Hey peeps, guess what? I’m back to writing songs again!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog called My Sporadic Writing Schedule, where I talked about how my music creativity usually consists of me writing a bunch of songs at one time, recording them, releasing them… and then not writing anything for months.

The last album I released, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back,” came out in June.  Since then, I haven’t really had any inspiration to write anything for the past 4 months.

But lo and behold: last month I was able to write and record a new song – a parody of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” called “Rub That Nair”.  I posted it up on iTunes, and the songs has been selling pretty well so far.

Now that I’ve gotten the creative juices flowing, all sorts of ideas have been coming to my head.  In the last week alone, I’ve thought of 6 songs to write and record.  I haven’t had this many song ideas come to me at one time in a while, and the feeling is quite over-whelming!  Like, I’ll think I no longer have any ideas to write about, and then BOOM! A new idea will come to me the next day!

All this is very exciting.  My new album – dropping very, very soon – is going to be my best-selling album.  Why? Because the strategy for it, as well as the songs, is so narrow and focused, it has NO CHOICE but to be successful!

Hopefully, it’ll make me enough money to finally take a vacation to Hawaii.  For now, though, I’m still working on writing and recording all the stuff that’s in my head, which shouldn’t take long depending on when I can find the time to record (which is when everyone else is out of the apartment.  That doesn’t always happen when I’d like it to, so release dates will be announced once I’m able to actually record all this stuff.)

That’s all for now – new album coming soon!