Hey everybody!! Just wanted to give a quick “Thank You!” to everyone who has seen my newest video, “Teach Me How to Snuggie!”

As I’m typing this, the video has been viewed 441 times in less than 2 days!! Some of you may ask, “Is that a good number of views to get in that amount of time?” To put it in perspective:

  • The song I parodied – “Teach Me How to Dougie” – has been out for a year
  • Most artists – especially those who aren’t uber-famous like a Jay-Z or Eminem – are lucky if they can even make it to 100 views in the lifetime of their YouTube video
  • It’s currently outpacing my “Obama Milli Remix” video in terms of initial views

So yeah, I’d say it’s doing pretty darn good!

AAAAAAND… it’s bound to do even BETTER once I announce the contest that will go with it!  It starts on Monday, and it’s going to be EPIC.

That’s all for now – oh wait I almost forgot: BE SURE TO BUY THE “TEACH ME HOW TO SNUGGIE” SINGLE, TOO! Click HERE for the various download links!