Okay, so…

Lately, I’ve been thinking up a lot of ideas for ORIGINAL songs.  As I stated before, my main musical focus is in making parodies since it comes to me so easily.

But lately… let’s just say, there have been a lot of life things happening (both good and bad) that have had me thinking up original song material.  I also have a stack of beats saved on my computer that have yet to be used, and ample time to record them.

With all that said… I’m thinking of possibly putting out a new mixtape of all ORIGINAL material.

I don’t know when that will happen – again, I have to record the songs – but I do know this: when I do, it will be a FREE download.  I haven’t released any free downloadable albums since 2009’s “Welcome 2 Cali” mixtape, mostly because I figured if the music is coming out good, I should be getting paid for it.

But, now that I’m making sales off the parody stuff, I figure the original material can serve 2 other purposes: (a) as a way to express my opinions and/or crazy thoughts in my head, and (b) as advertisement to get more paid performance gigs.

Again, I do NOT know at the moment when this will be coming out.  What I do know is, the first song for it is already done, and will be released within the next week. Stay tuned!