As I’ve stated time and time again, I’m in the music business to make money. 

Yes, I have an artistic side to the stuff that I do, and I enjoy making music at all times, even when I’m not getting paid for it.  But at the end of the day, if I’m going to spend as much time putting these things together as I do, I’d like to get paid for it.

Still… when I first started this site, I was offering all of my songs for free.  And when I dropped the “Obama Milli Remix” song, me allowing it to be free resulted in widespread listenings of the song, to the point where people who heard the song but didn’t know where to get it from WANTED to pay for it (and continue to do so to this day :))

I haven’t released any of my music for free in a while.  The reason? I believe my stuff is good enough for me to get paid for it.  At the same time, though, I realize I’d have more impact if I did release some free songs, if only to have those initial downloaders of the song get their friends interested in the song enough to pay for it.

So, starting on January 1st, whenever I release a new music video, I will allow that particular song to be downloaded for FREE for one week.  I’ll still post it up on iTunes at the same time, but for those that want free A.P.T. music, they will be able to get a NEW song, free of charge. 

This should be a good way to get more of my music heard, especially now that I’m signed up with a bunch of hip hop forums where I can advertise my free songs and iTunes albums.  I’m hittin’ the new year strong, people!

That’s all for now!