Okay, so you’re probably thinking to yourself: “A.P.T., why are you putting out TWO versions of your video?”

In putting together the video, I had a few goals in mind: (a) to show the type of capacity the song could be used in for purposes of licensing it out; (b) to have a really nice-looking, high-quality video; (c) to show off sexy girls in model poses, and (d) to get a lot of YouTube hits.

In my opinion, I have succeeded at this goal.  With that said, though, there have been a few people who have seen the video – both men and women, known and unknown to me – and the general consensus has been that the video, while looking good in quality, may be, at times, uncomfortably racy in certain parts.

This is not to say that the video has any type of nudity in it.  However, seeing as this video was partially a model shoot, there were shots taken and placed in the video where the camera may have lingered on certain body parts for longer than would be comfortable for a person trying to watch it with other people around.

Now me, I actually like the video the way it is in its current form, and am still planning on releasing it next Tuesday.  At the same time, I understand how the business works.  If I take the current video I have to B.E.T. or MTV, chances are they’d probably tell me to tone it down in a few areas so that it could be played.  Furthermore, if I’m trying to shop this song to various fashion outlets, there’s always a chance that they’d see the video and not be given a clear idea as to how they could use the song, especially if it’s an outlet that’s on the more tamer side of sexy.

Luckily, one of my friends has some extra footage I can use that will (a) give the video more of a story about the fashion shoot, and (b) allow me to replace some of the “racier” shots so it tones the video down a bit.

All in all, it will be quite interesting to see which video ends up getting more hits.  Regardless, having two videos for the same song can only heighten its profile, which is ALWAYS a good thing!

That’s all for now – the “Ooh I’m a Model” video drops Tuesday, September 21! In the meantime, you can download it at today!