Above: A.P.T. video blog #8, “Grammys & Cough Syrup!”

Another week, another video in the can…

Yet lo and behold: another video already?!?  

Truthfully, I’ve been wanting to do regular video blogs for a while now.  They’re great for (a) making people know more about me, and (b) connecting with people to where they feel like they know me – and, therefore, are willing to buy my stuff.  Yes, I’m blatantly honest about that last part, but any celeb on YouTube who has a blog (i.e. Diddy) is doing it, ultimately, so you’ll buy their stuff.  I’m just more up-front about it!

I wasn’t able to do this too much on my PC because they aren’t really equipped to do the amount of videos I really wanted to do. Plus, since it’s slower, doing a daily video blog would have been a chore.  I would have had to:

  • Film it
  • Upload it
  • Re-convert the video back into a Windows Media File
  • Place it into Windows Movie Maker
  • Add title, ending, and music
  • Publish it
  • Check the video to make sure it came out the right way
  • Go online to YouTube
  • Post it

With the MAC, though, the process is the following:

  • Film it – FROM THE BUILT-IN CAMERA! (No uploading necessary)
  • Edit, add title, ending and music
  • Click the button that says “post to YouTube”
  • Fill out the info, then post to YouTube.

And that’s it!  Very, very simple.  Plus, since the camera is already built into the computer screen, I don’t have to worry about upload time.  It’s great!

So, I’ll be doing these video blogs on a daily basis, talking about anything I feel like.  Enjoy the video above!