The life of an entrepreneur isn’t always rosy.

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  Trying to blaze your own trail to success can be hard, and not everyday is going to feel like you’re anywhere close to your goal.

Oftentimes, it can be quite a lonely thing.  At times it can seem like everyone else but you is doing well: they have jobs,  money, significant others, cars, and life appears to be treating them quite well.  Meanwhile, you have and/or don’t want a job; you’re low on money because all the money you DO make goes towards funding your “dream;” all the girls you like don’t want to risk dating you “just in case you don’t make it and remain broke;” you’re catching public transportation; and no matter how many doors you knock on, life keeps changing the locks up.

Yet somehow, we continue on.

We are an odd breed.  We live by more faith than those who go to church do.  We see things that aren’t yet there, go after goals that have yet to be created by us, and can spend years patiently waiting for our dreams to be realized.

People aren’t always encouraging.  “Get a REAL job,” they’ll say, “give up, find something stable, no sense in stressing yourself out over something that won’t happen.”  Sometimes it comes from our friends, our family, those closest to us.  They don’t mean harm – in fact, the words they say are meant to be an encouragement that we CAN do something.  Just not the thing we really WANT to do.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

I’ve heard it all.  “Oh, A.P.T., you don’t look like a rapper.” “Oh, A.P.T., you do funny songs but they’ll never get played on the radio or in a club.” “Oh, A.P.T., it’ll be too hard for you to link up with other artists.” And of course, “Oh A.P.T., it’s too hard to make money off music these days.”

I’ve also been a rapper; had songs played on the radio AND in the club; worked with other artist; and made money off my music.

Yet and still I, like other entrepreneurs, continue to hear doubts at times.  And I continue to have those days where everything seems to be going great, and others when I wish things were moving a bit faster.

Ultimately, though, there IS something refreshing about taking the path less traveled.  For despite all the hardships and lonely days, and the times where people don’t understand what you’re doing or can’t relate to your insistent drive to achieve a goal…

…at the end of the day, the feeling of being able to reach that goal, look back and say, “I did it. I KNEW I could do it…” well, that’s just the best feeling in the whole damn world.