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Today’s music insight is for my new video “Black President,” a parody of Tyga’s “Rack City.”

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In 2008… geez, how many times have I told this story on this site?? Look, just click on the “Obama Milli Remix” link at the top of the page for the full story.

Anyway, the “Obama Milli Remix” song was a huge success. Back then, I knew there’d be an election coming up in 4 years, which would mean Obama would be running for re-election.  I didn’t know if I’d be making any more Obama-related parodies… okay, let’s be real: I knew I’d make some more – heck, I made a decent amount of money off the sales from the first song I did – but I didn’t want to make songs that would feel forced.

Fast-forward to January 2012. New year, new songs out that are banging. Right now one of the more popular rap songs out is Tyga’s “Rack City,” a song with an infectious-yet-simple beat and a chorus that is instantly singable.  I’ve had some beef with Tyga for a while now – mostly ’cause he took the remade “A Milli” beat I made with my voice singing “O-bama O-bama” on it and made his own Obama song without my permission OR recognition – but just ’cause I don’t like him personally doesn’t mean I can’t admit when he makes a good song.

So, while I didn’t want the parody I made to be with one of his songs… well, it’s in the top 10 on Billboard and it’s catchy, so I did it anyway!

Plus, the song just came to me so easily. I was walkin’ around singing the “Rack City” part of the chorus, and just started singing “Black President, Black – Black President.” It fit so well, and I knew at that point I had a song.

It’s a short song – only 2 minutes and 37 seconds long – so I didn’t have to write too much. With the previous song I had to think up 3 verses worth of material dealing with him running for office; this one was easier because all I had to do was pull from various things he’s gone through as President, in only 2 verses. The rhyme pattern on this one was also much, MUCH simpler than the one for “A Milli” was; with the latter I had to practice non-stop to get it, whereas this one has more of a straight flow to it.

Despite the easiness of writing the song, recording it was a biznich.  I’m much more particular these days about how my songs sound when I record them, so I’m always critiquing my recordings for little mistakes here and there. I didn’t want to double-up my voice on the verses or make it sound like there were any pauses in recording, which meant I had to do the main recording line of the song in one take. The main problem ended up being with my microphone – specifically, it’s so powerful that it can pick up little noises, including the humming sound coming from my laptop motor.  It took me forever to figure out how to create a sound barrier that would significantly lessen the sound coming from it. (Note: I still need to buy a longer reach for my microphone and build a full-on soundproof box to place it in for when I record.)

Once I finally got it right, I turned up the automatic tuning on my voice (to make it sound somewhat auto-tuned) and voila! Song complete!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. A few lines in the song got changed last minute. For example, I had the line: “Two kids, heck no he ain’t celibate” to match the line in Tyga’s song: “F–kin’ all night, n!@@a we ain’t celibate.” It got changed to me rapping about how Michelle Obama could “Knock your lights out, you don’t wanna take a hit (Pow!)”. I changed it mostly ’cause the first line I had written sounded awkward.  I also did a major retooling of the last 4 lines of verse two – originally I had the lines: “Oh, man, what do I do? Killed Osama and we still not cool…” etc. However, I’m a stickler with trying to rhyme as many of the words with words that were in the original song, and “do” and “cool” don’t rhyme with “racks” and “bad”.

2. The lines in the song about Obama visiting Roscoe’s chicken and waffles was a last-minute addition. I already knew I wanted to mention the Al Green thing where he sang some verses at Apollo theater, and was trying to fit it in in the place where the Roscoe’s part now is.  It ended up working better the other way around.


Once I finished writing the song, I began envisioning how I wanted to shoot the video. My first thoughts always go to green screen; however, at the moment I don’t have it set up and didn’t feel like waiting. Plus, I noticed that most of my videos have a bunch of stand still shots in them where the camera isn’t moving – in part, because I don’t often have someone else who can hold the camera for me.

So, I placed up a Facebook status saying I would pay someone $25 to follow me around with a camera. Lo and behold, my friend Sasha – who’s shot videos for and with me before (see: “Big Moochin’ Fella,” “Teach Me How to Snuggie”) – hit me up and said she was down to shoot!

We only went two places, but were able to get a lot of good shots. The first was Fox Hills mall; we shot in two parking lots, and in front of a J.C. Penny’s wall. The second was Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles – not the one Obama actually went to, but a new one that just opened near my apartment (I’m all for saving gas money and not going too far to shoot stuff if possible). I wanted a shot of me eating the chicken and waffles, so we went there and actually ordered some food just so I could get it filmed.

Once I got the filmed shots I needed, i went home and downloaded various Obama news and/or event clips off YouTube to add to my video. A couple of days later, and the video was done – and came out hilarious!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. The one thing I forgot to research prior to going to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles was what President Obama ordered when he went there. Sasha suggested I get the “Succulent Breast and Waffle” (that’s what it says on the menu, lol); I was leaning towards getting some dark meat. I decided to get the #9, i.e. 3 wings and a waffle. When I got home, I researched it and discovered that the President had ordered the EXACT SAME THING when he was there!! What are the odds?!?

2. I like dancing in my videos because… well, I won’t be able to dance like I do now forever, so it’s nice to have it documented 🙂

3. The girl walking in front of me that I try to “dance” with is Sasha. Her cameo was an improved idea by me while I was in the midst of my dance sequence. She’s also the fist responsible for punching me in the face.

4. At the end of the video, you see me on camera with a Hampton University T-shirt. This is my alma mater. More importantly, though, during the last campaign I had hoped they would hit me up and ask me to perform “Obama Milli Remix,”  but I hadn’t worn anything in the video that indicated I went to the school! So, for this year, whenever I do an Obama-related song, I’ll have the HU paraphernalia on somewhere in it. Hopefully they’ll reach out to me this time!

And that’s it! Watch the video, download the song, and share it with your friends today!

– A.P.T.

Today’s video is for another song in my new “Rapping My Life” series!

This song’s called “What Happens In Vegas,” and is based on the events that occurred during my birthday last weekend! The video features my puppet friend, Non Juan, as well as cameos from my friends and relatives (minus my bro, who I somehow managed to not film during his time in Vegas – booooo!).

Oh yeah – to download the song for FREE, as well as see the full lyrics of the song, head over to my NEW webpage,!


Introducing the NEW album from A.P.T….

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Way, waaaaaaay back in January, I was going out to dinner at Benihana for my birthday.  I was sitting in the lobby with my Aunt Debi waiting for my other 2 friends to arrive, when I noticed 2 boys to the right of me – they looked to be of pre-teen age – staring in my direction.

A few seconds after I saw them, they came over to me and asked the following question:

“Excuse me… are you the ‘O-bama Mixtape’ guy?”

I was in shock.  The year is now 2011, and these two kids were referencing a mixtape I put out almost 3 years ago while living in Atlanta. Of course, it helps that the mixtape contained my unexpected worldwide smash hit, “Obama Milli Remix,” a song so popular that it helped “The O-Bama Mixtape” get downloaded over 10,000 times.

And, although I have been recognized a few times in public before, it was the first time I was able to see just how far my demographic went in terms of the younger crowd – the oldest kid here couldn’t be more than 13, which means he wouldv’e been 10 or 11 when the mixtape came out.

More importantly, though, they seemed to be very excited to meet me. Like, really, they were giddy. Giddy! They were like “OMG, we thought it was you, we’re such HUGE fans!!” It was surreal. I thanked them for the kind words and told them I’d have more music coming out soon.

In reality… well, it was true: I had released my “Prince of Parody Vol. 1” album back in October 2010, but I hadn’t really focused on recording my own new original material. Up until that point, I didn’t think anyone really cared all that much about listening to tracks of mine that were originals… but now, with this one incident, I became motivated to do it again!

And now, some 11 months later, the album is finally here!

Okay, so I’m sure you’re probably curious as to WHY I named my album what I named it.  First off, for legal purposes I must state the following: The character of “Justin Beeber” – spelled with two e’s in his last name – is fictional; any person living or named with a similar-sounding name is strictly coincidental.

Anyway: so, this fictional Beeber guy that I made up, is a guy who sings poppy songs that make girls cry. However, he recently decided to try his hands at rapping. As a fan of hip-hop, I always hate the idea of random people trying their hand at rapping simply because “it’s something to try.” In the process, they don’t take into account the history of the genre, the importance of song choice, or the fact that not everyone needs to rap.

So, one of the reasons I named the album “Justin Beeber Must Die” is to emphasize that point.  The other reason? Eh, I thought it would be a catchy title that would get me some attention. And if you’re reading this, that means it worked!

The album itself is on par with my previous stuff.  Many artist say “oh, this is my best work” with every album. Me, I feel like I’ve been pretty consistent with each album. I always try to come up with songs that are slightly different from what else is currently out, and did the same for this one. I will say that I did go for different types of beats – some with pre-recorded choruses and/or samples not being used…

I also made sure to pick out different producers to mix up the sounds of the beats.  I still got my beats from Kaptain Kutta (formerly King Kut/K.K.O.F.), 4 of which made this album.  I also used beats from Mister K.A., Koncept Beats, Beat Basement, Heavyweight Beats… AND, I produced two of the tracks as well: the Michael Jackson-inspired (and sampled) “Second 2 None” and “Mr. Plow,” which I’m pretty sure is going to be a HUGE hit once I make the right video for it…

The album is a FREE download. However, if you’d like to further support me, you can go to the official site for the album,, and send in a donation.  Thanks for the support, and enjoy the album!


Hey people!

Just wanted to update you: my NEW mixtape was originally supposed to drop today, but I’ve moved it back a week to November 1. Why? Eh, I had some personal things I needed to get in order. More importantly, though, there were a few more songs I needed to record and/or get features for that I wasn’t quite able to lock in.

But trust me when I say, this album will be, without a doubt, the HOTTEST, most COMPLETE-sounding album put out this year. By anyone. Yes, I’m hyping it THAT much. This album is stellar.  I’ve made sure to put stuff on this collection that either isn’t being done, rapped about, or used sample-wise by any other artists. It is an album that truly will stand out on its own.

I’ll talk more about the process of putting this album together later. In the meantime, here is a photo of the album cover, minus the title (which won’t be revealed until November 1):


Hey peeps!

Now that I’ve announced my new album – available on October 25 (title still withheld for the moment) – it’s time for me to figure out what’s going to actually go on it.

I’ve never really talked about my process for how I create my albums, so now’s as good a time as any to do so.  With each album, I try to create something that will have a certain feel to it.  That feeling varies from album to album, but I never go into the creation of an album haphazardly.

Many artists will say things like, “oh, I have 60 or 70 records I’ve recorded, and now I just have to randomly select which songs go on it.” To me, that doesn’t make a very good album. At best, it gives the album the feeling of a mixtape, but not something that takes the listener on a journey.  Think about Lil’ Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV”: it’s an ok album at best, but the song choices just seem like they were picked out from a mixed pile and pasted together in a random order for the album.

Most of my albums start out the same way. Prior to actually considering releasing an album, I’ll record a few songs here and there whenever the mood fits me. These songs may not necessarily go together at first; however, they are songs that help get me into the regular practice of writing again, as well as thinking up album titles.  I also start collecting beats from various places, be it ones I already have saved on my hard drive, ones I’ve gotten from other people, or ones I’ve found online (usually from, though I have other sources as well).

I also have song ideas written all over the place that I have saved up somewhere. The part that sux about it is song ideas come to me at the most inconvenient times. For example, I’ll be at work helping a customer out, and a song idea, along with verses for said song, will pop in my head. I end up having to frantically find a pen and paper to write the ideas down, lest I end up forgetting them and cursing myself for it later.  I have a journal (actually, several journals) that I’ve written songs in, as well as a sketch pad that allows me to write my ideas down in all sorts of crazy ways.

At some point, I start thinking up titles for the album – again, not a small task.  Because I’m still somewhat of an unknown artist (despite the popularity of the Obama Milli song), I’m always thinking up title names that will allow me to (a) stand out, (b) create a buzz, and (c) make people want to download my stuff.  This, by the way, goes for song titles, too – my goal is always to have a few titles on the album that make people go “What the heck could that song POSSIBLY be about?” so they’ll be curious enough to download it.

Once I’ve thought up the album title, I go back and listen to any songs I currently have recorded, any beats I have in storage, and any song ideas I have yet to record. With these three things combined, I go about the task of figuring out what elements will give me the feeling I’m looking for, i.e. the feel that the chosen album title dictates should match with it.  This part is actually quite hard – like I said earlier, I don’t record 50 or 60 tracks for an album. What will happen is, I’ll usually have 5 or 6 songs already recorded, and 20 or 30 beats I’d like to use that haven’t been touched yet.  I’ll look at the song titles I have and figure out which ones would go with which beats; then, I figure out which beats, combined with said song ideas, match the album feeling I’m looking for.

As an artist, it’s really easy to be biased towards my own stuff.  For example: for this particular album, I had a grand total of 22 songs I would’ve recorded for it; however, I also have to understand that, when creating an album, I’m essentially asking the downloader to spend x-amount of time with me.  22 songs may sound like a good idea at first, but most people are usually ready to switch to something else after 10 to 12 songs.  This means some of the beats and/or songs I may want to use for this album will have to be moved to my next album.

The good part is, by deleting some of these beats that have yet to be recorded on, I’m able to cut down the amount of time I need to record the remaining songs on the remaining beats.  So long as I’m able to find the beats that match the feel of the record, I can save the recording of songs on the other beats for when I’m ready for the next album!

As for the actual writing for these songs, I rarely write a whole record in one sitting. Granted, I’m able to do it if I need to, especially now that I’m a professional song writer and have had more time to practice at it.  Still, my process has been the same for a while now: I’ll write the second verse first, take a break, come back to it and work on the first verse then, if necessary, add in a 3rd verse. Most of my songs these days only have 2 verses (note: most DJs usually switch to another song after the 2nd verse), but I’ll add a 3rd one in if I can’t complete the story and/or song feel by the end of the 2nd one.

Anyway… so, that’s where I’m at now: writing the rest of my songs (of which there are currently eight) and recording them sometime before October 25th! I KNOW you all will enjoy the album – it’s very up-tempo, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure, and the production value/beats are SIIIICK!!

That’s all for now!


Today’s insight is for my music video “Tupac Wack,” a parody of Meek Mill & Rick Ross’ s “Tupac Back.”



A couple of weeks ago I was on a boat helping my friend celebrate his birthday.  The DJ on the boat was spinning tunes and he played his brand new song I hadn’t heard before called “Tupac Back.”

The song, by new artist Meek Mill, features Rick Ross on the chorus rappin’ about how both he and the main person on the song remind others of Tupac. It’s yet another song in the Ross canon about being somebody else (see: “I’m MC Hammer,” “I think I’m Big Meech,” etc.. I swear, he must have schizophrenia or something).

At any rate, when I heard the song I thought it was jammin… and then, of course, I made the obvious parody lyric of “Tupac Wack” in my head. I didn’t think I would actually make it into a song, though, I just thought it was funny to say, plus it rhymed.

Fast-forward about a week later: I saw one of my producers, K.K.O.F., put up a freestyle on YouTube to the “Tupac Back” beat. Then I saw other people’s freestyles to the beat on World Star Hip Hop. Plus, I’ve had that song in my MP3 player for 2 weeks now, and it’s gotten catchier and catchier to me each time.

STILL, I didn’t think about making a song to it, mostly ’cause I figured “What the heck would I rap about?”

But then, I was bored at home yesterday, and I started thinking up lyrics to the “Tupac Wack” idea.  At first, I didn’t necessarily want to record the song, but the idea just seemed so OBVIOUS – I mean, someone else out there had to think of replacing the word “back” with “wack” for this song, it’s jumping right off the friggin’ page! I didn’t see any one else having done the idea on YouTube yet, though – of course, that’s with good reason.  After all, who’s gonna go and try to diss an artist who died 15 years ago?

Yeah… so I went ahead and wrote the song, then recorded it immediately afterward.

Now, I’m a big fan of Tupac, but I’ve always been bothered by how heightened his (and Biggie’s) status grew after he died. People only think about Pac being a revolutionary, or for making social songs, yet they forget that (a) he was human and made a LOT of mistakes; (b) that most of his songs weren’t about social issues – in fact, most of them were about typical rap stuff (sex, drugs, weed, drinking, killing his enemies); and (c) Pac was dissing a whole coast of rap artist prior to his death.

It goes without saying then, that were Pac still alive today, he’d probably still be trying to find someone to diss. He’s also probably be an artist that was no longer relevant. His past hits would still hold up, but at age 40, his current stuff, no matter how great it may be, would be ignored or scrutinized by today’s youth. (Sorry, people of my age bracket, but it’s true!)

And of course, that would mean he’d also probably be getting dissed. So, I figured I’d be the one to make a diss record towards him. There hasn’t been one in almost 15 years towards him, yet he has disses toward people being leaked on every post-death album he puts out – how fair is THAT?!?

And coming up with lyrics for the song was pretty simple. In the song I talk about how he’s a fake thug who went to art school, how he went to prison and “performed” on the guys there, how wack most of his songs were, and his money issues (true fact: for all the songs and performances he made, Pac only had $100,000 in the bank when he died).

Is the song mean-spirited? Absolutely. I took it on almost as an acting assignment: I got into character, and even changed my voice, when recording the track, so it didn’t even really feel like I was the one doing it. And the song itself came out great, although I’m sure there will be fans of Pac (or fans of people not making fun of dead celebrities) who will disagree.


Some Interesting Song Tidbits

1. In the first verse I mention radio station KDAY 93.5. In California, that’s the station that plays all the old-school hip-hop, including lots of Tupac.

2. I make a mention of Pac shaving his head ’cause he was going bald. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it sounded funny to say 🙂

3. One thing that’s always annoyed me is when people say ‘Pac was a prolific writer. To some effect, that statement may be true: I’ve always been a believe that the things a person says they want to happen in their lives can, and will, eventually happen. However, a rapper talking about how he’s going to die isn’t prolific. Yes, ‘Pac died by getting shot up like he thought he would, but it’s because he started a fight with a Crip gang member in Las Vegas. He didn’t predict his death so much as he invited it to happen.


Not really much to say. A few hours after I recorded the song, I was packin’ up some clothes and came across a yellow bandanna I own. I tied it on my head to see if I could pull off a 2Pac impression; I looked in the mirror and said, “Oh yeah, I definitely need to shoot a video for this song!”

I set up my camera in my living room, blasted the song through my stereo, and started recording. Once I finished my 2Pac part, I changed clothes and got into my Rick Ross gear – basically, my regular clothes with pillows stuffed in my shirt and pants – so I could record myself as him. I only took about 5 takes total for the whole video, then spent a few hours editing it.

And that’s it!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits

1. Rick Ross usually wears glasses; I was going to wear a pair for the video, but I lost the ones I had on the last out-of-town trip I took. So, I had to resort to using some post eye-exam glasses I took when I did my last clinical trial. Good thing I kept them in case I needed some props!

2. In the video, it looks like I have a copy of ‘Pac’s “All Eyez on Me” and “Makaveli” CD. Actually, I just found the album covers online, then pasted them into a double-sided CD case.

3. Editing time for this video was about 5 hours, from 10 PM to 3 AM.  I already knew I wasn’t getting any sleep last night (for reasons I won’t get into), so staying up to edit seemed like a good use of my time.

I hope you enjoy the video! Or not. I don’t really care – I’m just getting back into the habit of making videos on a regular basis, as well as songs I find interesting. FREE DOWNLOAD – Click HERE!


My NEW album, “Organized Chaos,” drops on July 19, 2011!

When figuring out what songs I want to make for an album, one of the main things I do is figure out what song titles will draw people to want to get the album.  It’s a practice very few rap artists do today, and one of the many reasons why their albums don’t sell that well.

Look at an artist like Eminem.  All of his albums have one thing in common: they have a slew of song titles on them that intrigue people when they first see them.  Need a list? “I Just Don’t Give a F**k”; “W.T.P.”; “My Dad’s Gone Crazy;” “My 1st Single;” “Rainman;” “Bagpipes from Bagdad”… I could go on and on.

People are very stingy with their money these days, and only want to spend it on albums they feel will be of some entertainment value to them.  An album with interesting song titles is one way to to this.  It makes a person’s brain do two things:  (1) Go “Huh? What the heck is with this title??” and (2) Ponder what kind of things the artist could be talking about in the song.

For me, even if it’s an artist I don’t normally listen to, I may give their song a spin if the title of it sounds odd enough.  For this reason, I’ve made sure to pack my new album, “Organized Chaos,” with titles that are sure to, at the very least, make people want to download it.

A few examples of song titles on the album include: “I Used to be a Nice Guy, Now I’m an A$$hole;” “There’s a Hooker in My Bedroom;” “Pick Up Your Face;” and “Your Mama Is So Ugly.”

Wanna know what these songs are about? Only one way to find out – by GETTING MY ALBUM ON JULY 19!!!


Be on the look out for my NEW album, “Organized Chaos,” available July 19, 2011!

So check it out: I made a video of myself rapping Busta Rhymes’ part from “Look at Me Now” to prove to people that it’s not all that hard to do.  Check out the video below:


Greetings! First, here is the official album cover for my upcoming album, out July 19, 2011…

Pretty friggin’ sweet, ain’t it? Shout outs to the “No U Ain’t” crew – I took this pic during a photo shoot I helped them out with, and thought it would be the PERFECT photo to use for the cover of this album!

Other interesting tidbits for this album:

1. The majority of the beats on this album were made by uber-talented beat-maker from ATL, K.K.O.F. – he’s sent me a bunch of beats over the years, and I was somehow able to finally come up with a gang of songs for them. Any remaining production will be done by me – yes, I DO make beats, people!

2. There will only be 10 to 12 songs on here (plus possibly some skits).  I’d do more, but realistically I don’t feel like writing more songs than that. Plus, usually after 12 songs I start getting bored with an artists’ album, no matter how much I like them. (Exceptions include Eminem, Britney Spears, and Lil Wayne – the mixtape Weezy version.)

3. Most of the songs right now only have titles and concepts.  The only two finished songs at the moment are “Your Mama Is So Ugly” and “Ooh, I’m a Model.”  I’m also debating about whether or not to put my “No Love” parody, “No Glove” on here.

4. The album will be an eclectic mix of funny songs, serious songs, motivational songs, and songs that will get you movin’ on the dance floor – sometimes all at once!

5. If and when I do videos for this album, I want them to be SPECTACULAR. I plan on spending a gang of money on at least ONE of my songs (like around $1000) because I’ve always wanted to have a professionally-done music video.  Not that I haven’t gotten them to that level in the past, but I want other people to star in it, someone else to edit it… the WORKS. And the rest of them I’ll film myself 🙂

That’s pretty much it for now. I’ve still got a lot of writing and recording to do, and my creativity seems to be coming in spurts at odd times (I just finished writing a song for the album… at 2:30 A.M.), but everything should be complete by the release date, if not before.  Stay tuned!


Above: My “Obama Milli Remix” song, with graphic by Brandon James.

Well, by now everyone who hasn’t been asleep for the last 6 hours has heard the news: Osama bin Laden, the man responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center back on September 11, 2001, was finally killed by U.S. troops in Pakistan, where he was hiding out in a mansion. 

Much credit has to go to the troops on the ground who were able to trap him inside by fire, then go in and get the job done. It’s been a long 10 years and it took many operations, careful planning, allying with allies that weren’t always so welcoming to us, percision and swiftness.

Most importantly, though, it took a competent leader to command the troops on when to move in. A leader who, after listening to months/weeks of intel from his army, had to choose the precise moment to give his men the “okay” to attack.

And that man, my friends, was none other than President Barack Hussein Obama.

Because of him and the brave men and women serving our country overseas, this threat was taken down in a swift manner that saw NONE of our troops get killed in the process. It is a testement to both the great leadership of this country and the training provided by our military that an operation of such high magnitude went off, in the end, without a hitch.

Back when George Bush Jr. was President, I made a prediction that he would win a second term.  I didn’t think he necessarily deserved it, nor did I (or many other people for that matter) think he was doing that good of a job. However, it was during his first term that another dangerous threat to the U.S. – Sadaam Hussein – was captured. At that moment, I knew there’d be no chance he could lose.

With the killing of Osama, President Obama has all but secured his second term in office.  The election is 18 months away, and the immediate effect of his actions today will be less then than they are now. However, just the fact that he was able to keep a MAJOR campaign promise (he said he’d kill Osama while on the campaign trail), one that was so important and dear to the hearts of all Americans who lived through the 9/11 time period (and even moreso for those whose relatives and friends didn’t survive the attacks) is going to make voters place him back into the White House for 4 more years.

And I, for one, am VERY happy about that. It means we get to have a competent Black man in office for a few more years, which is definitely not a BAD thing. Plus, everytime stuff like this happens, the sales of my song go up in iTunes. So thank you, Mr. President, for helping this country’s morale today AND for increasing the money in my pocket at the same time!