of the fact that Jon was dating various women, and made Kate look like the poor victim of the divorce.

I watched all this coverage and thought to myself: “PUUUL-EEEEEEASE!!”

I don’t mean to sound like a “manist” (the male version of being a “feminist”), but I always hate it when the media makes the woman out to be the victim, and doesn’t shoulder any of the responsibility on her for what happened.  As much as they may have wanted to pin the whole divorce as being Jon’s fault, I clearly remember sitting through a marathon of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” shows during Thanksgiving of 2008 and seeing all the harsh words and actions Kate was dishing out to Jon.  I won’t go into too much detail, but suffice to say, there is MORE than enough evidence on tape of Kate emasculating her husband that would display MORE than enough reasons for him to want to (a) leave her as quickly as possible, and (b) find another girl to latch onto who would show him the attention he wanted.

Since everyone in the media was treating him like the “bad guy,” I figured I needed to make a statement defending Jon, and remind the world how much of a bitch Mrs. Gosselin actually was (and still is).

My man from the ATL, producer K.K.O.F. (http://www.kkof.wordpress.com) had sent me a gaggle of beats to use for my upcoming album (coming very, very soon).  I don’t remember if I wrote the song or picked the beat out first, but I liked the way the steel drums sounded on the beat and the bounce of it, so I  decided to run with it.

As for the song itself, I basically went through and reminded people of how bad Kate’s attitude was.  I mention watching the TV show and thinking she was crazy; the times she treated him like a kid; her lack of appreciation she showed when he tried to help (simply because he wasn’t doing it HER way); and so much more.

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. The most important part of any song is the chorus.  It has to relay the thought of the song without being too complicated so that people will be able to easily chant it and get it stuck in their heads.  I’ve gotten very, VERY good at this.  I knew I didn’t want the chorus to be too wordy, and at first I was just going to say “Kate Gosselin is a biiiiiiiiiiitch” like it says in the song.  Then, I realized it would be more powerful if there was something else for people to chant.  Thus, I added the lines “You already know” and “She’s a crazy ho” and repeated them each 3 times at different parts of the chorus.

2. There’s a part in the song where I say: “…cause a mid-20s dude with 8 kids is CRAZY!”  Its been proven that men do much better raising kids if they start at a later age.  And that’s just with ONE kid – apparently, the more kids a man has, and the younger he is when he has them, the less stable of a father they are, and the more likely he is to divorce.

3. Another line I like is when I say: “…you can claim all day that Jon’s the bad guy in this.”  Realistically, a divorce occurs because BOTH parties are at fault – for the media and Kate to give all the blame to Jon is just darn ridiculous.


There are 2 versions of this video, both of which have most of the same elements.

After completing my “One-Song-a-Week” video project last year, I got tired of trying to think up different scenarios for my songs.  Finally, I thought to myself: “Hey… Soulja Boy got discovered posting up a video where all he did was dance in front of a camera – I don’t need no stinkin’ complicated concepts for my vids!”

So, whenever I would think of a song, I would either post up pictures, film myself sitting on my bed mouthing the words or, in the case of this video, both. I found some pics online of Jon and Kate that I could occasionally flash throughout the video, then recorded myself “performing” the song on my bed.

Of course, I didn’t want people watching the video to KNOW I was sitting on my bed, or that I was in my bedroom.  So, I made sure to move myself close to my iMAC camera (yes, I used my built-in computer camera to record this) and change the color in post – the white background was actually my bedroom wall!

I posted the original version of the video up in September, and as of last week it had gotten up to 4000+ views. I hadn’t thought about the song in a while, and after that video I had posted up quite a few others (most notably, my “Imma Let U Finish” video featuring Kanye West’s MTV rant as the chorus – video currently has 38,000 views) The last thing I did with the song was include it on my “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy!” album, which I sent to iTunes that same month.

And man, oh man, am I glad I did THAT!

See, back in September, I had NO idea that, come March of 2010, Kate Gosselin would be one of the celebrities on “Dancing With The Stars.”  Nor did I know that she would be such a huge you-know-what to her instructor that people who may have disagreed with the sentiment of my song back in September 2009 were in full agreement with it after seeing her on the show.

But then, my friend Antwon posted a comment on my Facebook page that said:

You hit the nail on the head about a year ago: Kate Gosselin is a (insert bad word)….I watched DWTS, and she is too much to deal with…smh

I don’t actually watch “Dancing With the Stars” and had no idea what he was talking about.  So I went to YouTube.  And I saw the footage.  And I thought to myself: “Wow – it would be a GREAT idea to take this footage and mix some of it in with my ‘Kate Gosselin is a B*tch’ video!”

So, that’s what I did: I got the footage, cut up the juicy parts from the segment, added it into my video, and reposted it.

And now, not even a whole week later, it’s up to 3800 views as of this typing. And counting.

AAAAAND… the best part? The song’s already up on iTunes, so hopefully people will buy it as much as they’re still buying the “Obama Milli Remix,” which is a LOT!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. For the second video, I was going to paste the clips of Kate in, and have the music playing underneath.  However, the dialogue was just too darn good to not be heard as a result of music covering it up.  So, I went with the technique of stopping the song and playing the clips instead, except for the end (by which time everyone should know the chorus enough to where they know what’s being said underneath).

2. The “Beartoons” cartoon at the end – I found that while doing a search, and thought it was the perfect way to end the video.

3. In case you’re curious: yes, all three chorus shots are EXACTLY the same.  I did it one time, then cut and pasted it at each chorus part.  Why? ‘Cause I’m lazy, and didn’t feel like filming it 3 times, okay?!?

4. In the past, I was worried that people might not be able to hear what it is I’m saying. So, for this video, I added captions.  I wish I had done them in a different color, though: I did it in yellow, which works great.. until you get to the parts where there are people in the shot – then it gets kinda hard to read 😦

5. The sound quality on the first version of the video is actually better.  This is because, for the second video, I couldn’t find where I had saved the video on my hard drive, so I had to download it off YouTube and re-use it.  Not only does this slightly lower the video quality, but also the sound quality. Sorry 😦

That’s all for now – I’m glad the video is taking off! You can find it on iTunes courtesy of my “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy!”album!