First off, let me just say: MERRY CHRISTMAS, PEOPLE!!

I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season as much as I am.  Me, I’m chillin’ at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Las Vegas – that’s right, people! – enjoying good food and doing a lot of NOTHING.  Best vacation ever!

While I’m out here, though, I’ve been working on things I want to do music-wise for the upcoming year.  Now that I have more of a focus, I feel like I will be able to be even more successful in terms of making more money from this music thing.  After taking a look at the things that have been most successful for me this year, I have a better grasp of what kinds of things to release next year.

Check out a few of the things I have in store:


As you all may know, I did a “One-Song-a-Week” project back in 2008, which proved to be successful on many levels.  When I did that one, I was 26/27 years old, and had enough energy to put out a music video every single Sunday for a whole year.

Now, I’ll be 29 come January 7th.  I still have lots of energy (the ladies can vouch for me :)) but there are other kinds of videos I like to make now: music reviews, skits, etc.  So releasing a music video each week is not a goal of mine.

However, I DO have a plan of releasing a minimum of 2 music videos a month.  The tentative plan is to release a new parody music video every other week for a year, starting on my birthday.  Does this mean I’ll be releasing a new video every other Friday, a la Kanye West? Or will I do what I did last time and release them on Sundays? Right now, either one of those days would work for me, but I’m also looking at other days that may prove to be more effective.  I’ll let u all know when I know…


Songs are being released all the time that I’d like to parody.  Heck, as of right now, I’ve got at least 3 new ones spinning around in my head. 

The current “Prince of Parody” album is proving to be fairly popular on iTunes, so I will definitely be releasing a few new “PoP” albums in the future.  Assuming the right amount of songs come out within the next two months for me to parody, the next one, “Vol. 2,” should arrive sometime in late February/early March (though, again, depending on how fast the ideas come to me, it could arrive much sooner).

In the meantime, I will continue to release parodies as singles.  I’ve already released the Eminem “No Love” parody, “No Glove,” and I am still writing new songs whenever I can.  Stay tuned!


One of the surprises I got last year was seeing my “No U Ain’t (Lakers 2010 Remix)” song sell on iTunes.  I didn’t advertise the song that heavily, and it came out at the tail-end of the NBA Championship, but I still managed to make some decent sales with the tune.

So, I’ve decided to put together a mini-EP of songs for the Lakers.  No official title yet, but I’ve already got song ideas in the pipeline (which I’ve been mulling over since the end of last season) and figure it will be a GREAT thing for Lakers’ fans to be able to bump when they’re heading to the games.  I want to release this EP around late March/early April to coincide with the time the Lakers begin Play-off season (assuming they make it that far, which they WILL.)


Finally, there’s my new album of ORIGINAL material.  Yes, the parodies are great, especially in the money-making department, but I still want to release at least ONE album a year of original songs. 

To that end, I’ve already started writing a few songs, but I want to take my time with this one and make an album that’s not as angry as my last one, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back!” I want it to be a bit more upbeat and funny (since that’s the kind of guy I am in real life), so coming up with song concepts for this one will take a bit more time.  I’ve gotten a few songs written in stages for that album, which I’m looking at dropping sometime in June or July.

And that’s it for now! There are a few other projects I’ll be working on, but most of those concern the second half of the year, and we’re nowhere NEAR that yet.  In the meantime, get your calendar’s ready, ’cause next year is going to be A.P.T-riffic!

– A.P.T.