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I don’t think y’all believe me.  I mean, I really, REALLY don’t think y’all get just how sexy this “Ooh, I’m a Model” video is going to be.

I’ll put it to ya like this… my friend showed it to a bunch of men he’s currently working with here in Hollywood, just as a “this is an example of the type of stuff we do” type of thing.  He showed them the video in its UNFINISHED form…

And the reaction? FULL. BLOWN. DROOLING.

Everything from “OMG” to “Dang, THAT’S some sexy ish.”  This video is the TRUTH, people!

And when the video drops on September 21, 2010, I know YOUR reaction is going to be the same.  Y’all gonna be like, “DANG, how did A.P.T. get a video like THAT together?!? Where’d he get those girls?!? WHY WASN’T I INVITED TO THE DANG VIDEO SHOOT?!?

Heck, I wasn’t invited either… but all will be revealed come September 21!

In the meantime, I’m going to be releasing some teasers for the video very soon.  First up will be some pics from the video, then a few short motion vids to get your appetites wet.  I’ve just finished editing together the rough draft version, and, as sexy as it is already, it’s going to be even MORESO by the time it’s released!

That’s all for now… September 21, people! In the meantime, the song is already on iTunes – why not get a copy of the single today to get in the right mindframe of what you’re going to see?