2010 has been an odd year for me. 

I won’t go too much into details on my personal life (for now), but there were plenty of ups and downs in it.  As for the music side of things, I released some great material, a stellar album of original songs, some singles that have done pretty well, and finally figured out where I want my focus to be as an artist.

In January, I will be turning 29.  Only one year left until I turn the big 3-0. And I have a LOT of things I want to accomplish next year…

For one: now that I know what avenue best suits me as an artist, I want to really capitalize on it.  I want to be branded enough so that when people hear the name A.P.T., they think of two things: me as the “Prince of Parody,” and of a guy who always puts out hilarious parody songs.

How will I do this? Back in 2008, my “One-Song-a-Week” project helped me get some attention.  If I knew back then what I knew now, I would have stuck to putting out one parody song a week.  I want to do a project similar to this next year, though I don’t know if it’ll necessarily be me putting out a new song each week. 

What I DO know, though, is I want to be more of a regular presence on YouTube.  I think part of what’s hurt me is these long breaks I’ve taken between videos, sometimes going months without posting stuff.  Granted, I didn’t have my own camera for a while, but as you can see that’s been remedied – I’ve put out more videos in the last month that I probably did for most of this year!

I’m also going to be separating out the various types of videos I do and putting them on their own sites.  Right now I’ve already got up www.PrinceOfParody.com, where I will be posting all my upcoming parody videos.  This site will be kept open for blogging and for any A.P.T. original songs I decide to release.  And, I will be opening up another site to post up my music reviews.  All of these videos will have their own website as well as their own YouTube site (I just registered for www.YouTube.com/aptprinceofparody, and will be opening one for reviews as well).

Those are my main musical goals.  I’ve already got a pretty nice presence on iTunes (where my songs are selling better and better each month), and… oh yeah, and I also plan to up my marketing game.  I sell an okay amount of songs on my own, but I’ve been meeting people who may be able to get me to the right places to properly market my stuff so it’s seen and heard (and bought) by more people.

As for albums, because of the amount of parody songs I’ll be releasing, there’s a good chance I’ll have a parody album out every 2 to 3 months. Plus, I’ll be releasing each song as a single and making a video for any songs I make.  Meanwhile, I do plan to release an album of original material at least once a year.  These will be my “vanity” projects, i.e. the ones that allow me to do something artistically different that expresses me, as opposed to just re-doing other people’s songs.

That’s it for now – I can’t wait until 2011 comes, but I’m thankful for the bridge that was 2010 that helped get me to this point.  Adios!

– A.P.T.