What up, peeps!

It’s 1:38 in the morning, and I can’t sleep, so I figured I’d update you on how my newest music video, “Teach Me How to Snuggie,” is coming along.

When I first started filming this video, I figured it would just be me, Non Juan, and a couple of other people.  Now, I’m finding that as I reach out to more people, more people actually want to be in the video. Frankly, this is a very GOOD thing.  I like the idea of making a video that works as a collaborative effort between me and others, especially those whom I consider friends.

Anyway… I’ve shot the majority of the cameo parts for the video – shout outs to all the girls that have come through for some green-screen Snuggie action – and was able to film some group shots as well.  I still have a few more cameos to put into the video (including one that’s semi-major) and some other friends coming out to support.

All in all, the video shots should be done by Saturday, at which point the “fun” (i.e tediously painful) part of the video process – the editing – can begin.

That’s all for now – more updates as they come!