Today’s insight is for the song “Go LAKERS!,” a parody of Rebecca Black’s “FRIDAY” song!

Above: My spoof of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” “Go Lakers!”

Above: Rebecca Black’s original song, “Friday,” which my song is spoofed from. Just in case u haven’t heard it before…

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Yeah… so normally I don’t do these insights for songs until I have a video to accompany it.  However, seeing as I’ll be unable to film anything for the next 2 weeks (I’m participating in something that doesn’t allow me to have a camera around), I figured I should post this up anyway, especially for this particular song.

This song, “Go Lakers,” is a parody of Rebecca Black’s oh-so-popular YouTube song, “Friday.” And I use the term “popular” with a bit of hesitance.  For those of you who haven’t seen the video or heard the song (which I’ve also posted above), it’s been declared by some as the “worst song ever sung.”

Despite the song’s legion of haters, who hate everything about it from the bad writing (really? U mean Saturday comes after Friday?) to the auto-tuned squeaky voice to the video itself (for a $2000 video, it looks low-budget, especially in the effects department – heck, I’VE done better videos, and most of mine don’t cost anything), the video has become the most popular clip on YouTube. EVER. Over 115 MILLION views within the span of 2 months, surpassing views by videos from more well-known stars like Eminem and Lady Gaga.

So… I KNEW I had to do a parody of it.

Of course, by this time, everyone else also had the same idea. At first I was going to do a parody featuring another day of the week, but that’s been done to DEATH. So I had to figure out a different angle to do it from.

Then, one day… okay, to be honest, I forget how I came up with the idea, but I knew that however I did the parody, I wanted it to be with an idea that would make some sales and get me some money. And I figured that, here in Los Angeles, the most sure-fire way to do this would be to do a song about the Los Angeles Lakers.  I did a song about them last year near the end of the playoffs and, despite being late with the idea, made some decent sales of the song, “No U Ain’t (Lakers 2010 Remix).”

In making the song, though, I realized something: if I was going to parody it, I needed to have two people on the song.  And since I didn’t want to share any of the profits from the song, I figured the easiest way to do this was to feature myself and my puppet alter-ego, Non Juan. 

At first I was going to feature myself singing the song, and have Non Juan do the rap part.  However, the more I thought about the aspect of singing the song, I realized it would be better to give the main parts of the song to Non Juan. So that’s what I did.

And coming up with the lyrics was surprisingly easy.  Once I had the chorus down, the words to the first 2 verses came to me pretty easily.  I had 3 main goals for the song: 1. To make it story-driven and have some kind of plot; 2. To make it a song that people wouldn’t mind singing before, during, and after Lakers’ games; and 3. To make the song seem like it had some cohesiveness to it.  The original song isn’t necessarily BAD, it just has poor execution in certain places, like the writing.  The beat itself is GREAT, and the song could have actually been made BETTER with good writing… (of course, one could argue that, were the song good, it wouldn’t have as many views. Ah, the catch 22s of life…)

Finding the beat for it was easy too. A whole bunch of people have re-made the beat and posted it on YouTube. I found the remade beat that sounded best, downloaded it, and used it for my song.

And that’s pretty much it! I hope this song takes off, and that Laker fans across the country are able to hear it.  Depending on the response it gets, I may film a video for it once I finish what I’m currently participating in… ah, who am I kidding? I’ll film a video for it regardless – I just hope the Lakers are still in the playoffs by then!