Me. A.P.T. The Prince of Parody.

Him. “Weird Al” Yankovic. The King of Parody.

Those of you who have read my blogs here for some time now understand the impact Weird Al’s recordings have had on my life.  Yes, it may sound odd to say that – that a comedic song writing GENIUS could have that much importance in my life – but it’s true.

Back when I was a little kid, there were very few artists I liked.  The main one was Michael Jackson – his songs were catchy, he could dance, move, do it all. To this day, his “Bad” album is my favorite, if only for the memories I have associated with it (seeing the videos for songs from the album on B.E.T., and the fact that it was one of my Dad’s favorite albums that he played all the time.)

I don’t know when this happened, but at some point I discovered that some guy made a spoof of MJ’s “Bad” called “Fat.” His name was Weird Al Yankovic, and that video – as well as a bunch of his other videos – had me laughing harder than I remembered laughing up to that point.

So I started buying his tapes. Then CDs. And I watched all of his videos countless times.  Pretty soon, I noticed that I started messing up all the new songs that came out with my own comedic takes on them.  It’s the same thing I continue to do to this day – thanks to Weird Al, my brain is now wired to make those kinds of songs.

And – as you all know – it was this ability that allowed me to make a parody of Lil’ Wayne’s “A Mill” about Obama, which resulted in me getting the kind of attention I needed to be able to make my dream of moving out to California come true.

Because of all this and more, I have always wanted to meet him.  I didn’t know exactly HOW that would happen, but lo and behold: he’s doing an autograph signing of his new kids’ book here in L.A. on Saturday, and I’m going to it!

So what will I say? What will I do? What will I take with me to give to him?? I’m still figuring all that out.  Basically, though, I just want to thank him for having such an impact on my life direction.  Granted, I’m sure he’s probably heard that thousands of times over the years, but I’m sure it’d be nice for him to hear it again.

I know I’ll definitely be taking my camera so I can record the meeting (assuming they allow cameras in there) and I hope I can get a sound bite of him saying something good enough for me to use in a song.  Then I can complete my ULTIMATE dream of being on a record with him!  What would be even BETTER, though, were if I were able to either be in one of his videos or have him be in one of mine – that would be just EPIC!!!

I’ll let u all know how the meeting goes tomorrow – so excited!!