As you can see, I’ve been spacing out my videos much more than I used to.  Back when I was doing my “One-Song-a-Week” project I had no choice but to think of a video to film, edit, and post on YouTube every Sunday.

Since that project I’ve put out a few more videos, all with ranging popularity.  Ironically, I have found that the less amount of time I spend putting the video together, the more hits I’ve gotten.  Examples include: “O-bama O-bama,” “Imma Let U Finish,” “Kate Gosselin is a B*tch” and “The Betty White Song.”

At the same time, those videos weren’t really all that impressive.  Granted, they worked in terms of gaining lots of views on YouTube… but when it comes to making videos, that’s not the only thing I have to think about.

Now that I’m in L.A., there are artists everyday that are looking to hire out people to make music videos for them.  Most of these artists want a video that’s flashy, has good editing, and is something they can present to a TV network for potential national exposure.

With the majority of the videos I had been making, some of them were good plot-wise but not camera-wise, and most of them were definitely NOT flashy.  It’s only been with the last few videos I’ve put together for myself (“No U Ain’t,” “C U Next Tuesday”) as well as Non Juan (“Erectile Dysfunction,” “Tongue Tied”) where I felt like I could have someone else hire me out based upon my own finished products.

Recently, I’ve been getting into better circles in terms of dealing with people who can actually afford to PAY me for directing/editing videos… but of course, those people want to see examples of what I’m able to do before they use my services.  So, by default, all the videos I make for myself now have to have  a certain quality to them in order to be both effective enough for me to gain YouTube views AND stylistic enough to make people want to hire me.

I’ll probably still do a few low-budget looking videos every once in a while, but the goal is for most of my new stuff to be impressive as heck.  I got access to good cameras and good editing software, so why the heck not??