Hey people!

Just wanted to update you: my NEW mixtape was originally supposed to drop today, but I’ve moved it back a week to November 1. Why? Eh, I had some personal things I needed to get in order. More importantly, though, there were a few more songs I needed to record and/or get features for that I wasn’t quite able to lock in.

But trust me when I say, this album will be, without a doubt, the HOTTEST, most COMPLETE-sounding album put out this year. By anyone. Yes, I’m hyping it THAT much. This album is stellar.  I’ve made sure to put stuff on this collection that either isn’t being done, rapped about, or used sample-wise by any other artists. It is an album that truly will stand out on its own.

I’ll talk more about the process of putting this album together later. In the meantime, here is a photo of the album cover, minus the title (which won’t be revealed until November 1):