Greetings, peeps!

Well, I have a new album dropping next week… yeah, so go out and get it!

I’m trying something different this time.  See, in the past, I’d go on and on for weeks about when my album was dropping, then releasing various songs for said album until the album came out…

At this point, though, I can afford to try some different techniques.  I’m so confident this album and/or the songs off it will sell well, I don’t really think I NEED to hype it all that much.

Don’t get it twisted – there WILL be some form of promo for it.  But, I think I’ll wait until the week of the actual release (i.e. next week) before I start hyping it up.

In the meantime, just know this: my album should be available on Tuesday, November 16.  What will it be called? If I told you, it would give away the content of the album, and I definitely do NOT need that to happen until the day of the release.

If you’d like a hint, though, here’s a portion of the album cover, which I’m still working on:

I think that’s enough for now.  New album out Tuesday!

-A. P. T.