Okay, so I’ve mentioned on-and-off for the past few months how I was going to get back into making beats.  Now that I have people actually wanting to PAY for my beats (and this is based off some of my OLDER beats that I’m just now starting to sell/lease), I figured it would be a good idea to buckle down and actually get the items I need to do so!

Up to this point I’ve only had a MAC computer, and a desktop at that. I’ve made beats using my Garageband program, which is fine, but when I first started I was using a program called Fruity Loops, now known as FL Studio.  It’s one of the easiest beat-making programs to learn, and stellar beats can be made using it. (U may think you need something like ProTools or Reason to be accepted by the music industry, but plenty of beats you’re dancing to now in the club have been made using FL Studio.)

The only problem? FL Studio is only available for PCs. Yeah, kinda sux.

Luckily, I have been meaning to get a laptop for some time now, and decided to do so yesterday! I bought a laptop notebook for $215 via some guy on Craig’s List (don’t worry, the notebook is practically brand new), and was able to purchase a downloadable copy of FL Studio online for $89. I’ve tested it out, and everything works as I remember it. (Granted, it’s been a while since I’ve used the program, so I’m sure there will be a re-learning curve.)

Now that I have the program, I’m going to be making beats on the fly.  I usually have a 1.5 hour bus commute to work everyday that should give me plenty of time to come up with new stuff.  In addition, I’m going into the hospital tomorrow to take part in a research study that lasts for 2 weeks and – aside from the few hours each day I’ll be helping out with research and testing – I’ll have plenty of down time to start making beats.

In fact, while I’m away, I plan on actually selling my beats and making money from them, WHILE IN THE HOSPITAL.  How, you ask? Well… eh, let me get the results back on my plan first, THEN I’ll share with you how I did it if (and when) it works.

So, yeah… A.P.T., the beat-maker, is BACK!!! Get ready to be impressed again, y’all!