Okay, so I am still technically on a video-making hiatus.  I now have a new camera and will be filming some new stuff for myself and Non Juan soon…

In the meantime, though: I’ve been putting together packets of my music to send to licensing companies.  These packets include DVDs of videos I’ve made to some of the songs I’m looking to sell.  There was a song I made for “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back” album that wasn’t quite finished before the album came out that is one of these songs.  I didn’t have a video for it, so I found some footage I had lying around from a shoot one of my friends did…

And the video came out great. And SEXY. 

I say that to say, I will be releasing the video for it as soon as I (a) put the finishing spit-shine touches on it, and (b) get the song copyrighted.  I’m sending all my songs off to be copyrighted in one big packet sometime next week (i.e. sometime after this Friday when I get paid).  I think this song really has the potential to make me a lot of money.  I dont’ know if it will be a big radio hit necessarily, but for the niche market I’m pitching it to, I think the video will definitely help get it out there.

If all goes well, I will debut the video on September 1. That’s all for now!