I gotta admit something: up to this point, I haven’t really been that good at promoting my stuff.

Oh sure, I make music videos and post them on YouTube, and I send out e-Mails and Facebook posts about my projects and songs (all of which can be found on iTunes)… but to really make good money at music means being able to promote yourself in a multitude of places.

Part of my lack of promo is due to one very fatal Achilles heel of mine: I absolutely HATE talking to new people.  I usually meet people through other people, but if it’s me having to go up to a new person and try to convince them that they should help me out, I’d rather not do it.

Luckily, there are various ways of doing marketing and promo for all different personality types.  I find that, for me, typing up things is usually the best way for me to communicate: it allows me to accurately describe my feelings as well as my work without getting tongue-tied.

Up to this point, the only place I’ve really been doing that has been here.  Which is great for people who know about this site; however, for people who don’t know about it, I am now realizing that I have to advertise it – i.e. talk about it – via other places on the internet.

Recently, I found a bunch of music forums online.  Most of them are hip-hop oriented, while others are oriented in all styles of music.  It is at these forums where upcoming artists can not only talk about their works, but also give people a picture of who they are and how they function – i.e. the things people need to feel about a person before they buy their works.

I won’t go into how I found these various sites (well, maybe I will, but that will be WAY later), but as of right now I know of at least 20 major forums I can join that will help me boost my sales.  All I have to do is join them, start posting up some of my various songs and videos, and being a regular contributor to the sites (which I plan to do at least twice a week for all the sites – I can just cut-and-paste the same new article into each site’s forum), and I should see my sales become even higher than they already are!

Beyond that, there are other simple things I can do outside of online advertising.  I live in a city where there are some MAJOR colleges around (USC, UCLA, etc.), all of which have their own newspapers with advertising space I can use, as well as various boards around campus to post up the name(s) of my site(s).  On top of that, I know a few people now who can help get my music to the right places, which will then allow me to… well, I guess I’ll have to see once my music gets to those places!

The point is, I made an “okay” amount of money off music in 2010 (thanks to TuneCore for having a site that lets you see how much money you’ve made from your music sales), and I think it’s only going to get better in 2011 with my focused marketing efforts as well as the new stuff I’ve got coming.

That’s all for now – cheers to the upcoming year!

– A.P.T.