Hey all!

Well, I wasn’t planning on releasing my album release info this soon, mostly ’cause I figured I’d be releasing it sometime around November, which is a bit far off.  However, I went to my Tunecore.com account today to check my album sales for the month, and saw that they are having a discount sale on any albums released through their site until October 31, 2011.  Normally it would cost me $49.99 plus tax to use their service to get my album to iTunes, Amazon, etc.; at the moment, though, their special deal allows me to release it for $19.99.

And so, I am happy to say that my next album will be coming out on…. drum roll, please… OCTOBER 25!!!

So, what’s the name of the album? Eh, I’m still going to wait about a week or two before it’s announced, only because the title is so brilliant and sure to get me some attention.  In the meantime, just know that (a) it will be released on October 25, and (b) it will be available for FREE as well as for purchase (because, amazingly, no matter how much I let people know about my stuff being free, they still want to pay for it – and why let them down??

That’s all for now – new songs and videos coming soon!