Just felt like blogging. I was looking at how many new songs I currently have recorded, and realized I only need to record 3 or 4 more in order to release my next mixtape.  And, without even really having to try, I’ve been putting together a brand NEW song on a brand NEW beat I found online.

At this point, I don’t know the exact date of when anything is going to drop, but the song I’m writing now is pretty dope, and the other songs I want y’all to hear are pretty dope.  With any luck, my new mixtape should be dropping sometime in October! Or November – it all depends on (a) if I decide to quit my part-time job (my writing gig affords me the options of doing so if I choose), and (b) when I can set aside recording time.  Either way, I’ve decided that, once I’ve chosen an actual date for the mixtape, I’ll let you all know exactly 1 week before it drops that it’s coming.

“But A.P.T., don’t you need more time than that to advertise a mixtape?” Eh, not really – with the title I have in mind, I suspect I could probably advertise it a day before it drops and get lots of downloads. But I’ll give it a week – in the meantime, look for that new A.P.T. single droppin’ soon… whenever that may be, mwa ha ha ha ha!!!