Okay, okay, I have a confession to make…

I’ve been playin’ around with this whole “rap” thing.  Don’t get it twisted: when I say “playin’ around,” I don’t mean I’ve been putting out whack songs.  I still believe I have the lyrical wordplay and song ideas to match anyone out there…

But I got into this whole music thing to make MONEY.

Screw all the B.S. about being an “artist,” or trying to make people like me and my songs for the sake of being liked.  At the end of the day, I know what works best for me.  Unlike most up-and-coming artists, I KNOW the type of music people want to hear from me.

And yet, I haven’t really been putting it out.

Chalk it up to me wanting to be a so-called “REAL” artist.  But that plan takes to long.  Out of all the songs I’ve done, the ones that have been most successful for me did NOT involve me being a “real” artist.

Oh, there’s real artistry that goes into those successful songs.  Still, sometimes my ego gets the best of me.  I want to prove to people that I, a suburban Black kid who went to preppy schools, can make songs rivaling people who came from a street background.

But… it doesn’t make me money.

So, from now on, I’m only focusing on making those songs that make me money.  I know what they are, I know how to make them, and I know how to put together videos to advertise them AND have them seen.

And so, the rapper you know as A.P.T. in his current incarnation, is DEAD.

Well, okay, not completely – I’ll probably put out a few songs here and there just for break’s sake.  But from now on, I’m goin’ with the A.P.T. that’s most known by people.  The one people fell in love with during my college years, and the one that helped me create my biggest song to date.

I’ll tell you all the rest of my plan later… all I’ll say right now is, I’m giving my new old self a new nickname, and this time, I’m fitn’a make some SERIOUS money.

That is all for now.

– A.P.T.

P.S. Oh yeah, one more thing – NEW A.P.T. EP COMING NOVEMBER 15. Details coming soon…