My NEW album, “Organized Chaos,” drops on July 19, 2011!

When figuring out what songs I want to make for an album, one of the main things I do is figure out what song titles will draw people to want to get the album.  It’s a practice very few rap artists do today, and one of the many reasons why their albums don’t sell that well.

Look at an artist like Eminem.  All of his albums have one thing in common: they have a slew of song titles on them that intrigue people when they first see them.  Need a list? “I Just Don’t Give a F**k”; “W.T.P.”; “My Dad’s Gone Crazy;” “My 1st Single;” “Rainman;” “Bagpipes from Bagdad”… I could go on and on.

People are very stingy with their money these days, and only want to spend it on albums they feel will be of some entertainment value to them.  An album with interesting song titles is one way to to this.  It makes a person’s brain do two things:  (1) Go “Huh? What the heck is with this title??” and (2) Ponder what kind of things the artist could be talking about in the song.

For me, even if it’s an artist I don’t normally listen to, I may give their song a spin if the title of it sounds odd enough.  For this reason, I’ve made sure to pack my new album, “Organized Chaos,” with titles that are sure to, at the very least, make people want to download it.

A few examples of song titles on the album include: “I Used to be a Nice Guy, Now I’m an A$$hole;” “There’s a Hooker in My Bedroom;” “Pick Up Your Face;” and “Your Mama Is So Ugly.”

Wanna know what these songs are about? Only one way to find out – by GETTING MY ALBUM ON JULY 19!!!