Today’s insights are for the music video for my parody of Eminem’s “No Love” called “No Glove!”

Download the song by clicking HERE!


While I was coming up with songs to put on my newest album, “Prince of Parody Vol. 1,” I had various ideas for some songs that I didn’t have time to record.

One of the song ideas I had was for a parody to Eminem’s “No Love.”  I was at work one day when I heard the song and figured it would be ripe for parody.  After going through the alphabet to see what word best rhymed with “love” that could be used for a song, I decided to go with the word “glove.”  It may not have seemed like a funny choice at first, but I figured if I used the word “glove” in reference to condoms and safe sex (or lack thereof), I could get some good mileage.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home from work, any ideas I would have had for the lyrics to the song were out of my head.  So, I didn’t record the song prior to the album coming out.

Fast forward a few weeks later… I wanted to put a song out for “World AIDS Day” – something that would remind people to wear protection when they’re having sex, or face dire consequences.  I actually recorded a song a few years ago called “I’m Tryn’a Catch AIDS Tonight” that I had already recorded… but again: I make most of my good money off parody songs, so I decided to try and think up a song I could parody instead.

That’s when I came back to the “No Glove” idea.

Only difference was, this time the inspiration just seem to hit.  As soon as I started writing up Lil’ Wayne’s part of the song, I couldn’t stop.  Actually, Wayne’s part was the easiest to write since his rap is slow in the song.  The hardest part was having to re-do Eminem’s lyrics – he raps so fast, and there are so many changes in tempo and wordplay on his part that I spent about a good 2 hours on that part of the song until I got it to a place where it almost matched his!

I went home and recorded it as soon as I got off work.  Pretty simple, except for the parts where I had to sing the “No GLOVE” and chorus parts.  My voice always wants to go deeper than it sounds in my head, so I usually have to sing up a level to sound even remotely close to what I want.  At least it comes out sounding pretty!

As for the song, there are two incidents going on in it.  For Wayne’s verse, I wrote it as though I had sex with a girl who is the town “jump off” (i.e. gets down with EVERYBODY).  By the end of the verse, I’ve had unprotected sex with her (while on her period, and while having a cut on my member) and caught H.I.V.  For Eminem’s verse, I start out the verse having been celibate for a while, only to end up in a group orgy with lots of other women involved.  I go to my doctor, find out I have AIDS, get weaker and weaker, then end up dead by the end of the song.

I wouldn’t say this is exactly the HAPPIEST thing to happen in a parody song, but hopefully the humor in it will make people see the more serious issue of what can happen when you don’t properly protect yourself during sex.

Some Interesting Song Tidbits

1. I found the instrumental online.  There are a lot of people who post up remakes of beats online for people to use, and this was one of them.

2. In the song, I mention how I “got a child out her.”  I was going to mention the child also catching AIDS later, but I couldn’t fit the wording of it into the last part of the verse.  So I left it out.

3. Re-doing Eminem’s verse was REALLY hard.  And actually, as I was writing it, I had NO idea what direction it would go in.  I started by writing the middle of the verse, then some of the beginning.  Once I wrote the ending, I had to re-write parts of the beginning so the whole verse would have a full thought line through it.  Hard, but fun!


Since I recorded this the day BEFORE World AIDS Day, I didn’t really have time to put together a snazzy energetic video.  While recording the song, though, it dawned on me: a person going through the final stages of the AIDS disease wouldn’t really HAVE a whole lot of energy in the first place.

So, I decided to shoot a single-shot video of a man with AIDS on his last day of life.  All I had to do was lay on my bed, act like I was sick, attempt to eat some oatmeal and take a pill, throw up, lie back down, then try to call an ambulance as I started to pass out.

Pretty simple video, and I figured it would be effective enough to get my point across.

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits

1. I actually made oatmeal to eat.  Why? For the video.  Plus, I just really like oatmeal.

2. The pills I “took” were Ibeuprofin.  And I didn’t really take one.

3. The number I’m attempting to dial at the end of the video is 911.  The thought was, I was hoping to contact them so they’d come take me to the hospital, but I die right before I can dial the last “1.”

4. I filmed this video around 2 A.M.

5. The whole process, from writing the song to recording/uploading the video, was about 13 hours.  I started recording the song at 7 P.M. and uploaded it around 8:30 A.M. the next morning.  Not bad, huh?

That’s all for now – enjoy the video, and be safe, people!

– A.P.T.