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Wow, two weeks in a row! Gotta luv the holidays, when artists start dropping albums, and they leak before they even hit the stores!

This time the victim is Rihanna (wouldn’t be the first time she’s been one), and her album “Talk That Talk.” This is the 3rd Rihanna album I’ve reviewed – the question is, how does this one stack up against her previous works? Watch the review and find out!

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What up, peeps? Well, Drake’s upcoming new album, “Take Care,” leaked all over the internet this past weekend. I got to hear it, and did a music review for it! So, what did I think of it? Watch and see!

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NEW A.P.T. album dropping on November 16 – no details coming soon (why? ‘Cause it’s a SURPRISE!)

Guess what, people? ANOTHER ALBUM GOT LEAKED!

This time, the victim is Rihanna (no pun intended).  Her new album, “Loud,” comes out on November 16, but I’ve already heard it! So, should you buy it, download it, or leave it alone? Watch my review below to find out!

– A.P.T.

Drake’s upcoming album, “Thank Me Later,” leaked.  I’ve heard the album, and decided to review it.  So, what did I think? Watch the video and find out!

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