Greetings, fans!

First off, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who’s been buying songs from my most recent album, “Prince of Parody, Vol. 1.”  I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten rich off it yet, BUT my sales monitoring from shows that, within the last 2 months, sales of songs from the album have been very steady, which is ALWAYS a good thing.  I’m going to a conference next week that will help me figure out how to better market my stuff on the net, so I should make even MORE money – for now, though, I’m happy that you – yes, YOU, the person reading this right now! – have been supportive of my efforts!

A brief update on the “Teach Me How to Snuggie” video: right now, I’m at the halfway mark of it being done.  That doesn’t mean I’m anywhere NEAR it being finished – I shot a LOT of takes for this video (more than I’ve probably ever taken), most of which was with a green screen background.  For those that don’t edit videos, getting rid of green and replacing it with another background, then rendering it, is quite a process.  Still, I’m working at it diligently, and hope to be done with it by Sunday or Monday (I have a job, and I don’t work Sunday, so Monday is probably the most likely day for it to be up).

Aside from the video itself, I’m also putting together a “Teach Me How to Snuggie” contest whereby people will win a gift certificate of some kind for… um… well, I haven’t figured out that part yet.  Perhaps I’ll get some ideas from some of you – what would YOU like a gift certificate to as a prize?

That’s all for now!

– A.P.T.