So, I had a talk with my wonderful friend and upstairs neighbor last night, and she reminded me of something I’ve often said but feel like I haven’t been following lately. It’s a quote from Steve Harvey and it says the following:

“Don’t spend your time focusing on a Plan B. Having a Plan B leaves doubt that your Plan A will work. Forming a Plan B requires effort, time, and energy that can be used to help solidify your Plan A. So if your Plan A does happen to fail, just make yourself another Plan A.”

Oftentimes, the problem I have with following this is, I’m so good at so much stuff that I can’t make a decision as to which one to follow.  Do I work on writing/producing songs? Do I focus on selling my book? Do I work on helping other people with their ideas since I’m always thinking of ways to help them?  Yes, being this gifted can be a curse at times, if only because it makes me scatterbrained.

But my original focus was on music. Being in Cali, I have wanted to perform on a more consistent basis but haven’t because of… well, just insert an excuse into the blank: no ride, don’t know where to perform, and don’t know if people will want to come out and see me.

All of that, though, is about to change!

Now that I have figured out a few places where I can perform, I’m going to start doing it more often.  In fact, my goal is to be able to have at least ONE week this year where I’m performing every day.  I found a website that lists the names of various open mics happening here in L.A. on any given day, and most of them are easy to perform at: just get there early, sign up, and BOOM! Performance time!

So, I’ve got the finding of venues issue settled, and most of them start early, so the transportation issue (specifically, being able to get home before the trains/buses stop) is handled.  As for inviting people… honestly, I probably won’t for the first few shows.  It’s nice to have friends there and all, but I’d like to be able to conquer the challenge of performing for people who DON’T know me.  Plus, it can be disheartening to invite people to something and have them say “yes,” only to cancel on me at the last-minute (because, as those that know me well know, flakiness PISSES. ME. OFF.).

I’ll be updating my site to include performance dates soon.  In the meantime, I’ve got a NEW song I’ve put together that is sure to take L.A. by STORM, and I can’t WAIT to perform the heck out of it!!!