What’s goin’ on, peeps!

I just turned 29 on Friday, and I LOVE that my birthday is near the beginning of the year because it makes me feel as though all my opportunities are reset and I can start from a brand new position.

One of the things I’ve been slacking on lately has been my beat-making.  WAAAY back when I started this site, the plan was to make videos as a means of showcasing my beats so that people would hear the songs, like the beats, and ask me to produce stuff for them.

Yeah… so that plan didn’t exactly work quite the way I wanted.

I had a few people reach out to me (and shout outs to Mr. Tillman for believing enough in my work to actually purchase one of my beats), but for the most part I just ended up using the beats myself… which was fine, ’cause I liked making songs to them, but the main goal was always to sell them.

Of course, in order to sell beats, you have to know artists who are looking for them.  2 years ago, I knew nowhere NEAR the amount of friends, associates, or musicians that I know now.  However, now that I DO know those types of people and have actually had people tell me they’d be willing to hear my beats to see if they either fit them or their artists, it makes sense for me to get back into the beat-making game.

And my beats are actually pretty darn good.  I know how to mix samples together, remake popular beats and create original tunes that rivals some of the best beats being spun at clubs and on radio right now.

The goal right now is simply to upgrade my equipment.  I have a MAC with a Garageband program, but I want to upgrade to something like a Logic Pro or Reason. (I used to make beats on FL Studio – which I’d still prefer to do – but it’s a Windows program, meaning it works best on a P.C.).

I’m also looking on Craig’s List now for an MPC drum kit – it’s the same one most professionals use when making beats (such as Bangladesh, who made Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” and “6 Foot 7 Foot” songs) and is similar to the first beat machine I got way back in 2003 (if you’ve heard my “Bust My G.A.T.” song, you heard one of the beats I made on that machine).

I’ll be getting all the materials I need this week so I can start really pounding the pavement on these beats.  And no, it won’t take away from my recording schedule too much, mostly because when I make my parody songs I just ask other people to make those beats for me.

Oh, and a brief update on the “Teach Me How to Snuggie” video: I got my final cameo shot yesterday – it’s one of the girls that’s regularly in my video – so all I have to film today are the solo parts of the vid with me in it.  After that, it’s on to the editing which, given the amount of rendering I’ll have to do for this thing, will probably take me until the end of the week to finish.  Right now I’m shooting to have it done by Friday, but hopefully I can get it done sooner.

That’s all for now!