First off, I’m glad that Non Juan’s most recent video, the movie review of “The Social Network,” was received so well.  Thanks to a lil’ bit of promo, the video managed to reach over 1500 views so far between my 3 YouTube accounts.

Now that I know where his videos are getting the most attention (ironically, it’s NOT on his page, but on MY two pages, APTsongs and AaronPTaylor), I know where to send people to view his videos.  It helps that I still have a popular YouTube name (thanks in part to the still-popular “Obama Milli Remix” song), but things are about to get even BETTER now…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been perfecting the things I do on YouTube that prove to be the most popular in terms of the views I get.  I was right on the mark with the recent movie review (though, to be fair, I should have had the review up a week in advance, but I was editing other stuff at the same time).  So, what’s next in the Non Juan holster?


Yes, after looking at all the videos Non Juan has done, the parodies are the highest-ranking in terms of popularity.  So, Non Juan’s next video will be a mini-parody of a popular song.

At the same time, Non Juan is a character designed to help make me and my business partner money.  Which means, if I’m going to do the video, I should probably mix it up with some kind of advertising for something.  And, given the parody that I’m doing, the song, combined with the product, will EASILY send the views for the song into the stratosphere!  (Hopefully, that will prove just as true for the song’s sales should I decide to post it on iTunes.)

I’ve already got the chorus laid out. Now all I need is a good, funny verse, and a decent video concept, and BOOM!  The video will be a SMASH!!

The best part? I now have my own Flip HD mini-camera, so I’ll be able to film parts of the video on the fly.  But I don’t want to give anything away yet.  Aside from this video, I’ve got some other ideas for Non Juan planned that will be REALLY good and, with a lil’ bit of luck and God on my side, profitable in the long run.

And that’s it!  I still have to write & record the song, then put together the video, but I should have it done by October 20.  I’ll keep u posted!

– Aaron P. Taylor