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ImageThis is the album cover for my NEW album, “A.P.T. Presents: The O-bama Mixtape II: Vote Obama Style!” Shout outs to Joe Hollywood for the instagram pic, as well as http://www.Cartoonize.net for implementing the oil paint-style look!

As for some album info, the album will have 12 songs* on it. Most are original songs but there are a few parodies on there too – obviously “Vote Obama Style,” but also “Black President,” “Christmas in Paris (Jay-Z and Kanye West Parody)” and one more parody I’m currently working on that I won’t reveal just yet 🙂

Once I record the last parody, I’ll be sending the album to iTunes and other stores for you to purchase, but it will definitely be sometime within the next 7 days. Stay tuned!!


*12 songs is the current amount planned, but may change.

NEW A.P.T. album dropping on November 16 – no details coming soon (why? ‘Cause it’s a SURPRISE!)

Guess what, people? ANOTHER ALBUM GOT LEAKED!

This time, the victim is Rihanna (no pun intended).  Her new album, “Loud,” comes out on November 16, but I’ve already heard it! So, should you buy it, download it, or leave it alone? Watch my review below to find out!

– A.P.T.

Another week, another video in the can!

It’s cool to do music videos, but it’s even cooler to have videos that go with songs on your album.  “The O-Bama Mixtape” was downloaded 411 times last week – not bad, considering I’m extremely new to most people – and I figure the best way to promote the album is to do videos for a few of the songs. I’ve already got next week’s video half-way done – it’s going to be a visual for one of the more popular songs off the mixtape – and I may do one more video before I start doing videos for the official album, dropping Sunday, August 24th.

Speaking of my album: aside from all the fun aspects of music – making songs, videos, etc. – one has to remember that it is called a music “business” for a reason.  People who are in the mode of creating often forget that there is a whole business side to this thing that includes publishing, royatly credits, becoming a member of ASCAP or BMI, legal things, copyrighting, and other important things that need to be handled prior to releasing music.

And there’s a LOT that a person needs to know.  For example, I finally found a legit website yesterday where I could sell ringtones and make a profit of $.50 per ringtone sold.  I thought all I would have to do was sign up, send in my songs and watch the money come in.  WRONG!

Instead, the website sent me a Licensing Agreement, a W-9 form for tax purposes, an overview of their program… clearly, this was more than I expected to have to do to sell a simple ringtone!

Then there’s figuring out how to sell your stuff, and at what price.  I already have a website I can use that will automatically send people the MP3 for the album as soon as they purchase it, and I’m also considering using CDbaby.com for people wanting a physical CD.  Because of this, though, I have to make sure that I (a) own all the instrumentals and elements of those instrumentals (i.e. no sampling) and (b) have the album done early enough to where I can send them the info and music prior to the release date (though I may just wait an extra week to see how well the non-physical album sells).

So, there’s a LOT of stuff I have to do to get ready for the album aside from just recording (the majority of which is done already).  I’m also pondering how many released songs vs. unreleased songs I should put on the album.  On the one hand, I don’t necessarily want people paying for songs they may have already downloaded for free; on the other hand, there are a few songs prior to “Obama, Obama” that didn’t get downloaded nearly as much (1385+ for “Obama Obama” vs. 20 for “It’s Over”). 

At the same time, I also have songs I released such as “The N!@@er Song” (107+ downloads) and “Back to the Future” (50+ downloads) that people don’t seem to mind paying for were it to be on an album.  Also, I wish I hadn’t advertised the price of the CD already to be 5.99 – I should sell it for 6.99 because I forgot that PayPal takes out fees for this stuff, which means I’ll probably end up with $4 per album instead of $5. 

Oh well – I’ll still make more off it than most signed artist do.  I just hope I can sell as much as they do so I can finally afford to tour, and head out on the road!

Okay, that’s all from me now – if you read the above, you know I got stuff to do!