Greetings, fans!

I’m sure some of you are just dying to get some information about my next project, “Prince of Parody, Vol. 2.”  (By the way, if you haven’t gotten the first one, SHAME ON YOU!! WHY ARE YOU EVEN TRYING TO READ INFO ABOUT THE SECOND ONE WHEN YOU AIN’T GOT THE FIRST ONE!! Click HERE to download the album right NOW!!)

There’s not too much to tell right now.  I’ve got a plethora of ideas on deck, and I continue to ask people what songs they’d like to see parodied for the next album.  The only song (and video) I have done so far is the Eminem/Lil’ Wayne “No Love” parody called “No Glove.”  I’ve got titles and bits of songs figured out, but I haven’t really sat down to figure it all out yet.

One thing’s for sure, though: there will be a bit more diversity in terms of the types of songs I parody.  I don’t want to just do all hip-hop and R&B songs, especially since I tend to listen to EVERYTHING.  I’ll be adding a few pop songs in this time for good measure.

I also have to consider the types of videos I want to make.  With the last album, there were certain lines I put into my songs that I knew would require a funny visual when making the video for it.  This time around will be no exception.  Plus, now that I know people that are willing to star in these videos, I can be a bit more diverse in my subject matter and song choices!

Like the last album, there will be 10 songs on it, plus a possible bonus track put on there that I KNOW will sell well (for reasons I can’t yet divulge).  If the response to the last “Prince of Parody” album is any indication, I expect it to do really well – maybe even good enough for me to have this be my full-time job!

As for the release date… tentatively, the plan is to release it near the end of February.  However, seeing as I need to make at least 2 videos a month, I’ll probably start making videos from the album to release near the beginning of the month.  I’ll keep u all posted!