Greetings, fans!

Okay, so after much thought, I’ve decided to release an album of new, ORIGINAL material, set to drop on July 19, 2011! Here are a few details I can share now:

1. The title of the album will be…


The reason for the title? I like different styles of music, as well as different types of beats and sounds. I can do songs to almost all types of beats, yet they all come off as sounding like my own sound.

Another reason for the title is that I plan to show a wide array of flows on the album, as well as touch on different subjects ranging from serious to funny stuff.  Ultimately, it will be an eclectic album that is a fun listen, and one who’s differing styles will come together to create a piece of work that is seemingly unorganized in sound yet cohesively put together – thus, “Organized Chaos.”

Wow. Reading that back, it sounded kinda nerdy.  Eh, oh well!


I have a bunch of beats lying around that I’ve been meaning to use for quite some time now.  Some of these are from friends and/or fans of mine who sent me beats, while others are beats I created a long time ago that I’m just now getting song ideas for.  All of the beats are bangin’ and, for the most part, are meant to give off a party-type vibe.

3. I’ve pushed out this release date farther that most albums I’ve put out – almost 3 months in advance – so that I can do better advertising for it.

In the past, I’ve had to rely solely on YouTube videos and the Internet to promo my stuff.  Now that I will be having regular transportation – I’m getting a car next month – I will be able to do the one area of promo I haven’t been able to do: PERFORM! Yes, now people will be able to hear/see me LIVE, and I can start building a better buzz for myself!

4. Lastly, this album will be available as both a FREE download and a purchasable album.

Why do both? I really just want people to hear my music.  If they want to pay for it, that’s great, but I figure the more people hear it, the more they’ll request it, and the more paying performance gigs I can get.  Plus, most musicians these days don’t really make money off their music (I mean, I do, but that’s beside the point); the majority is made off (a) touring, and (b) pimping out your song for use in movies and T.V..

Therefore, it’s better for me to offer my music for free NOW, so that if any of the songs catch on I can get paid mega bucks for its use later.

That’s all the details I’ve got now.  So far I’ve only recorded one song for the album – “Your Mama Is So Ugly” – but I’ve written plenty of songs and will have the next 3 months to record them.

New A.P.T. album, “Organized Chaos,” drops July 19, 2011! Be sure to get your copy!