Today’s insight is for the music video for “I’m So Done,” a remixing of Drake’s “I’m On One.”

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I’ve been dating a lot lately, trying to find that one right person to be with.  In the process of doing this, I’ve gone out with a lot of nice girls, a lot of ended-up-not-being-right-for-me girls…. and then, you have the crazy girls.

Now, a crazy girl won’t seem crazy right away.  You’ll go out on the first couple of dates and everything will seem all fine and dandy. Then, she’ll start doing things like calling you all hours of the day, or making comments here and there that indicate she’s already more serious about the dating proceedings than should be happening at that stage.

And then, if they really like you, the jealousy sets in.

That’s what happened with a girl I was recently seeing. Basically, I would tell her about activities I would be doing when she wouldn’t be around – a birthday boat party here, a movie outing there – and she would try to put demands on me of things NOT to do (i.e. booty grabbing, kissing other girls, etc.). These things are perfectly fine to ask if we are boyfriend and girlfriend… but we had only been out on TWO dates.

Pretty soon, she became real paranoid about who I may be talking to besides her (even after I already told her I was dating other people because… well, that’s allowed when you’re first meeting a LOT of new people and haven’t narrowed it down yet) and who/what I might be doing when I wasn’t available.

Case in point: On Wednesday morning, I had to go to court in the morning to testify against a guy who had robbed my apartment. Per the rules of the court, phones must be cut off while in session. So I cut it off. When I cut it back on later, I had a gang of text messages from her accusing me of cheating on her since she wasn’t able to reach me (my bad for telling her I cut my phone off if I’m on a date with someone, which had her thinking that’s the ONLY time I have it off) and other accusations I won’t get into on here.

After about 3 days of this, I finally said to myself: “That’s it, I’m done. I’m SO done with this chick, I can’t be with a girl that’s going to constantly question me every time I see her.”

It just so happened that I had been listening to Drake’s new song, “I’m On One,” quite frequently as of recent, and put the phrasing into the chorus of his song.  Once I said it out lout – “I’m soooo doooooone” – I suddenly started coming up with words in my head for a song remix about my situation. And since I was near a computer, I typed up everything I could think of to say, which turned out to be two verses worth of material!

Yes, that’s really how the song came about. The whole thing took maybe 10 minutes to write. Once it was done, I turned on my mic and started recording. Total time from concept of song  to finished product was about an hour and a half – now THAT’S speed!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits

1. Parts of the song are exaggerated or made up – for example, she never met any one of my girl “friends” – but a good portion of the lyrics are based off true events. For example, she was supposed to come over one night but couldn’t because her sister borrowed her car. So I said “okay” and went to sleep early. She tried calling me but I didn’t pick up ’cause I was asleep… so she took that to mean I was cheating on her. (Which, again, if I had been with someone else, wouldn’t have been “cheating” since we’d only been on TWO DATES!!!)

2. The last part of the song, where I’m riffing about me not picking up my phone due to being in court, was completely ad-libbed, and completely true. Even worse: after waiting in court all day, I discovered I was actually in the WRONG courtroom, and didn’t even get to go to trial!!


There’s a line in the song where I say “I was at the store, you though I was with some whore…” as it so happened, I had to go to the grocery store to buy food for a party I’m hosting tonight. While I was there, I had my MP3 player in tow and my Flip Camera. So, I thought to myself, “Hey, why not film yourself walking around the grocery store half-way singing the song??”

Why half-way? I wanted to give the impression that I was partially moping around the store, thinking about this girl that I had to get rid of. And it really does suck, ’cause aside from the jealousy and non-trusting issues (she’s been cheated on a LOT in her past, so she’s got baggage galore), she actually was a nice girl. And I hate having to be the one doing the dumping, but in the world of dating that’s going to happen sometimes.

Anyway… so I did about 3 or 4 1-shot takes of me walking through the store, switching between filming stuff in front of me and filming myself.  I kept my headphones on because I thought it looked cool, and only mouthed parts of the song so it would look like I was in deep thought about this girl and our situation.

Once I got home, I realized that watching 4 minutes of me just walking through a store might be kinda boring, so I jazzed it up a bit. Color changes, multiple screens at times, and various uses of fuzzy screens helped to give the video some variety.

And that’s it! It’s my first video I’ve done in a while, and I think I’ll be doing some more simple-yet-artsy type videos for some of my other upcoming songs.

OH, and it’s a FREE download, too – enjoy it, this one’s on me!